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The phenomenon that was Talking Boony returns this summer for the 3 Mobile Ashes Series and another massive, fully integrated, VB promotion bia agency George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne.
This year, it’s the ‘Battle of the Tashes’ and Boony has brought an old mate along – legendary English cricketer Ian ‘Beefy’ Botham. Boonanza II – ‘The Battle of the Tashes’ will be VB’s biggest promotion yet, giving thousands of VB drinkers the opportunity to purchase their very own Talking Boony and Talking Beefy figurines. VB drinkers will also have the chance to win some awesome prizes including one of 100 JVC 40-inch LCD televisions and purchase discounted VB ‘Boony Army’ retro supporter gear, ensuring cricket grounds across the country are awash with ‘Green and Gold’. Last year’s VB Boonanza promotion captured the imagination of the country. Around 200,000 Talking Boony figurines were snapped up, sold for up to $230 on eBay and ended up in lounge rooms and coffee tables all over Australia. Everyone was talking about it – from boardrooms and sporting clubs to newspapers and blog sites. But for Foster’s the success of Boonanza I lay in the uplift in sales of VB for the duration of the promotion. Boonanza wasn’t only a reward for loyalist VB drinkers, but it also recruited new drinkers to the VB franchise, continuing the reinvigoration of Australia’s favourite beer.
“After the enormous success of last year’s campaign we just had to bring Talking Boony back,” said Ben Wicks, Marketing Manager VB, Foster’s Australia. “VB’s Boonanza II – ‘The Battle of the Tashes’ picks up where Boonanza I left off and this year it is bigger and better. Not only does Boonanza II pay homage to the incredible cricketing rivalry between Australia and England but it also honours an important legacy of 1980s cricket - the moustache. And who better to be perched upon a VB can representing their respective countries than David Boon and Ian Botham - two of the game’s greatest characters, players, and all-round good blokes who possessed the most outstanding ‘tashes’ of the era!”
The on-pack promotion rolls out to liquor stores nationwide from October and based on the demand for Talking Boony last summer, stocks won’t last long – that’s why VB has produced more than double the number of figurines this summer. Close to 400,000 pairs of Talking Beefy and Talking Boony figurines are now ready to be collected by VB drinkers and cricket lovers alike.
Two TVCs have been created to build understanding, interest, and engagement in Boonanza II. The first, titled “The Tash”, which airs on 22 October, features current Australian cricketers Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden, Jason Gillespie and Simon Katich. The ad humorously claims that the moustache is cricket’s best kept secret weapon, a fact that David Boon has always known and that the current Australian Cricket Team learnt to their detriment last year when they lost the Ashes since there wasn’t a single mo among them. The second TVC, “Battle of the Tashes”, supports the promotion and introduces Ian Botham as a fitting opponent to Talking Boony for Boonanza II.
Point of sale, on-premise instant-win competitions, on-ground activity and signage throughout the 3 Mobile Ashes series plus a dedicated website and an extensive public relations program support will support the promotion below the line.
“The rivalry between England and Australia for the Ashes was what inspired us to team up Boony with a Pommy mate this year – and who better than Ian Botham? Boony and Beefy have had a number of sporting clashes over the years and we wanted to bring that friendly rivalry and banter into lounge rooms over the summer. With the eyes of the nation expected to be glued to the screen for this year’s 3 Mobile Ashes series, GPY&R and the VB team believe it is going to be an absolutely huge summer, “said Paul McMillan, Group Account Director, GPY&R Melbourne. Boonanza II pays tribute to the glory days of test cricket, the Talking Boony and Talking Beefy figurines hark back to their 1980s hey-days, dressed in Test Match whites, proudly sporting their signature moustaches and ready for the Ashes battle ahead. Using advanced infrared technology, in-built timers will trigger commentary between the figurines. Another new feature is the push button, which allows each figurine to talk on demand. Extended life batteries that can be easily replaced will mean Talking Boony and Beefy can live on forever… we’ll drink to that! Pairs of Talking Boony and Talking Beefy figurines are available by purchasing two VB promotional cartons. Each carton has a unique code, and two cartons/codes are required to place an order, via SMS on 1971 1235, phone 1902 911 235 or online at Figurine pairs cost $12 plus postage and handling. The unique codes can also be used to purchase official Boony Army merchandise at a discounted price through the boonanza website.
Visit for more information about VB’s Boonanza II, the ‘Battle of the Tashes’.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Boony was a truly inspired & original advertising idea and deserving of all it's success, sad to see greedy marketing fingers all over it this time.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with the above, but still hope the original cleans up at AWARD as deserved. It really was the most original & successful thing the the industry this year.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry boys, sequels are always a bit flat.

Overall, the VB campaign has still got to be the funniest & possibly most awarded in the industry for quite a few years.

More new stuff please.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about a talking James McGrath doll? That'll be a great idea since he's keeping mum about who's going with him to Clemenger. But, again, everyone's keeping mum.....

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that the new ones this year, don't respond to broadcast queues... boooo!!

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'responding to broadcast cues' thing was a crock anyway. Mine still asks if I've got any nachos, even when the TV's off. He sounds a little sick though.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I'd done this or was the suit on this, I'd resign.


1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a video of the new dolls available here:
I think there outstanding and really will take off.

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry gang, but the talking Boonie is, yet again, just an Australian variation of a terrific idea from overseas - the US this time. The doll thing was done well, but don't go fooling yourself thinking it's in any way original.

3:00 PM  

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