Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Significantly extends ad agency choice in production and distribution for display ads

Continuing its strategic expansion in advertising management and distribution, Omnilab Media, the region’s largest, independent, vertically integrated media service business, today announced it has acquired the business of Websend Pty Ltd, the leader in web-based display advertising delivery.
Says Omnilab Media Managing Director Christopher Mapp (pictured): “Advertising clients now have a greater competitive choice in how their display advertising is created, managed and distributed. By merging Websend and Dubsat, an Omnilab Media company and market leader in the management and distribution of TVCs, radio ads and music videos, we now provide advertisers with the widest range of media delivery services available throughout Australia and New Zealand.”
Established in 2002 by advertising industry veteran Peter Lamont, Websend has over 8000 users and is globally recognised as a leader in web-based display advertising validation, correction and delivery.
Lamont, who has also accepted a senior management role with Omnilab Media, said, “This acquisition is about giving the advertising and publishing industries the best management and delivery solutions possible. We are maximising Omnilab’s strengths and leveraging Websend’s depth of prepress expertise, R&D and unrivalled client support, and we are not stopping there. Just around the corner are significant announcements regarding our future offerings in media planning and booking, ad creation, pre-flighting, and automated workflows. What we offer will change the way TV, radio and print ads are created and managed.”
Says Omnilab Media’s Group Business Development Manager Grant Schuetrumpf: “Existing legacy systems and old costing models are no longer relevant. We’re presenting a solution that caters for all clients’ specific production needs, never restricting workflow to just display advertising validation and delivery. We believe we can do this with greater cost efficiency than any other competitor”.
Concludes Mapp: “Omnilab Media is the only organisation in Australia and New Zealand that truly offers a full media-content management solution from creation through to final delivery. For anyone involved in creating and managing TV, radio, print or online ads, Omnilab is the only efficient, nimble and independent choice.”


Blogger David said...

Lynchy, this is the wrong place to post this but there was a discussion about lack of women in creative departments.

these girls want to do something about it

here's their facebook link


and their site is


2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if they want to do something about it, they should have a site where you don't have to be be a member and log in before you can read about their cause. I'm interested, but not that much.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This seems like a very interesting and progressive media option. However, the article is all babble -- what is on offer and how do we find out more? specifics please...

11:07 AM  

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