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The ad industry is once again in mourning following news that Michael Magnus, who was only 62, passed away on Thursday. He had suffered ill health over the past year but was thought to be on the recovery trail, having only recently returned from a trip to Europe.
He was a truly cultured adman, the type they don't make anymore. Magnus Nankervis & Curl were the most stylish ad agency in Sydney during the eighties, creating the most stylish ads, led by three stylish gentlemen: John Nankervis, who was CD, Ted Curl, who was head of art, and Michael Magnus, who was CEO.
Says Colin Wilson-Brown, who worked with Magnus for many years: "Magnus began his advertising career at Lintas and founded Magnus Nankervis & Curl in 1976 with John Nankervis and Ted Curl. MN&C grew to become one of the most respected agencies of the 80's, being voted B&T Agency of the Year in 1988. In 1993 MN&C was sold to FCB and Magnus, Nankervis and Curl left the agency in 1998.
"As was his style, Magnus never looked back. He moved on to new business ideas and new successes. He will be remembered for his irrepressible energy and optimism, gracious charm, his generosity with his time (AFA, AWARD, NSW Art Gallery and the Sydney Theatre Company were all beneficiaries), his loyalty to his colleagues (six of the MN&C Directors worked together for 25 years) and his love of the best things in life.
"He may have died young (62) but he put a lot in to life and he got a lot out. He leaves his wife, Michele, daughter Katherine, sons Matthew and Timothy and he leaves his nephew, Noel (recently appointed as CEO at JWT Sydney) to fly the Magnus flag in advertising."


Blogger david morris said...

I met Michael in 1980 when I asked for advice on how to start a successful agency. He was open, generous and supportive with his advice. And I, with David and Rich followed the MNC model to open Weekes Morris & Osborn. Michael was always a fair and honest competitor, and remained focussed and upbeat about all his endeavours
And he was a great networker . I've never seen a man work the room as well as Michael did.

Sympathies to his family,business partners and many friends.

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