Friday, November 04, 2005


CB had to laugh watching Channel 9's amateurish attempt last night at selecting the 20 best Australian commercials of all time in their "20 to One" series. While they got a few right, they obviously didn't check with too many ad industry folk.
It was all too apparent that Singo was consulted (he appeared on the show), getting his 70s Razzamatazz spots in at number 17, plus Tip Top "Good Onya Mum" at number 8 and surprise, surprise, SO&M's Qantas "Choir" at number 1.
Siimon Reynolds also did a lot of commentary - he was very good - despite failing to get any of his spots on the list (as it was a Top 20 of the best, as in most liked, it couldn't include NACAIDS "Grim Reaper").
The original Vegemite spot came it at number 2, while Yellow Pages "Not Happy Jan" was a surprise number 3 choice. Industry Ad Watchers would have approved of some choices: Stainmaster "Pro Hart" (20), Nobby's Nuts "Pub Mirrors" (19), the original VB campaign (10) and Decore "Duke of Earl" (7), but they would have been disappointed that the likes of Antz Pantz (in 2000, voted number one best ad of the last 25 years by the ad industry) didn't make it, or Winfield "Anyhow" (presume Channel 9 weren't allowed to show a cigarette spot, even in this context), OTC "Memories" (the Cannes Grand Prix in 1977 for George Patts Sydney), Apple "Aligator", Yellow Pages "Goggomobile", Dunlop "Aircraft Carrier", Colgate UV "West Indians", Milk "Legendary Milkman", John West "Underwater Restaurant", AMLC "Liferaft", AMLC "Fat Chance", Holeproof "Computer Socks", Rabbit Photos "Shark", DHL "Budgie", Castrol "Oils Aint Oils" and Rice "Sculptures" might have been better than some of their choices, which included some unnamed insurance spot at number 5, starring Chevy Chase in his "Griswald" role; Bendon "Elle" at number 19 and Natural Gas "Flame dancers" at number 15.
Nice to see Mo and Jo interviewed, but only their ad (really a Channel 9 cricket promo) for World Series Cricket "C'mon Aussie C'mon" (13) made the list. However, two of their spots were shown in between the official list (very confusing) including the brilliant "I feel like a Tooheys" and Meadow Lea "You Outta be Congratulated".
While it was great to see it again, they wasted one position on the great Toyota "Bugger" spot from Saatchi Wellington. And the Carlton Draught "Big Ad" was shown and praised, but it was not placed in the Top 20.
The really interesting thing was watching all the crap, boring spots booked in the ad breaks, including some shit KFC spots (by Singo!), plus dull dross for the likes of Zirtec, Lotto, Ford, K Mart, Nissan and Toyota.
Marketers still haven't got it: consumers don't want this crap. They want to be entertained, be charmed, be titilated perhaps, be shocked even, reactions we might get watching many of the great ads shown in the actual programme.
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