Friday, September 22, 2006


AWARD's target of a record 500 strong membership before Christmas has just been reached, thanks to Blog Power! AWARD thanks all 508 members in Australia and New Zealand for getting behind the creative organisation. With more members-only benefits than ever and more planned (including the AWARD Presentation in early November), the creative community have realised membership has its privileges!
Of course, you can still become a member if you haven't already - just email and the list will continue to grow.
This latest blitz follows the success of the mid-year membership drive conducted while the organisation was becoming independent of its management company. Nearly 200 members were added during this period, more than doubling the membership, which had dropped to a sad, record low of 160 members. A 500+ membership will give the non-profit organisation the solid base of support it needs to fight its good fight into the future - and the means to give back to members incredible value for their membership.
One change AWARD has made recently is to include Planners on the credits list of work that will appear in the 2007 AWARD Book, and extend Gold membership eligibilty to any Planners that do so. In addition, Planners who have been involved with any work that has been accepted in any AWARD Annual since 1979 (as long as AWARD can verify that!) are also eligible for Gold membership.
We are compiling a running list of new and renewed members right here on the CB Blog. So if you want to join the illustrious company below, email and Lynchy will put your name on the list and pass your details on to AWARD.

Brigid Alkema, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Philip Andrew, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Georgia Arnott, The Campaign Palace/Red Cell, Sydney
Patrick Baron, SEE Yourself Differently, Melbourne
Paul Bennell, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
David Blackley, Retired, Melbourne
David Brady, FCB Auckland
Phil Brown, Curtis Jones + Brown, Sydney
Tim Brown, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney
Kate Burt, Leo Burnett, Sydney
Doug Byrnes, Spinach, Melbourne
Trent Christie, Leo Burnett, Sydney
Bettina Clark, Consultant, Sydney
Steve Coll, Leo Burnett, Sydney
Paul Cottrell, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
Luke Crethar, The Glue Society, Sydney
Gary Dawson, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
Geoff Denman, STW Village, Sydney
Oliver Devaris, M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Matt Devine, The Glue Society, Sydney
James Dive, The Glue Society, Sydney
Steve Dodds, Whybin\TBWA, Sydney
Justin Drape, Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney
David Droga, Droga5, New York/Hollywood
Kim Ellison, DDB Auckland
Tom Eslinger, Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland
Roy Faulkner, M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Robin Feiner, Leo Burnett, Sydney
Stephen Fisher, CHE, Melbourne
Karl Fleet, Publicis Mojo, Auckland
Hugh Fitzhardinge, Medicus, Sydney
Anthony Foy, McCann-Erickson, Sydney
Jim Francis, Freelance, Wellington
Anthony Freedman, Host, Sydney
Gary Freedman, The Glue Society, New York
James Gali, Leo Burnett, Sydney
Dave Govier, Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Sandi Gracin, Grey Worldwide, Melbourne
Derek Green, Saatchi & Saatchi, Geneva
Georgie Hanby, Leo Burnett, Melbourne
Scott Henderson, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Martin Hermans, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Jamie Hitchcock, Ogilvy, Auckland
Garry Horner, Whybin\TBWA, Sydney
Adam Hunt, BWM, Sydney
Lionel Hunt, Lowe Hunt, Sydney
Bob Isherwood, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, New York
Romanca Jasinski, George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
Graham Johnson, M&C Saatchi, Sydney
John Kane, I Am Kane, Sydney
Peter Kirwan, Whybin\TBWA, Melbourne
Jonathan Kneebone, The Glue Society, Sydney
Paul Knights, Ideaworks, Sydney
Tony Lambaart, The Leap Agency, Melbourne
Josh Lancaster, Ogilvy, Auckland
Neil Lawrence, STW Village, Sydney
Fiona Leeming, Nitro, Melbourne
Mark Lees, Consultant, Sydney
Richard Loseby, BK Advertising, Auckland
Craig Love, freelance, Auckland
Dave Loveder, Funnel Productions, Sydney
Oliver Maisey, M&C Saatchi, Auckland
Rodd Martin, The Guild, Melbourne
Rob Martin-Murphy, The Furnace, Sydney
Ron Mather, Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Richard McAuliffe, The Brand Shop, Sydney
Scott McBurnie, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney
Andy McKeon, JWT Australia New Zealand, Sydney
John Mescall, Smart, Melbourne
Steve Minon, Junior, Brisbane
Russ Mitchinson, The Campaign Palace/Red Cell, Sydney
James Mok, FCB Auckland
Seshan Moodley, Leo Burnett, Sydney
Josh Moore, Lowe Worldwide, Auckland
Arren Morden, M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Dan Moth, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Tom Moult, Havas Australia, Sydney
John Nankervis, Singleton Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney
Peter Nelson, The Brand Agency, Perth
Helene Nicol, The Guild, Melbourne
Monty Noble, TheBrandShop, Sydney
Scott Nowell, Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney
Graham Nunn, Funnel Productions, Sydney
Dave O'Sullivan, Whybin\TBWA, Sydney
Kieran Ots, Leo Burnett, Sydney
Christy Peacock, Publicis Mojo, Melbourne
Yanni Pountartzis, The Campaign Palace/Red Cell, Sydney
Leo Premutico, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Ralph Ralphsmith, CHE, Melbourne
Richard Sellbourne, DDB Sydney
Ant Shannon, Grey Worldwide, Melbourne
Mark Sheridan, Oddfellows, Sydney
Ros Sinclair, Spinach, Melbourne
Levi Slavin, Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Craig Sloane, George Patterson Y&R, Sydney
Grahame Smith, Whybin\TBWA, Sydney
Matt Smith, Saatchi & Saatchi, Geneva
Darren Spiller, Publicis Mojo, Sydney/Melbourne
Michael Spirkovski, Leo Burnett, Sydney
Hamish Stewart, M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Dylan Taylor, BMF, Sydney
Mike Thomas, McCann-Erickson, Sydney
Andrew Town, M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Hugh Walsh, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Colin Watts, Jack Watts Currie, Sydney
Adam Whitehead, STW Village, Sydney
Rob Willett, One For All, Sydney
Paul Young, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I s Davis Droga related to David Droga?

    11:33 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    He's hot.

    4:15 PM  
    Blogger lynchy said...

    I'm not the best typist in the mornings, 11:33am. Thanks for pointing out my error. Now he's David again.

    8:58 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Big names coming back into the fold"

    Brilliant strategic headlline Lynchy. Everyone will want their name on that list now.

    10:09 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great, let's all join. Pay too much for membership, pay over the top to enter awards, pay fuck loads to go to the scabby awards night, then pay through the bastard nose for the annual. No wonder big names are coming back into the field, they're the only ones who can afford it.

    11:35 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You don't read well, do you 11:35? The annual is included in your membership, and membership also gets you a discount on the award night ticket.

    4:27 PM  
    Anonymous Lucy @ AWARD said...

    With an AWARD Annual (cost price $190) + 2 Free lunches + 1 Free cocktail party and discounts to the dinner and Graduation, our calculator is totalling quite a bit more than the membership price of $260.

    5:51 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    But it is still AWARD.

    6:49 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And just on Lucy's point, it's a tax-deductible cost, so you'll get back over $100 of the $260 at tax time.

    9:03 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How are you going with this lofty target now, Lynchie?

    1:58 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    3 from STW

    None from SOM.

    Why's that do you think? Surely, they're not banned from joining an industry organisation.

    4:08 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    GOD this is boring! I might actually have to do some work if you keep this up lynchy.

    9:49 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well actually, John Nankervis has joined from SOM.

    9:54 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    When they crack the 500 you should go buy yourself a beer, Lynchie. Awesome effort.

    6:18 PM  
    Anonymous AwardWatch said...

    We have heard a rumour the reason for the 500 target membership drive is that this year's AWARD Awards will be an exclusive members only event at Sydney's most famous venue. The hangers on will not be allowed to buy tickets. True, Lynchy?

    6:30 AM  
    Anonymous AwardWatch said...

    Anyone noticed that all the 'Big Ad', 'Boony' boys from Melbourne - Josh, Ben, Grant and Ant - are not even members, despite having raided the AWARD Pencil chest last year, and presumably again in November! Same goes for Jonathan Kneebone at The Glue Society! Come on lads, pay your dues.

    6:39 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    They have paid their dues. It's called an entry fee.

    9:03 AM  
    Blogger lynchy said...

    Dear AwardWatch, The boys from Glue Society all signed up this morning. Thanks Jonathan, Gary, James, Matt and Luke. Also Fiona Leeming from Nitro Melbourne did too, so only one more to go. Still no response from the lads from Patts Y&R Melbourne but I expect they will soon.

    9:05 AM  
    Anonymous AwardWatch said...

    6:39, no it's not, it's an entry fee paid by the agency in the hope of getting an award. Membership is about individuals supporting the ideals of AWARD. Now that The Glue Society gang have signed up, they are pretty much the only high profile creatives in Australia and NZ not to do so.

    9:14 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...



    9:50 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey, who's that old guy in the picture?
    Does he run the Awards Super Fund we've been hearing rumours about?

    12:02 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That old guy is Bob Isherwood, the luckiest man in advertsing. Did one ad thirty years ago and half another one in the 80's Kevin Roberts the gig as CEO. They've been joined at the hip ever since. What a fucking imposter. And check out the hair. This guy doesn't know when or how to act his age, so spends his life trying to look a groovy 50 y.o when he should be put down or put out to pasture. No-one in the business has ever taken this guy seriously.

    12:57 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Stop picking on the old bloke. Christ, talk about killing the goose that's looking after the golden eggs!

    1:42 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Agree totally 1:42. Leave thje grey goose alone in his golden years..

    9:49 AM  

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