Friday, October 19, 2007


Whilst the very same print ad run in this month's issue of Campaign Brief for Cranbrook Films director Roger Tompkins has been very well received in New Zealand, with the talented mega director already receiving a couple of red hot scripts, the same ad has brought a very different view from the Australian industry, says Tompkins: “look, I was just trying to have some fun wot with the work coming out of oz being so iffy over the pass few years, either you get the same old totti or a good idea mangled by the suits, client or research. That or you find some old lag of a CD trying to get a handle on cross media platforms, sending the creative department down the crapper. So the last thing I expected was death threats just for asking for a good TV idea, bloody hell TV is still the best medium. One stonkingly good TVC and mum’s got dad's wallet in her little hot hand…”

RT'S New print ad:
Agency: Whybin\TBWA, Sydney
Creative: Matt Kemsley & Garry Horner
Photographer: Chris Beghin
Finished Art: Danni Sweeting

NB: RT will in the stocks at the Rose Five Ways from 5pm Friday. Two bucks for a bucket of rotten tomatoes or forty five for a descent shiraz…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh im going to watch this one....

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome.

Where my iplod?

10:12 AM  

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