Tuesday, October 03, 2006


BMF Sydney has appointed Chris James as Interactive Creative Director.
Chris James is one of the leading interactive creatives in Australia, winning a string of international awards, both as National Creative Director at Tequila (part of the TBWA group), and most recently at The Farm, an independent specialist interactive business of which James was co-founder and co-owner.
Says Warren Brown, Executive Creative director of BMF: “Obviously we’ve been working in the interactive space for some time, and got to know Chris through the excellent work we’d been doing together. When the opportunity arose, we were delighted to offer him a position at BMF. We are always looking to hire the best in the business.
“Chris’s skills allow us to take creative ideas even further. We’ve not hired him to set up a separate digital division. Interactive is a core skill, and we want it to be at the centre of the organisation, with the same goals, and the same bottom line. He’ll be working with all the other teams to explode ideas into new places. Today, nothing is impossible.
"Working alongside our Direct and Retail Creative Directors, Chris completes the last specialist piece in the creative jigsaw."
This represents BMF’s third significant hiring in the interactive space this year, following on the appointments of Gareth Cooper as Channel Planning Director, and Justin Hind as Head of Direct and Interactive, and ensures the agency will continue to push the boundaries of advertising across all channels.
Says James: “BMF’s approach to the whole digital area is exciting and unique. What attracted me was to be involved right in the centre of idea creation, rather than as the 'digital' specialist or a production resource and the chance to work with the best in the business.”


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I was very exposed to how brilliant Tequila were in Europe, when I was Interactive CD of WWAV Rapp Collins. PLus-although I got a tad confused about Farm Creative being the one here or in NYC, that seemed like a cool unit as well! BMF is a great agency and good they got Chris James. They should do some very innovative stuff now. I hope we work with his teams some day......

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