Tuesday, November 15, 2005


After 10 years at Brisbane hotshop De Pasquale, deputy creative director Grant Johnston has decided to leave "to look for newer and yes brighter opportunities both creatively and personally outside these walls."

Says Johnston: "I have no idea (well I have some ideas) what I will eventually fall into, but I’m looking forward to working with new people and continuing working with greats which I have worked together previously in Brisbane and interstate. 10 years in one agency teaches you a lot, especially when you start with only 5 people and help build an agency to make it to 5th most creative in Australia (according to B&T) and the most awarded agency in town.

"Those years have taught me well and I find myself positioned to tackle anything. 10 years also marks a point when you may as well try something new."

Johnston can be contacted on 0407 656 713 or mrgmanster@gmail.com


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