Monday, April 03, 2006


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with top UK professionals in their chosen field is on offer for six talented young Australians thanks to the 2006 Realise Your Dream scheme.
(Click on the viral spot above, created by M&C Saatchi, Sydney. Writer: Oliver Devaris. Art Director: Graham Johnson. Director: Justin Kerzel. Production Company: Cherub).
Your Dream is open to Australians between 19-26 years of age who work or study in creative fields such as architecture, design, music, film, fashion, animation, multimedia, performing arts, computer games, etc.
One of the six awards is the Mordant Visual Arts Award, specially dedicated to visual artists.
The British Council Australia is behind the unique scheme and uses its powerful UK network to find suitable mentors and money-can’t-buy work experience.
The $10,000 prize covers return airfares to the UK, relevant course fees, accommodation and living expenses for each winner.
Last year’s winners included:
􀂾 Filmmaker and TV director James Brown, Sydney.
􀂾 Art director Amanda Dunne, Brisbane
􀂾 Pianist Coady Green, Melbourne
􀂾 Architect Ross Langdon, Sydney
􀂾 Moving image designer Shaun Yue, Melbourne
􀂾 Installation artist Sally Blenheim, Melbourne
“The UK is a creative hot spot and this programme gives Australians the chance to take advantage of the strong ties between the UK and Australia – it’s an exciting chance to fast track careers and learn from the best,” said Christopher Wade, Director, British Council Australia.
Now in its fourth successful year, the Realise Your Dream programme is proudly supported by nab.
Along with the nab, other sponsors also include airline sponsor British Airways, accommodation sponsor Stamford Hotels and Resorts, visual arts sponsor the Mordant family, communications sponsor M&C Saatchi and media partner triple j.
Entries will open on April 4 and close June 16, 2006.
Visit the Realise Your Dream website for more details:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, work at the best places in the UK and clean up 10 grand as well...nice.

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she's no where near as hot as some of the other girls posted on ths site....not even close.

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We think you're hot Amanda.

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hey twat (4.50), while you're sitting there having a perve she's off to BMB, M&C and MOTHER. She's hot!

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5.17pm - she'll be back in 3 months....don't worry

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Been there, done that.

Then went to London and did it again.

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I bet she swallows

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Now she's some whinging pom instead. Damn.

Love the endframe disclaimer though, guys.

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