Friday, May 11, 2007


New Zealand has outperformed Australia at The One Show, which was presented last night in New York.
NZ won two Silvers and five Bronze, compared to only one Bronze for Australia. TBWA\Whybin Auckland won a Silver for Outdoor and a Bronze for Innovative Use of Media - Outdoor, both for Sony Playstation 'Killzone for PSP'; Publicis Mojo won Silver for Innovative Use of Media - Print and Bronze for Innovative Use of Media - Interactive, both for the Campaign Against Landmines 'Ketchup' campaign; and Saatchi & Saatchi NZ scored a Bronze for the World Wildlife Fund 'Leaves' magazine campaign.
In contrast, Australia only walked off with one Bronze Pencil, won by DDB Sydney for the NAPCAN 'Children See, Children Do' commercial.
It was not all bad news for Australia: The Glue Society Sydney won two Gold and a Silver as co-creators and directors of the
  • Axe 'The Gamekillers' campaign
  • via BBH New York.
    The expats also did OK, with Simon Foster, now at O&M New York, winning Gold for his
  • Fosters viral campaign
  • in the Cinema or Non Broadcast category. And Saatchi NYC, under ECD Leo Premutico, won one Gold, two Silver and a Bronze for 42 Below Vodka and Stuffit Deluxe; 180 Amsterdam (under Kiwi Andy Fackrell and Aussie Richard Bullock) won three Silvers for
  • Adidas (1)
  • Adidas (2)
  • Adidas (3)
  • and Droga5 won Bronze for Mark Echo 'Still Free' (disappointing, considering this controversial tagging of Air Force One viral stunt won the Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes last year).


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm sorry, but One Show is becoming a joke.
    The Gamekillers work is worthy and that should be awarded as it was.
    42 Below, it looks like Saatchi's just cranked out another 20 or so after it did so well at Cannes.
    I would like to see the media buy...
    That is a joke, did you see the finalist list, there are around 20 different excecutions.
    And that Fosters campaign. Gold for Viral?
    There's nothing Viral about it. It's an OK TV campaign at best.
    Oh yeah and Air Force One = Bronze. That makes sense, considereing it was one of the most viral pieces of communication that year.
    I know it is a cliche to bitch about juries and I think that it is kind of funny that I even care, but if we as an industry keep rewarding ourselevs for things like this then we deserve to dissapear up our own collective anus.

    Lots of love,
    A youngish advertising person tired of seeing a so called 'ideas' industry conforming to itself.

    12:20 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's probably a good omen for DDB.

    10:19 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am sure Glue will be honoured to take ALL the credit off BBH New York for this, after all they seem to thrive off of creative ambiguity. Not to say the guys are not talented, however everyone in the industry knows they are getting a reputation for taking the piss.

    I imagine Wes Anderson's lawyers have been informed of the extreme plagiarism with Gamekillers. Was it their intention to be fully unoriginal and totally rip off The Royal Tenembams?

    7:23 AM  

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