Monday, February 13, 2006


Former George Patterson Sydney CD Mark Dove is back in Australia after a holiday in the UK. He departed the agency late last year after the merger with Y&R, his position eventually being filled by Michael Stanford, creative group head of Publicis Mojo, Sydney.
Dove has formed his own start up called The Dove Collective, a creative services company wholly owned and operated by all its members, rather like St. Lukes in London.
Dove told CB: "I truly believe in the democratic process and would love to run a business that operates openly, fairly and where all participants have a say and get rewarded for the effort and work that they do.
"Outstanding creative solutions offered in a no bullshit environment and without all the pretence that so many clients are wary of. Anyone who has ever worked with/for me knows I couldn't work any other way, so this will feel like business as usual.
"The future of our business is changing rapidly but it's never been more exciting. There are some truly talented people in this market, clients included, that are looking to do things differently - smarter, more challenging and faster."
Dove is looking for people to join the collective? "I am currently looking for a strategic planning partner and a finance director (part time)". Contact details: 0408 612 385.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope it works out for him.

He's a nice bloke.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice bloke, silly hair.

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