Tuesday, October 25, 2005


CB believes there are several clues as to who will be the new CD of JWT Sydney, to replace Simon Collins: Providing they are not red herrings, we already think we know it is a male and believe he is currently a CD or holds a senior creative gig at a Sydney agency and according to Craig Davis, would be "Reasonably big news". Now CB hears "he is in his early 40s", according to one (perhaps dodgy) overheard conversation. Now if that is not a red herring, and seeing as it's coming up to the Melbourne Cup, contenders from the Top 10 creative agencies in Sydney would include Whybin TBWA's Mick Hunter (pictured). Hunter emphatically denies he has been approached by JWT, but he would be CB's first pick if we were betting. Another thought is Pete Buckley, currently head of art at Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney. Davis might like to pinch someone from his old network and Buckley was also ex Young & Rubicam, a WPP shop, for almost a decade, so that may be a factor. (Buckley is currently in hospital having an operation, so we will ask him once he comes around and switches on his mobile!)
Another name that someone suggested was Craig 'Moose' Moore, the former Palace Sydney senior writer now at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney. An interesting outside chance would be Euro's creative director, Dale Rhodes (who has denied being contacted for the job).
Speculation on the AdNews site that Matt Eastwood, who recently departed the national CD gig at Y&R USA, would be getting the gig was denied by Davis as he was departing Sydney on Friday afternoon. He told CB the candidate was currently in Sydney, and of course, we trust our Craig.


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We reckon it's Oliver Maisey.

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Oliver -yeah ok. But Mick Hunter has a hell of a lot more to him. Nice bloke and feels like your talking to an Award school student - he loves the biz that much. I'd go for him.

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