Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Paul Yole, General Manager, Gatecrasher, Perth reports exclusively for Campaign Brief...

Monday – Day One for me, Day Two for the Festival

OK, here’s the idea.
This is my first trip to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and CB co publisher Kim Shaw has asked me to write a few words each day giving the perspective of a ‘suit’ at what has always been seen as the advertising world’s creative party.
I knew a little of what could be expected following Mike Edmonds’ trip here last year as a radio judge and Kim had warned that “it’s full-on”.
When Kim says that, you know not to expect anything small.
I have tried not to bring any pre-conceived ideas to the process, such as for example that it’s a creative wankfest or it’s just one big party.
So let’s start with my initial motivation for coming here.
It sounds bloody obvious or even trite but account management people should feel an integral part of the creative process. They should understand it and they should be driven by the desire to be involved in great creative work.
Sadly, I’m not sure that they all do these days and if I’m right it means that not many account management staff are going to read this so I’m relying on those who may stumble across my ramblings to pass them on.
Cannes is not cheap, about $4,000 to register and at least the same again for accommodation and, ahem, subsistence.
My first impression of the place is the sheer scale of things. There are 11,000 delegates from all over the world, over 40 seminars and more than 30 workshops.
Then of course there are the awards, a showcase for the very best advertising in the world in every category imaginable. What I find hard to fathom is that they only recently introduced radio awards.
To be honest, it’s all a bit overwhelming.
There is so much stimulus for the advertising mind that I don’t know where to start. After farting around this morning not knowing whether to do breakfast, seminars or look at work I dipped my toe into everything.
And like I said, it’s overwhelming.
First I went to a seminar where the guys from Zenithoptimedia told me that I am heading straight into ‘The Perfect Storm’ so if I don’t get to grips with the new world of communications I will drown. Like the movie, it’s frightening but interesting all the same.
Then I went and had a peek at some of the press, outdoor, direct and media finalists.
Some incredible and very visual work which should inspire anyone who sees it to reset his or her horizon. But so overwhelming that I can hardly remember any detail so I’m going back for a closer look.
Australia seems to be doing OK so far and my little old home town of Perth has three finalists, one each for 303, Marketforce and Brand. Well done boys and girls, I’ll be cheering for you.
And well done to the suits who helped in that success.


Anonymous Paul Fieldhouse said...

As another novice visiting CannesLions and a "suit" I share Paul's views about the scale & diversity of the event. The talent on show is impressive and I will be urging my colleagues @ Bryt, a UK brand agency, to visit in 2008.
Paul Fieldhouse.

7:21 AM  

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