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The rapid emergence of numerous complex technologies and the equally rapid changes in consumer behaviour as these technologies are adopted, have created a challenging environment for agencies.
The new Digital Creative course will introduce creatives, planners and suits in agencies to the key technologies involved in digital marketing.
Brett Rolfe, Creative Director at One Digital, who developed the course, said: “Behind every great digital advertising campaign is a great idea - an idea that combines an understanding of the brand and product with an appreciation for the digital consumer and a strong grounding in digital technologies.
“With the Digital Creative course we will provide a framework for the role of digital creativity in the development of digital and integrated advertising solutions. The framework addresses the skills needed to produce digital creative and discusses how the processes required to do so differ from traditional agency creative processes.”
Students will gain an understanding of technologies underpinning the digital space, as well as trends in the way consumer behaviour is changing in response to digital technology. The course includes perspectives from industry leaders in both technology and creativity, complemented by extensive collaborative workshopping in response to briefs.
Expert guest lecturers include the cream of digital creatives – Iain McDonald (Amnesia), Bob Mackintosh (Host), Matt Cumming (M&C Saatchi), Nate Hackstock (Clemenger), Kieran Ots (Leo Burnett), Ashley Ringrose (Soap) – as well as technology specialists from NineMSN, Eyecorp, Traction and Eyeblaster.
The Digital Creative course is accredited with leading Australian technological universities.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea. I shall enrol. I employ young people with degrees but not a single one of them has the skills to deliver digital services; these X and Y gen folks sure are big digital users and think of themselves as digital creatives; burdened with dull old baby-boom bosses,(DOBBBs, like me, with the money). I also employ I.T. people who can whiz up stuff in Linux and SQL, on command. But , most of those - and I love them - geeks with Aspergers - like to stay in the boot. I have digital products, chocka with content; I really really want to get those out into the world; my clients want them - but how? I want to sell ads into them, too. Google Blogger a wee start - a toe in the water. Hope to find more on how to make the leap. Look forward to the Adschool day.

Digital Dobb

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