Friday, October 07, 2005

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Just reading through the blog debate over 'Big Ad' and I am shocked to read
an anonymous NZ-blogger write "...good ads (esp TV ads not fridge magnets,
shit that folds and wobblers) sell stuff."

Big Ad is brilliant creative, and that's what the Campaign Brief debate was
about (I say 'was' because it's clear the ayes have it). The debate was NOT
'is TV better than the various other advertising media.' What you refer to
as 'shit that folds' generates massive sales for clients, enormous revenue
for agencies and can be just as creative as Big Ad. Instead of making
derogatory criticisms of media realms beyond your simple 3:4 understanding,
remove your cranium from your rectum and generate some independent thought.

Matt Batten
Art Director - Integrated


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this debate proves is that there are a few (very few) creatives in NZ who have mastered the art of typing with one hand whilst furiously beating off with the other.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eeesch, hit a bit of a raw nerve with DM boy there. Look, there's nothing wrong with great DM however most of it is bereft of ideas and is filed straight in the bin.

With all this talk of the end of the TVC and client's putting all their budgets into badly done BTL shite, it's bloody great to see a client coughing up a lot of wedge and trusting their agency to make a great TVC that entertains the punters and stacks up with the stuff from the US and UK.

This one handed typing thing gets easier every day.

4:40 PM  

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