Tuesday, March 27, 2007


On March 22nd, Miss Bossy Boots launched herself into the dynamic world of fashion, partnering top industry stylists and hair & make-up artists with the collective talents of her 11 award winning photographers.
Conceived in 1999 by Veronica Moore and her husband, photographer Garry Moore - the agency has since been involved in numerous advertising campaigns and is now delving into the world of fashion.
Held at Miss Bossy Boots’ studio in Prahran, Melbourne - over 150 fashion and advertising clients mingled as images produced by her talent were projected on to two large screens across the studio. Collaborating with Kit Cosmetics, the ladies at the event were given a variety of coloured lip glosses to get them in the mood. Even the men got lucky with specially formulated men’s lip glosses being handed out.
Recently taking on the talents of celebrity stylist Philip Boon, Hair & Make up artist Narelle Hall and fashion photographer Christian Blanchard, Miss Bossy Boots launched the event to reveal the full extent of her photographic and production services.

CAPTIONS (from top):

Philip Boon (MissBossyBoots Stylist), Narelle Hall (MissBossyBoots Hair & Makeup) and Christian Blanchard (MissBossyBoots Photographer)

Belinda Slade and Ben Couzens (George Patterson Y&R)

Joanne Davic (Badjar) and Veronica Moore (MissBossyBoots)

Pat Baron (Freelance), Samantha Lee (MissBossyBoots) and Greg Edwards (Badjar)

Scott Hignett (See), Pat Baron (Freelance) and Garry Moore (MissBossyBoots Photographer)

Phil Van Bruchem (JWT) and Andrea Le Sueur (MissBossyBoots)


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