Friday, April 28, 2006


Animation production company Gobo Box has signed up the design-director team of Mark Simpson & Matt Taylor (aka Sixty40). The team brings contemporary and funky 2D animation to Gobo Box.
Gobo Box, headed up by Pat Dedal, will produce Sixty40 commercials and music videos. “I am looking forward to working with what is an interesting team in Mark and Matt. Their work is refreshing, invigorating to watch and puts a smile on my face each time I see it. I am pleased they have signed with Gobo Box” said Pat Dedal.
The team have designed and animated many projects for clients, such as MTV, SonyBMG, Comedy Channel, VH1 and Fly TV. In their productions, they manage to imbue enormous personality and a sense of fun into clean-lined character designs. “There seems to be a void in truly fun 2D animated TVCs for the tween to 35yo bracket. It seems as though this sense of fun has been left behind since ads like Chokitos and Caruba Rum in the 70’s. I think that Sixty40 address this space perfectly.” said Pat.
While innovative and hip in style, their spirit is reminiscent of the animation design movement of the 70’s kicked off by the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine animated classic. “Sixty40’s Mark & Matt have an innate synergy as a team bringing a fluid fusion of storytelling with 2D illustration, cutting edge motion design and animation,” said Pat. “They simply tell stories in eye-catching, entertaining and exciting ways.”
Gobo Box, is a Sydney based animation production company representing and producing a diverse group of animation directors and designers. Their productions include 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation. Call Pat Dedal on +61 (2) 9380-9449 for showreels or visit the website at


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If there was some sort of prize for the post least likely to generate comment, this one would piss it in.

Actually, when you read it, it's seriously quite fucking funny. I love the bit about how they say 'there's a void in truly fun 2D animated tvc's for adults'. Then they cite 70's ads for chokitos as some sort of yardstick for such ads.

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Although this post has generated more comments than the one above it.

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