Tuesday, November 21, 2006


AFA AdSchool is celebrating 5 years of operation in a Graduation Ceremony cum 15th Birthday Party on Thursday 30 November at the Paddington Town Hall.
Helga Diamond, the Director of Professional Training said: “In 15 years the school has progressed from a TAFE level course to a post graduate program. The school is now accredited by leading universities in all states, UTS, RMIT, QUT, Curtin ECU, UniSA and University of Canberra. That means that AFA AdSchool student can receive credit points for post graduate awards of leading universities.”
An estimated 10,000 students nationally have completed AFA AdSchool courses since the school was launched in 1991. Students come from agencies, advertisers and media.
In 2006, approximately 800 students nationally will have completed an AFA AdSchool course, with more than half of those in Sydney.
The course program adapts to changing industry requirements with new courses launched in 2006 in digital strategy, channel planning and effective engagement (Advanced Strategic Planning).
AFA AdSchool’s mission is to encourage excellence and promote best practice in the advertising communication business. Courses provides progressive learning in all disciplines of advertising and marketing, for all levels, from trainee to senior executive level.
The program consists of 20 short courses where senior industry managers teach the latest knowledge in digital, strategy, creative, media, account management and production.
For more information, visit the website: www.afaadschool.com.au.
Or contact Helga Diamond, Director, Professional Training, on 02 8297 3800, or helgad@afa.org.au.


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Sharing knowledge is rare in small industries and this program offers the students the opportunity to hear and learn from current sources
A fabulous program inwhich I employ people from

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