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The Carlton "Big Ad" continues to be debated by the NZ creative fraternity. These comments (in most recent order) appear on

Irrelevant and old

You must be getting pretty long in the tooth to remember those ads old
timer, maybe it's time to swap the trainers for comfy slippers and start
looking round for a green acres franchise.
The point is, big ad works because it parodies something 15 years old, but
every punter immediately knows what it's referencing. Don't think the same
applies to Brucie or pasta whatever.

Irrelevant but true

"Can everyone stop whining and back biting about the Big ad. It is a
great ad and whether or not in should have run 10 years ago is totally
fucking irrelevant."

You are so totally right! I'm going to do up an ad lampooning "Make Pasta
Fasta" or "Eh Eh Brucie" tomorrow and it had better win a bloody shed-load
of awards.

Back biters, the lot of you.

Hear, hear.

Now everyone get back to your bloody shelf wobblers. The link testing starts tomorrow.

For fuck's sake

Can everyone stop whining and back biting about the Big ad. It is a
great ad and whether or not in should have run 10 years ago is totally
fucking irrelevant.
It's going to win a lot of metal and it's also going to sell a lot of
piss. Which is good for all our collective hides as it will show
majority of timid, scared to do anything different marketing managers
that good ads (esp TV ads not fridge magnets, shit that folds and
wobblers) sell stuff.

Original and clever

To paraphrase an old Parker pen ad, which paraphrased a quote by some poncy twat.

Big Ad is both original and clever. However the part that is original is not clever and the part that is clever is not original.


As the anonymous author of "A Beer Poem", I am stunned by the overly defensive over-reaction of the Lynch-mob of Australasian CDs. I didn't say it was a bad ad - just inferred it might have been a bit bigger if it had come out when Hugh Hudson's 1990ish BA Face ad was still on TV. By the mass freak-out, it seems you fellows can't handle a bit of independent thought. I hope it lives up to your hype and single-handedly saves Australia's creative reputation.

Like Tongue.

Dear Todd

Interested to read your comments about Big Ad, Todd. Not being in the advertising industry myself, I'm not sure I could have such a strong opinion. But I am glad that the ad causing a controversy isn't one of my ideas this time.

G Larson

Big Ad is Pants

I've just read the remarks made by quite a few CDs
regarding the big ad, ad. It looks like it's gonna
clean up. Personally I think it's pants and shows just
what a state beer advertising has reached down your
way. I agree too that it's 10 years too late. I can
see why the public likes it but creatives should know
better. I remember and ad for a washing machine that
was a far better parody of 'face'.

UK reader.

Rational Stuff

Point I was trying to make is that having talked to a few beer clients over the past couple of months, Warren’s lot set the bench mark with Tongue, which seemed to spark off a great ad from Danny’s lads at Clems, (Hahn) which then made VB get its act together and out of the blue comes Big Ad. Excellent. Tooheys client is reputed to be over the work it’s had from Nobby’s boys, so suddenly BMF have got a crack at the brief, (back to Tongue again and the follow up, Washing Machine) because guess what, Carlton Draught is killing Tooheys New in sales. It’s got to be easier to sell great work, when the competition’s only differentiating advantage over the brand you’re advertising is....great work.
Because most clients here are ‘followers’ rather than leaders, we just need one client to approve a piece of brave work, that then goes onto to sell more stuff, for the competition to follow. Let’s hope automotive’s next, eh?
There, feel better now.
Mark Lees

Re: Hey Big Ad!!!

We like things big too. Check out


see you soon

Nobel Prize?

We've heard it's a shoe in for the inaugural Nobel Prize for Advertising.

Re: Campaign Brief Big Ad comments from the "Big Guys".

Correct answer guys, you'll all be invited to future
Award juries except Paul Catmur.

Big Beer Ad

It's a great ad. But it ain't no Grrrrrrrr...

Big Ad Furor

Campaign brief section.

For fuck's sake guys!?


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