Monday, February 05, 2007


After two, successful years, and in a move designed to further strengthen the TV commercial production industry’s support of AWARD, The Kodak Gongs organizing committee and AWARD have agreed to merge resources.
The agreement will ensure maximum effort is applied to create a single, more powerful and effective regional organization. As a result, The Kodak Gongs will be discontinued and AWARD will embrace and build upon the Gongs intended charter.
“The Kodak Gongs were developed at a time when the general view in the advertising and production industry was that the bar needed to be lifted in relation to the quality of award shows for Film and TV. The organizing committee is extremely proud of the enormous respect the Kodak Gongs achieved, both locally and internationally, and in particular for its standards and depth in craft,” said Richard White-Smith (below), co-chairman of the Kodak Gongs.
Throughout recent review meetings, the Kodak Gongs committee agreed that the creative and regional objectives were well aligned with AWARD, and rather than persist with a competitive program, it made more sense to work collaboratively toward the common goal of a superior outcome for the industry. The committee discussed the recommendation with naming rights sponsor, Kodak who fully understood the reasoning behind the move.
Following an approach by the committee to AWARD, the two organizations quickly realized the benefits in working together and have since discussed some exciting initiatives.
“Whilst it is rather sad to relinquish the successful Kodak Gongs brand,” comments White-Smith “we are confident that we can preserve its charter of promoting excellence and education under the new arrangements”.
The move has the full endorsement of AWARD co-chairmen Paul Prince and Philip Putnam (pictured). Says Prince:: “It just makes sense. Both shows had the same objectives: to showcase and educate the best of our region. The Gongs also recognized the changing medians that deal with moving images and we at AWARD will continue to work with our industry and clients to recognize the changing crafts within our business”.
Putnam also embraced the merge, considering it a positive move for the industry: “This is a lovely surprise”, says Putnam. “This is not only a terrific boost for AWARD, but for all those associated with the moving image. With their involvement, we can develop our educational programmes."
“AWARD looks forward to working with the former Gongs committee to co-ordinate a productive and beneficial assimilation,” adds Lucy McKee, General Manager of AWARD.
White-Smith acknowledged the contribution of all The Gongs sponsors: "Particularly Kodak, The Lab, Panavision, Song Zu, Frame Set and Match and AAV Regency, who were all incredibly supportive of the concept. "
The Gongs committee included: Richard White-Smith (Euro RSCG), Mike Vanderfield (8 Commercials), Peter Cudlipp (Sydney Film Company), Matt Long (Goodoil), Michael Ritchie (Revolver Film), Emma Daines (Fin Design), Michael Cook (The Feds) and Loewn Steel (


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1 less hangover each year.

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Unlike the Gongs sadly AWARD does not allow Government ads to be entered under the craft Category, why is this ?

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