Sunday, December 04, 2005


The Brand Agency, with offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland and Melbourne agency Badjar will acquire equity stakes in Sydney agency Fame Advertising, which will provide the core for a new agency.
The name of the new agency will be announced in the New Year and Peter McAuliffe, current managing director of Fame will be the initial executive chairman. McAuliffe was well-known in Perth when he was MD of Ogilvy & Mather in the early 80s, before he headed up the Sydney agency. A search is currently underway to fill the managing director role. Monty Noble (pictured), current creative director of Fame, will assume the role of executive creative director in the new agency.
The joint venture is being facilitated by the STW Group, which holds substantial equity in all three agencies. STW CEO Russell Tate said that it presented a great opportunity for The Brand and Badjar to substantially increase their presence and client offering in the Sydney market.
“Both agencies now have very substantial national clients who require servicing out of Sydney as well as Melbourne and Perth. Rather than just providing those clients with satellite offices, this gives them direct access to a comprehensive range of communications services in Australia’s biggest market.”


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Big fish eats the little ones.

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Oh goody. New shoes!
Tennis anyone?

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I give it 3 months before Monty's eyebrows join forces, which is probably the same amount of time this latest STW Reich venture will last.
While STW are at it, why don't they rename SOM? They could call it SOMME instead. The similarities between the agency and that particularly horrific battle a scary; huge casulaties and ineffective puppet leadership.

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id love a game of tennis.

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