Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Leading Australian digital, broadcast and content specialists, TCO, “The Conscience Organization” (www.theconscience.org) are bringing one of the world’s greatest minds in new media and new marketing, Joseph Jaffe, to Australia to challenge traditional advertising industry approaches as part of their " Spread the Love Tour".
At the core of TCO’s business philosophy, is showing clients a new way and this includes providing insights and education around new media and new marketing in a push and pull world of content and campaigns.
TCO, with Jaffe, are inviting you to re-think the fundamentals of marketing and discuss approaches that are transforming the face of advertising, from the internet, to consumer-generated content, to branded entertainment.
Jaffe has built a global reputation through his 2005 book “Life after the 30-second spot: Energise your Brand with a Bold Mix of Alternatives to Traditional Advertising”, his popular blog, “Jaffe Juice” plus his weekly new marketing podcast, ”Across the Sound” which recently won the Marketing Sherpa Readers’ Choice Award as “Best Marketing Podcast”. Now this guy’s on to it!
TCO’s Clive Burcham says, “TCO has learned a lot from Joseph Jaffe. We’ve soaked up his ideas and blended them with our own. The result has been a tripling of our business over the past 12 months.
“We’ve been banging on to all our clients about reading his book and most use the old ‘no time excuse’, so we thought we’d put our money and balls where our mouth is (ouch…) and deliver him in person. We’re subsidizing Joseph’s visit in the interests of Love-Spreading, education, inspiration, conversation, and challenging convention.
“This is an opportunity to engage directly with one of the key influences in new marketing. Joseph will be discussing how today’s brightest marketers are using new tactics to engage consumers and new avenues to take the place of TV, radio, and print.”
Access to the May 2 industry workshop is just $600 (ex GST) per person and group discounts are available. In addition to the invite-only seminar and the industry workshop, a number of exclusive opportunities are available upon request.
To book and make further inquiries, contact TCO’s General Manager, Belinda Burcham on 02 9212 4001 or belindas@theconscience.org


Blogger Stan Lee said...

Given that Jaffe is forever plugging Crayon, the agency he set up in virtual world Second Life, I'd have thought there was no need for him to visit.

People regularly meet and chat with him on Crayonville Island, so why pay $600 for the privelige?

Unless of course it's an admission that a virtual agency living on a virtual island in a virtual world is no substitute for the real thing.


12:11 PM  
Anonymous Peter Bray said...

Very good point Stan.

I would argue that anyone who thinks Second Life has legs (do you know how many people in Australia are actually regular users?) needs to stand by it.

As for Second Life itself, well that's a whole other discussion.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous jJ said...

Stan, don't make me come over there and slap you :)

Why don't you pay your $600 and if you're not completely satisfied I'll refund you your money personally. How's that for a REAL offer?

In all seriousness, just want to clarify one thing. We're not a virtual agency. We're as much a global agency as we are a remote agency as we are a virtual agency...and we're not even an agency at that.

Labels and the need to compartmentalize everything is so wasteful, distracting and misguided.

It's exactly what got advertising into so much trouble in the first place.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Howard said...

I think we should all get our money back ... it seems that Jaffe's company went belly up! (Not much of a case-study for his thinking...)

9:48 AM  

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