Friday, June 22, 2007


Paul Yole, General Manager, Gatecrasher, Perth reports exclusively for Campaign Brief...

Tuesday – Day Two

When somebody mentions the Cannes Lions the first thing that comes to mind is of course the creative awards, which is hardly surprising since there are over 25,000 entries. It is very much the best work in the world, but more of that next time.
Another side of Cannes (by the way, it is NOT pronounced ‘Carn’, it's 'Can') is the opportunity to meet people and talk about our industry. For a suit like me such ‘networking’ is invaluable but more to the point here is that it can be very inspirational.
Last night I spoke to several eminent creative directors, the Regional Director of a top photo library, a TV producer from London, the chairman of the radio jury, an Irish planner from Singapore and a music guy from Germany who happens to live just down the road from I used to live in Westphalia. Eine kleine world indeed.
Earlier on Fairfax had a party for all us Aussie delegates and I caught up with, among others, Matt Eastwood and Warren Brown. Good onya Fairfax, it was bloody beaut.
I also saw an old school mate who is in the design and digital world so who knows we may even be able to do some work together. His office in California certainly has some appeal for our next meeting.
All of this helps to enrich the experience of Cannes and open the mind to new possibilities. As it says on the conference bag, “the more things you see, the more ideas you have”.
After last night I now know a lot more about our business and I’m sure that if I hadn’t stayed up until 5am I may have remembered even more of it.
Yes, it is true what they say about the partying but hey, we are a long way from home and we need to relax.
Tonight is the awards ceremony for radio, outdoor and media Lions. Some good Aussie chances, Asia is doing great and so too are Argentina and Brazil. After the awards there is the official opening gala on the beach.
It may be another late night so I had better get some rest.


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