Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Getty Images has announced the launch of the new gettyimages.com featuring a unique brainstorming tool for editorial and creative professionals called Catalyst. Fully redesigned and re-engineered, the site serves as a powerful source of inspiration while delivering a more efficient search experience. Numerous enhancements make it easier than ever to find a specific image, or discover an expanded selection of relevant visuals, with a flexible user interface that complements a broad range of work styles.
Extensive customer input informed the development of Getty Images’ new site features, including Catalyst - a first-of-its-kind search tool that uses interactive tag clouds to suggest different words to express an idea. The tool exposes the user to unexpected keywords, concepts and images, making it an especially helpful resource in the early stages of creative brainstorming.
“We owe our customers a great deal of credit for this innovative rebuild,” said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images. “Their input and expertise has allowed us to preserve the strengths of the old site and introduce a host of new features, resulting in a more agile and interactive gettyimages.com that is uniquely equipped to enrich the current and future communications landscape.”
For the first time, customers can access Creative, Editorial and Footage content through a single site. Other new and improved features enable customers to:
• Refine search by narrowing results with a wealth of associated data including event, location, style or other criteria;
• Find similar images using associated keywords or an existing image as a frame of reference;
• Move from one detail page to the next and simultaneously view multiple detail pages;
• Perform separate or combined searches for Creative and Editorial imagery;
• Backtrack to previous results pages using the search path; and
• Avoid search dead ends by using spelling suggestions and expansion tips.
Offering real-time inspiration to customers looking for timely visual content, the company has recently added creative imagery to its selection of news, sport and entertainment imagery delivered through Getty Images Live. Available at gettyimages.com/live, this robust tool streams a customisable selection of freshly captured images directly to customers’ desktops.
The new gettyimages.com is available in nine languages. Catalyst is currently available exclusively in English, and will be adapted for other languages in the coming months.


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