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The world's most eagerly awaited annual showcase of design and advertising creativity launches on 27 September 2006.
Over 740 pieces of work across 29 categories in design and advertising are included in The D&AD Annual and showreel. However, with more than half from the UK (427 entries), the awards are sure to continue to come in for criticism from creatives around the world. D&AD Global Awards jury members made the selection from over 24,500 pieces of work entered from 61 countries. Gaming, Direct, and Magazine & Newspaper Design will feature as independent categories for the first time in the D&AD Annual.
The D&AD Annual is no longer available to non-members. The only way to receive a free copy of the 2006 book is to join D&AD before 31 December 2006. Contact nikki@dandad.co.uk for further information on the different ways to become a member.
The D&AD Global Awards 2007 will launch its Call for Entries on 2 October. Visit www.dandad.org for further details.

D&AD Annual 2006 Facts & Figures:

745 pieces of work selected for the D&AD Annual
603 In-book
88 Nominations
54 Yellow Pencils awarded
2 Black Pencils awarded

1. UK (427 entries)
2. USA (95)
3. Germany (35)
4. Australia (20)
5. South Africa (19)
6. Singapore (16)
7. Malaysia (13)
8. France (12)
9. China (11)
9. Netherlands (11)

Number of Annual Entries by Region and Country:

South Africa (19)

China (11)
Hong Kong (2)
India (9)
Japan (10)
Malaysia (13)
Philippines (1)
Singapore (16)
South Korea (5)
Taiwan (1)
Thailand (4)
UAE (1)

Australia (20)
New Zealand (5)

Austria (6)
Belgium (3)
Croatia (3)
Denmark (2)
France (12)
Germany (35)
Ireland (2)
Netherlands (11)
Norway (2)
Portugal (1)
Slovenia (1)
Spain (3)
Sweden (10)
Switzerland (1)
UK (427)

North America
Canada (7)
USA (95)

South America
Argentina (1)
Brazil (5)
Chile (1)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problem with UK having more than half the finalists if they submitted more than half the total number of entries to be judged.

Any idea if that's the case, Lynchie?

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck 'em. They're all getting too greedy.

For international let's just enter Cannes and leave DADA to the UK ad industry. Otherwise where will it end, will AWARD go global?

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problem with UK having more than half the finalists if they did the best work.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the problem? The work in the UK is generally far better than the rest of the world. And it has that wierd extra things going for it. It's real.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous AwardWatch said...

The problem, 10:53am, is that, at present, D&AD juries are mainly comprised of poms and clearly biased towards their own work. That's why 70 percent of the Book is British work. With the other big award shows - Cannes, The One Show and Clio - the UK does no better than 20 percent. In a few years when the English will be in the minority on the D&AD juries (yes, that is the stated plan), we should see a more international spread of work.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous AwardWatch said...

9:41... of the record 24,000 entries received this year from around the world, the UK has only around 10 percent of entries. Clearly the judging (70 percent British) stinks to high heaven! In our opinion, it is the world's dodgiest award show and should be avoided (unless you've got something brilliant like The Big Ad, Virgin Jason Donovan Adidas Be the Ball or Lynx Jet that get Yellow Pencils!) until the UK component of the judging is 10 percent. (Wait until 2009).

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's why it's the world's toughest award show if you don't come from Mother or Weiden + Kennedy and that's why Aussies are so stoked if they win.

Make AWARD international and put more poms in the D&aD panel to make it harder to win. If we make it easier then we'll do worse work.

1:06 PM  
Blogger lynchy said...

9:41, The UK entered the most (34.19%), followed by the USA (16.92%), Germany (8.00%), Brazil (3.81%), South Africa (3.80%), Singapore (3.76%) and Australia (2.93%). So one would expect the poms to have the most work in the Book, but perhaps not as much as they did (around 70%). That comes down to biased UK dominated juries which will get less so each year over the next few years. However, Australia should not complain because we did alright this year with our record haul of Yellow Pencils.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good thing is, that one can see and find almost any ad you want on the internet- so who needs anuuals?? Admittedly they're good to browse through for inspiration, but not so good that you need to join a foreign club to get a copy. Anyway inspiration is best if it comes from somewhere a lot more original than the ad world.

11:24 AM  
Blogger lynchy said...

As to Yellow Pencils, Australia was ranked third this year, with 7.41 percent of those handed out. The UK came top with 61.11 percent, USA second with 12.96 percent. Japan was fourth (5.56%), Canada and Singapore was equal fifth (3.7%), Austria, New Zealand and Thailand was equal seventh (1.85%)

6:18 AM  

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