Saturday, December 16, 2006


A Christmas branding campaign for MTV Networks Australia will break this week with series of three films created by Lowe Hunt, Sydney. As the holiday season approaches, this campaign hopes to make Christmas relevant and cool to MTV’s youth audience.
The film follows a group of teen friends. They make suspicious glowing devices and head out to the dark city streets on a mission. When they finally reach a building on a dark corner, they begin to throw hundreds of glowing ‘throwie’ lights all over it – decorating it like a Christmas tree.
LED ‘throwies’ are a new form of graffiti which emerged recently from the US and spread throughout the world. Each ‘throwie’ consists of a coloured LED bulb taped to both a battery and a strong magnet, so that it sticks to any metal surface it’s thrown at.
The shoot was unconventional in that it was neither scripted nor acted. Two handheld cameras were passed around to capture the action in a candid, documentary style.
Says Dejan Rasic, Creative Director of Lowe Hunt: “Instead of producing the usual cheesy Christmas stuff you see on TV at this time of the year, MTV wanted to create something relevant to their audience – something you don’t normally associate with Christmas. So out went Santa and in came throwies.”
Vanessa Zuppicich, Creative Director of MTV Networks Australia, adds: “It was great to do something different. ‘Throwies’ taps into youth culture and links it to Christmas in an entertaining way”.
Client: MTV Networks Australia
MTV Creative Director: Vanessa Zuppicich
Agency: Lowe Hunt
Lowe Hunt Creative Director: Dejan Rasic
Creative: Simone Brandse
Head of Production: Darren Bailey
Editor: Kris Rees
TVC Director: Simone Brandse
Senior Producer: Lisa Cordukes
DOP: Frank Buffone
Media: MTV Networks Australia
Photographer: Ben Sullivan
Typography: Hillary Bunt


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This is way cool.

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Love what you guys are doing at Lowe Sydney. It's nice to see a little youth keeping it fresh.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are a lot of other examples of this grafitti on YouTube as well. Started in NYC and spread to Europe. I haven't seen it done in Australia yet.

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Way to stay in touch, guys! That's fucking great.

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Well done again, Simone.

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That's really cool. It's like some kind of show, not an ad.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes lowe is doing great work but remember that not that long ago they were one of the worst agencies in oz. We'll see how long it lasts.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. nice one. I saw that building (kings cross) soon after they did this. It looked great.

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