Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The organisers of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival announced today the introduction of a Content Showcase in 2007, a dedicated exhibition area inside the Palais des Festivals, where content creators and providers across all media platforms can display their products and capabilities to the 10,000 attendees.
The Cannes Lions Content Showcase aims to be both informative and educational. Within the dedicated area, to complement the stands, there will be a series of Content related workshops available to all registered delegates.
“As a growing trend, content creation is affecting how the media and advertising markets will operate in the future. In a consumer led market where control and choice are the buzzwords, the advertising industry is at the heart of this evolution. Branded Content, Mobile Content, Podcasts and Gaming are just some of the opportunities, both traditional and non traditional, that will shape the future”, said Terry Savage, Executive Chairman of the Festival (left).
Ten Content workshops will take place from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd June. Delegates wishing to attend will be able to reserve online at www.canneslions.com at no extra cost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey-'Big Johnny Thomas'; how about we meet there and compare our 'league of work'? We're talking award winning video, TVC's, websites, branded mobile, podcast integration, advergames and experiential. I think you'll find your 'industry' gave up calling online ads banners about 3 years back....So 'you on' then JT? (If that's your real name)? Bracket Girl.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, my, fucking, god.

um, nice site, bracket biatch.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For crying out loud 'bracket whoever' I'm sick to death of reading your dribble across this blog.


annoyed and bored shitless with poorly worded bracket PR Hype.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Michael Lynch and Campaign Brief, Anonymous’ filth and profanity is upsetting me, and all my colleagues and clients. I think he called himself ‘Big Johnny Thomas’ on the Lowe Hunt LynxJet Dizzy Banana posting, which seems to have attracted this level of BAD LANGUAGE, (is that campaign not aimed at teenagers and kids?) Honestly, is there an authority-other than you that I can complain to? This person’s bad language, swearing and absolutely no real comment should not be allowed! Or all his or her friends using bad language on that Lowe Hunt LynxJet Dizzy Banana posting. I’m genuinely upset and unsettled about this. And what does he mean about websites? Many of my clients-large corporations throughout the world-have ‘holding ISP’s’ or ‘online real estate’ or ‘domains’ everywhere, from Europe, from Australia, from America, from Asia. This is common practice! Once again-Anonymous’ FILTH and all his colleagues at that other posting have greatly upset me, my colleagues and clients.

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bracket people it seems you really have done yourself more harm than good..

6:41 PM  

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