Monday, July 31, 2006


Ros Sinclair, who departed her senior writer job at Whybin TBWA Sydney soon after the arrival of ECD Garry Horner in May this year, has secured a similar position at Spinach in Melbourne. Sinclair is currently in Scotland visiting her folks and will commence work at the end of August.
Before Whybin, where Sinclair had been for a year, she was a senior writer at BMF Sydney. She was lured to Sydney from London, where she worked at a number of high profile shops, including Clemmow Hornby Inge, Fallon, Leagas Delaney (as CD), TBWA and Simons Palmer. She has won three Gold Lions and a Silver Lion, as well as a Yellow Pencil at D&AD.
CB hears there are a few more appointments at Spinach to be announced shortly. Meanwhile, the Sydney office of Spinach opens at the end of the week, which has been set up to service ING Direct, which it won from BMF earlier this year.


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No, he's got a beard.

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Boring. Slow news day?

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Spinach (and Melbourne) are extremely fortunate to have lured someone of this calibre. Let's hope they make the most of Ros and get a few great ads on their reel and hopefully a few awards on their bare walls. Bloody hell, Patts and Mojo needs some competition in the Melbourne marketplace since the demise of Clemenger, The Palace and M&C Saatchi.

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I have worked with Ros and she is a top lass, if anyone can make a difference in an agency it is her. I couldn't agree more with 3:55. Congratulations Spinach.

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She's kinda hot, too.

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Is this a good thing? Maybe she could develop another exciting self promotion campaign for the agency. Or maybe develop a better name.

I get the idea that spinach 'apparently' makes you strong because of its 'apparent' iron content - 'The Popeye myth". But its been proven that you'd have to eat a hell of a lot of it, to do any good. So,does this mean, that Spinach's clients have to swallow a shit load of their bland creative before it does something good for them?

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