Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This year, the London International Awards (LIA) will debut the Silver Statue at its 12th November Celebration and Party at the Hippodrome, London. The Silver Statue has been established to recognise the superior calibre of the submissions received for the Awards Show. For the past 21 years, Gold was the highest honour and only statue presented to winners until now.
The 2007 winners have been selected from an entry pool of 17,660 submissions. This vast number reflects the prestige and explosive growth of the London International Awards since its inception in 1986 when 2,600 submissions were considered.
“The Silver Statue was established to acknowledge the work that didn’t warrant a Gold but deserved more than a Finalist recognition. So Silver is a good bridge between the two,” said Barbara Levy, President of London International Awards.
This year’s ceremony will honour entrants with 286 Silver and 100 Gold Statues.
Despite the addition of the Silver Statue, winning an award is more competitive than ever. Of the total entries, only two percent (2%) have received awards. One and a half percent (1.5%) have earned Silver and less than one percent (1%) Gold.
“Our jury, which was comprised of some of the world’s top creative directors, debated intently before deciding on the 1,090 Finalists. It became clear that our decision to include Silver enabled the judges to honour submissions still deserving high acknowledgement,“ said Levy.
Silver and Gold Winners will be announced at the Awards Celebration/Party on 12th November, 2007, 6:30pm at the Hippodrome, London. All Finalist entries can now be viewed at the London International Awards’ website, www.liaawards.com. Following the ceremony, a complete list of winners will be posted online.


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Every child is special.

(Can we please stop the award madness.)

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