Wednesday, October 12, 2005


In a surprise move, Singleton Ogilvy & Mather Sydney has appointed veteran adman John Nankervis to the CD post which has been temporarily filled by STW Group ECD Neil Lawrence for the last six months.
CB understands the appointment of Nankervis was driven by SO&M Sydney managing director Andrew Varasdi, who, according to one source, was not getting on well with Lawrence. The source says Lawrence will continue in his STW Group role, but will have no future direct involvement with SO&M.
Before this full time appointment, Nankervis had been freelance at the agency, working on Telstra and other projects, including the recent defense of the Pizza Hut account.
One rival CD told CB that with the appointment of Nankervis, who was a founding partner of 80s hotshop Magnus Nankervis & Curl (now FCB), "there's hope for all the old creative stars of the 70s and 80s yet".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no surprises there. no one good was ever going to want that job.
SOM is the anti-christ of good advertising.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the previous blogger:

mate, if you achieve a tenth of what John Nankervis did in his Ad career - in terms of creative, wealth and trophy women - you'll be doing real well.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair call. John did achieve greatness within Australia, but seeing as Campaign brief had to use a photograph of him from twenty years ago is screaming volumes.

He is yesterdays' hero, living on the glories of the past. A charming man, a top bloke and best mates with the MDs uncle, Ted Curl.

But the truth remains that no self-respectinig internationally renowned CD in their prime would want to work at SOM. Even Neil Laurence didn't want to work at SOM and escaped to the obscurity of STWs retirement village for the Commonwealth Bank.

SOM is where old creatives go to live out their days without having to think.

3:43 PM  

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