Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The organisers of the Cannes Lions 53rd International Advertising Festival today announced a total of 24862 entries from 81 countries will be competing for the much sought-after Lions at this year’s event, an overall increase of 12.5% versus last year. Without taking into account the new Promo Lions category, the increase is 9.67%. That's around A$20m coming in the EMAP coffers in London, with probably another A$20m on delegate fees, exhibition fees and hotel commissions.
Despite all the hype about Cyber taking over the world, the big money is still spent on Press, Poster and Film. Although it's catching up fast (up nearly 32%) to be around half of the Film entries.

Promo Lions n/a in 05, 622 in 06 (New Category)
Lions Direct 1614 in 05, 1509 in 06 (- 6.51%)
Media Lions 1076 in 05, 1466 in 06 (+36.25)
Outdoor 4667 in 05, 5282 in 06 (+13.18%)
Radio Lions 1020 in 05, 1032 in 06 (+1.18%)
Cyber Lions 1897 in 05, 2502 in 06 (+31.89%)
Press 6699 in 05, 7387 in 06 (+10.27%)
Film 4996 in 05, 4860 in 06 (-2.72%)
Titanium 133 in 05, 202 in 06 (+51.88%)
TOTAL 22102 in 05, 24862 in 06 (+12.49%)

“This is another record breaking year for entries with strong growth in Media Lions, Cyber Lions and Titanium categories, as well as a healthy launch for the new Promo Lions competition. Although the Festival is a reflection of what is happening in the industry, this level of growth is also an indication of the importance of competing in Cannes,” commented Terry Savage, Executive Chairman of the Festival.


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An estimated $40million in income for the organisers?
Forget scam ads, this has got to be the most glorious awards scam of them all. But then again, anyone who dares criticise creative awards is a talentless, hack, who could never hope to win a Titanium Lion.

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