Tuesday, May 09, 2006


After working with a Quantel Editbox for the last 11 years, Frame, Set & Match will soon replace the unit with a third flame compositing system.
FSM’s Editbox has been the backbone of the facility from the mid to late nineties and, along with the URSA Gold telecine, formed a powerful toolset to work on commercials and long form production. Demands in recent years have seen a shift away from the Editbox and a continued move towards the power and flexibility offered by flame.
“Having three compatible flame systems, along with fire, allows great flexibility in the workflow and scheduling,” explains FSM managing director, Rick Schweikert (right). “Compositing staff are familiar with the operational aspects of flame and don’t need to re-skill if an alternative product were installed. FSM is a busy facility and, with more demands on design and 3D in recent times, the need for heavier levels of compositing has also increased – flame is the ideal production tool and is in high demand from all clients.”
FSM recently updated its original flame to the Linux platform, making them the first post facility in Australia to make the move to this more versatile platform. The third flame will also be on the Linux platform and is due for installation in late May.
Recent work that has seen a heavy demand on FSM’s compositing suites includes Tourism Australia (directed by Wayne Maule); Continental (directed by Darren Ashton); VW Passat (directed by Sam Bennetts); Listerine (directed by Bruce Allan), and visual effects for feature films Hotstuff and Kokoda.


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OK folks, I hate to be the first one to say this but this article is so cataclysmically boring that noone has bothered to comment. Am I correct? I feel that Rick and the crew have been really let down by the advertising community in not being enveloped in a pall of petty bickering and slander that most other people posted on this blog have enjoyed. Like the Nobster for instance. Therefore, I will make a categoric statement that, above all else, FSM have a great lunch menu and they are on the STW payroll.

pOpsicle girl

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Yeah, yeah. That was meant to say creatives.

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mmmmm Frame Set and Lunch

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Reardo: I bet they'd copy Band of Brothers for you there, then you could give me mine back.

Come on Reardo, time is running out.

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Darren Lehmann?

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it's still boring..

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