Friday, August 10, 2007


The Young Guns International Awards have launched its 2007 Call For Entry campaign by reminding us all what it was like to be young and inexperienced award show virgins, through the

  • Here is told the story of three young creatives looking to enter their first award show, but just not managing to get a break due to bad briefs, inexperience and uncertainty; highlighting some of the problems that all young creatives face.
    In their darkest hour of despair, "The Wise Bogusky”, "The Baby Droga” or "The Holy Clow" magically appear providing what can only be described as acerbic advice and then disappear again.
    This whole hilarious interactive escapade is set on stage and themed as a bad musical, narrated by a fat cherub in a nappy, with the 3 young creatives frequently breaking into song about the issues they face.
    Created by Taxi Canada Inc, the three act musical will have a new act at regular intervals featuring Alex Bogusky, David Droga and Lee Clow. The site has a number of interactive layers, including a music video which will be released later. The campaign itself is multifaceted with online, DR Posters and magazine ads.
    Says Kristian Barnes, YoungGuns co-founder: "Even Alex [Bogusky], David [Droga] and Lee [Clow] were once virgins at the beginning of their careers looking to get ahead. The campaign developed by Taxi Canada is an incredibly funny exploration of award show virginity. If you are not a virgin anymore you will be reminded of that first time and the importance that it held for you personally. Being awarded means being recognized by your peers, but that doesn’t change no matter how many awards you win.”
    Adds Zak Mroueh, VP CCO Taxi Canada Inc: "Everyone starts out as a virgin in this business. We took that notion and turned it into a campaign that was relevant to YoungGuns. Even non-awards show virgins should get a chuckle.”
    True Virgin or repeat offender, go to and listen to the heartfelt and haunting warbling of three young virgins desperate to, as one of them sings "get their piece in”.
    Act 1 with Alex Bogusky opens now.

    YoungGuns 2007 entry deadline is October 12, 2007.

    Contact Livia at for more details or go to

    YGAward is dedicated to supporting emerging and young creative talent. The entrants of YoungGuns today are the creative directors of tomorrow. So be nice to them.


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