Friday, October 20, 2006


There’s a fine line between brave and brainless: The Drawing Book Studios toed this line with an advertisement during the Muslim cartoon riots last February, which leveraged the media hype surrounding the riots to state the obvious - Illustration gets noticed.
That was Matt Jackson’s first move as partner and director of new business at the Drawing Book. It was the business’s founder, Patrick Doab’s company strap line executed Jackson’s way. Which is what he will be doing more of in order to ensure that illustration booms again in the 21st century.
Says Jackson (right, with Doab): “Illustration, like advertising, thrives on exaggeration and metaphor. Photography provides proof of something that happened in the past, but illustration is free to portray what is possible in the future or even impossible. Some agencies need to be reminded of this now.”
Prior to becoming a Partner in Drawing Book, Jackson did five years hard time with DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi and BMF. Which he says helps immensely when it comes to understanding what clients need and, most importantly, when they need it.
This month the studio has launched a new book featuring beautiful reproductions of their artist’s work. The book is free to anyone who asks for it.
They also launched their new website in response to the industry wanting bigger samples that were easier to find. Go have a look now at


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Speaking of adults breastfeeding,
did anyone catch 60 minutes last night? The whole attachment parenting idea where mothers breastfeed their children to age 5 and above. It brings a new meaning to "I want bitty!"
Sorry Lynchy, I know it's off thread but at least it has something to do with breasts.

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How cute. They both have the same glasses.

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