Saturday, November 25, 2006


Peter Miller, one of Australia’s most acclaimed composers and sound designers, has joined Beamo Music.
Highly regarded around the world for his commercial soundtracks, Peter’s unique music and sound design has featured on award winning international campaigns for Nike, Mercedes, Amnesty International, Heineken, Adidas, The United Nations and many others.
His most recent sound design work has been on feature films for directors Gore Verbinski (The Ring), Jane Campion (In The Cut), Ray Lawrence (Jindabyne) and Phillip Noyce (Catch A Fire).
In the past Peter has been approached by numerous companies, but has made this recent decision to join Beamo Music because, he said, “I’ve long admired the quality of work that has come out of Beamo and the great team who work there. I can think of no finer people with whom I would choose to be involved and I am truly looking forward to an exciting and fruitful partnership.”
New owner of Beamo Music, Chris Cudlipp, is thrilled that Miller has decided to join them. “Peter brings a striking and unique style to Beamo that complements our existing composers; Brian Beamish, Brendan St Ledger, Paul Gray and Vince Pizzinga. Together, I think they are the finest group of composers in the country.”
According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Peter is, “…one of Australia’s unsung musical heroes.”
The Sydney Morning Herald’s Metropolitan Magazine described Peter’s sound design as, “… the kind of sonic magic that people like Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois would marvel at.”
For Miller’s reel, please contact Karen St Ledger on 02 9929 6629, or


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Fantastic news Peter - you're a genius!

Margot FItzpatrick
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