Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Straight 8 have just held screenings in London of 8 of the past Straight 8 entries to announce the call for entries for the 2007 event. The entry deadline is April 2nd.
The worldwide competition is open to anyone, even first time filmmakers. All entrants are sent film: Kodak's colour ektachrome 64t. Films can be up to 3 minutes and 20 seconds long and must have an original score/soundtrack.
All editing is done in-camera and submitted by April 2nd. The first time you see your film is with the audience! Films will be selected for the official 2007 reel, which will be screened at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, Rushes Soho Shorts, and several other events throughout the year.
The Best of Straight 8 films are online at
  • Straight 8
  • , as is the entry info. The Cannes screening is in association with the APA and Rushes and the organizer
    of Straight 8 is Ed Sayers from Blink Productions in London.


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