Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A series of ads targeting “butt tossers” has scooped the pool by taking out both the Campaign and Single categories for Round 2 of the 2008 Siren Awards, which also deems the campaign the overall round winner.
The campaign, named “Bin Your Butts – Lost and Found” prank calls unsuspecting offenders for Sustainability Victoria. The ads get the important environmental message across in a unique way.
Writers Ben Keenan and Connor Beaver (pictured) from Grey Worldwide, Melbourne said “what makes the ads so unique is the actual prank dialogue used is from US TV Show 'Crank Yankers'.
The pair also managed to snatch up the title of Single Category winner with “Bin Your Butts – Male”, which was part of the overall and Campaign winning series.
Judges Ed James, Simon Johnson, Charlie Cook, and Justin Carew from DDB in Sydney remarked on the campaign’s ability to communicate “a simple message in a real and honest way”. And again this is what saw the ad come out on top in the single category.
Three ads were highly commended in the campaign category: Carlton Draught 'Advertising Computer' for Foster’s, written by Ant Keogh and Grant Rutherford from Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne and submitted by Flagstaff Studios who produced the ad.
A further two ads were also highly commended in the campaign category: “Great Beer Inventions” for snackfood, Beerka, written by Brendan Greaney and David Ponce de Leon from Leo Burnett in Melbourne and “Open Family – Junk Food/Hits/Monsters/Dreams” for Open Family Australia, written by Brendon Guthrie and Tim Holmes from Grey in Melbourne.
Two ads from the “Great Beer Inventions” campaign, “Shopping Trolley” and “Urinal” were highly commended in the single category and written by Brendan Greaney and David Ponce de Leon from Leo Burnett in Melbourne.
This round’s Craft Category Winner went to “Black Widow Trackers” written by Jo Campbell and produced by Gregg Sinclair from ARN, Sydney. Last round’s winner and this round’s judge Dylan Stephens from Risk Sound in Melbourne commented; "The Sound FX put us in a real situation and have been crafted well to the timing of the narration, enhancing the story".
An ad called “Shower” for Rent Rescue was highly commended in the craft category. Sound engineer was Marty Braine from Brainestorm Productions, Perth and creative director was Ron Samuel.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    To give the “Black Widow Trackers” radio track a craft award is a joke. What on earth were you thinking Dylan??

    12:27 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice ideas. I just wish all radio didn't sound so much like radio. Maybe it's the voiceovers... they just can't drop that "I'm a voiceover" feel.

    9:28 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    “what makes the ads so unique is the actual prank dialogue used is from US TV Show 'Crank Yankers'.
    How can a copy be unique?

    10:48 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Poor choices all round i think. Not up to the quality of past winners.

    2:16 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    10.48, I think that statement was the get out of jail free card for when people said, "hey, that's exactly the same as the US TV Show 'Crank Yankers'!"

    I found it kind of weird that the chick's dialogue on the phone was the same on both ads, just re-edited.

    4:02 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I don't understand how that's from crank yankers if the voices are Australian? Bit weird...

    8:01 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think the Crank Yankers thing is a reference to the fact they used actual prank calls to make the ads.

    10:28 AM  

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