Saturday, December 10, 2005


At the beginning of next year Beam, the wholly owned subsidiary of The Mill in London, will launch its international TV delivery service (the European rollout is happening right now). This means that films generated in Australia and NZ (or anywhere for that matter) will be able to be played out directly to individual TV stations around the world.

This means no more days off production timelines as you have to allow for
customs clearance and one interface with all your channels, so you cut out
alot of admin.

Originally conceived to supply daily rushes to Ridley Scott on the production of Gladiator, in the five years since start up, Beam has changed the way the agency production business operates, stores, and distributes material, globally. Business growth has increased 100% year on year and the business is now the leader in a multi-billion pound industry (It is estimated that 60% of the global TV production market is employed to adapt and distribute original TV spots to local markets).
90% of networks and 50% of the Fortune 500 clients use them. They have expanded into Japanese, Mandarin (which is due to launch) and are making a lot of headway in the region.

Early next year will also see them start on two new launches of 4 channels
to 300 instore sites for Nike as well as for Nokia. Although the archiving,
production approvals, casting, facilities are obviously still there, they
have moved their product and globally reach on significantly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, that's quite a good idea. Just as goiod as that Japan thing last year. Interestingly, the vertical bungy site they use is just across the road from Whybin... right under your nose and all.

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