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No doubt bloggers who also read newspapers saw the article in the mainstream press on Thursday claiming Lionel Hunt (pictured) was being eased out of Lowe Hunt over the next few months. Surprised, CB, still in the South of France down St Tropez way, left a message on Lionel's mobile asking him to confirm or deny the story, as he wasn't quoted in the
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    This is from Hunt, via email:

    Dear Michael,

    You're right, the writer did not bother to check the story with me.
    I can only assume that Gatfield was wildly misquoted or taken out of context.
    For the record, and exclusive to you [ ! ] I am not entering into a consultancy agreement, I am employed as Chairman until the end of 2008;
    I am not selling all my shares in the next few months, my remaining shares will not be sold until 2011.
    Clearly, I am not severing my association with Lowe Hunt next year.
    And there has been no discussion with me about a name change.
    So, wrong on all counts. Another triumph for the advertising press.
    What is actually happening is a phased retirement negotiated by me prior to my starting Lowe Hunt in 1999. { I'm 65 in 2009 ]
    Thanks for your interest, and enjoy St. Tropez, you lucky bastards....

    Bonsoir from moi.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What no comments! Lionels a legend with more great campaigns to his name than the rest of us put together.

    9:07 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    No comments because the amoeba that populate creative departments these days wouldn't have a clue who the great man is. How depressing.

    3:34 PM  

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