Monday, March 12, 2007


Full service agency DraftFCB officially launched in the Australian and New Zealand markets today, signalling the regional introduction of what they claim is a revolutionary agency model first mooted by US Agency Head Howard Draft in June 2006, when the global merger was announced.
According to Draft, the new agency model is a direct response to client demands for a fresh approach in a shifting marketing landscape: "DraftFCB combines the disciplines and heritage of two global powerhouses, advertising agency FCB and direct marketing agency, Draft. The tools and methodology of DraftFCB will make extensive use of data analytics to help deliver behaviour changing creative work."


Blogger John Aitchison said...

Interesting. I wonder what they mean by "data analytics?" .. numerous attempts have been made to hijack that term, and its cousin "predictive analytics" .. to mean anything from "web analytics" (from counting page visits to sophisticated experimental designs for site optimization) to "database mining" (which can mean just about anything at all .. we have some numbers that happen to reside in a database, let's count them or maybe find some patterns) to "knowledge discovery" (which, if it means anything at all is surely related to being surprised).

In a blatant bit of self promotion, here are some links to some blog entries of mine on these topics

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