Monday, February 19, 2007


BMF Sydney has won the Hamilton Island advertising account, which has been parked with Brain Surgery (the shop started by Mick Hunter and Ian Morton), since leaving long term agency The Campaign Palace last year. BMF's inaugural campaign will be for Australia’s newest luxury resort, located on Hamilton Island.
“BMF presented with an extremely strong integrated team who will undoubtedly be a fantastic asset to our business both strategically and creatively. It's exciting times ahead for Hamilton Island over the next few years. And with this decision, we're sure we have the right partner in place to help us achieve our goals,” said Michelle Kenna, Sales & Marketing Director at Hamilton island.
According to Kenna, BMF’s broad range of expertise under the one roof, including Digital and Channel planning departments, was a key factor in Hamilton Island's decision to award them the account.
Says Jeremy Nicholas, Director of Strategic Planning at BMF: “We’re excited to be involved in the launch. Hamilton Island is an iconic leisure brand with a driven and ambitious company behind it. This account represents the type of work we do at BMF; big brand ideas that inform every aspect of the business.”
Hamilton Island’s new Luxury resort opens in August coinciding with Hamilton Island Race week.


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