Wednesday, November 15, 2006


After this year's controversy over the Titanium Lions (remember the Bar Code debacle which the CB Blog stirred up!), the organisers of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival announced today the introduction of Integrated Lions - whilst re-affirming the definition of Titanium Lions.
Both integrated campaigns using three or more different media and breakthrough ideas will be submitted to one entry section – The Titanium and Integrated Lions. One jury will view and vote on all entries. After reaching a shortlist, the jury will award Integrated Campaign Lions and one Integrated Grand Prix and possibly Titanium Lions and a Titanium Grand Prix to any entry worthy of this most coveted of Lions.
Entrants will not have to specify whether they are submitting to Titanium or Integrated. All integrated campaign entries will be considered by the jury for Integrated Lions and the Integrated Grand Prix. Additionally, all entries submitted to this section will be considered for Titanium Lions and Titanium Grand Prix, although it is understood that the Jury may only award Titanium occasionally.
Whilst Integrated Lions will honour high standard state-of-the-art integrated campaigns, the premise for Titanium Lions remains the same: Titanium celebrates work that causes the industry to stop in its tracks and reconsider the way forward. Titanium stands for breakthrough ideas, it might be a brand new idea, or it might use an existing idea in a brand new way. Titanium is for work that is provocative, that challenges assumptions and points to a new direction.
Executive Chairman of the Cannes Lions Festival, Terry Savage says, “As the advertising industry evolves and redefines itself, so does the Festival. There is a need now for both Integrated and Breakthrough to be recognised in Cannes . Whilst integrated campaigns are now the norm, Cannes will award those of the highest of standards. Titanium will remain in its purist form and will continue to be the most elusive and sought-after Lion, the highest accolade in the industry honouring risk”.
The Integrated and Titanium Lions will be presented to the winners in Cannes on Saturday evening, 23 June 2007.


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