Monday, June 12, 2006


History was made in Kuala Lumpur with the launch of AWARD School, the unique training program in great ideas for the next generation of advertising creatives, sponsored by Astro TV and AMP Radio Networks. AWARD has conducted the course in Australia for 23 years and it is the premier creative education system in the country.
The 4A’s are major supporters and partners of the program and in fact initiated the first contact with AWARD to bring the program to Kuala Lumpur, after hearing of the success in Singapore. Tony Savarimuthu, council member of the 4A’s and Managing Director of McCann Erickson Kuala Lumpur says: “The launch of AWARD School is an important milestone for the Malaysian communications industry. It's a significant step to bring fresh talent into the industry and fast-forward the development of some of our newer creative members.”
AWARD School teaches how great creative thinking applies to advertising. It provides students with insight into the creative process and develops the creative disciplines of art direction and copywriting.
24 students were accepted into the 12-week part time course, after submitting a folio of work answering to the specific brief set by AWARD. The programme is only taught by industry professionals, many of whom attended the launch party. Agencies confirmed to host AWARD School include O&M, Lowe, Naga DDB, McCann Erickson, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dentsu, Arachnid, TBWA, Y&R and Streamxy.
Tay Guan Hin, Regional ECD South East Asia JWT and AWARD Regional Committee Member welcomed the crowd and outlined the importance of the program to the advertising industry as a whole.
Ted Lim, ECD of Naga DDB also spoke at the event and adds: “Most creative people get into advertising by chance. They are either aspiring writers, frustrated artists or Ang Lee wannabes with no formal education in advertising. The majority of mass communications graduates who join the industry become account handlers. AWARD School offers creative people the opportunity to learn conceptual thinking, copywriting and art direction from internationally awarded creative directors, copywriters and art directors – people who walk the talk.“
A Graduation night will be held, where students, sponsors, lecturers and tutors will gather to view a special student exhibition of the best work from the course. This is a fantastic social occasion for senior talent and rising creative stars. Special awards for best ads will be presented and also the top students will be announced. The top student of AWARD School will receive a trip to Sydney for the AWARD Awards presentation evening in November.

1. Edward Ong, ECD Y&R and Daniel Comar, ECD Ogilvy – Adrian Miller, ECD Lowe in the background
2. Group Photograph – Datuk Vincent Lee - President 4A’s, Tony Savarimuthu – McCann Erickson, Borhanuddin Osman - Astro, Anthony Yeap - Astro, Ted Lim – Naga DDB, Tay Guan Hin – JWT
3. Students and AWARD Committee, sponsors and 4A’s


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on you Malaysia, welcome to the party.

A trap for young players though: Don't think topping the class and getting your free trip to Sydney entitles you to long lunches and free coke for the rest of your career.

I can think of a few AWARDschool top students who've gone on to do great things: Droga and Reynolds spring to mind. But I can also think of a few who thought it gave them a first class compartment on the gravy train, who've done three fifths of bugger all ever since.

My point is, the real work starts once AWARDschool is over. Enjoy it, and good luck.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just finshed AWARD school in Sydney and when the completion horn blew we were all handed giant duffle bags of money. Also, I now work as the Creative Ways to Spend Money Director for Sap & Spend Sydney.

Ah, yes, finally I can get that Riva Speedboat I've been eyeing during my work for the dole responsibilities down at the docks.

11:29 PM  

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