Thursday, August 31, 2006


She’s one of the world’s most recognised women – an international icon of style and beauty and this month she becomes the face of one of Australia’s most recognised brands – Streets Magnum Ice Cream.
Over the past decade Elizabeth Hurley’s red carpet appearances have made the pages of popular magazines in every country. She has starred opposite Mike Myers in Austin Powers, had the longest running cosmetic contract of all time with Estee Lauder and owns a successful Beachwear company, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.
Streets Marketing Director, Mark Fryday, said identifying Elizabeth as the face of Magnum in Australia was an easy task.
“Elizabeth Hurley is an icon of style, sensuality and elegance and as such is a great ambassador for Streets Magnum Ice Cream.
“Streets Magnum Ice Cream is a much-loved brand amongst Australians - one of the top ten brands in the country – and a vital part of the ice cream market in Australia. It was a natural step to bring Elizabeth and Streets Magnum Ice Cream together for this latest campaign,” said Mr. Fryday.
Starring in a new television commercial and appearing on outdoor advertising and in-store posters in thousands of convenience and grocery stores across the country, Elizabeth will tempt ice cream lovers to enjoy a Streets Magnum Ice Cream the next time they decide to treat themselves to an ice-cream.
“We lead such busy lives and taking time out for ourselves has become almost ‘sacred’ territory. As such we’re seeing a real trend towards people ‘trading up’ to something premium and indulgent as a sense of reward for themselves.
“Streets Magnum is the market leader in Indulgent ice cream with a 64% share of the Australian Out of Home market and generating $66 million in sales. We believe this new campaign with Elizabeth Hurley will take Streets Magnum Ice Cream to a whole new level,” said Mr. Fryday.
The television commercial featuring Elizabeth Hurley, which was filmed in Turkey, will hit television screens from September.


Leo Burnett, Melbourne has put to air a new spot for Nintendo product, Brain Training, titled 'Marbles'

Client: Nintendo DS
Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
Creative Director: Jason Williams
Copywriter: Brendan Greaney
Art Director: David Ponce de Leon
Director: Rubidium
Producer: Nik Round
DoP: Katie Milwright


BMF Sydney presented this wider Tsunami Wave Billboard concept (bottom)to Medecin Sans Frontiers back in February this year, which can be verified by Emerald City Design, who were handed the BMF idea to produce. However, Clemenger BBDO, Wellington presented to their client, Civil Defence, in October, 2005. Says Clemenger Wellington's Dan Moth: "We first presented this idea to client as part of a successful pitch on the 28th of October, 2005. Here is the actual image (top) that was presented on this date."


Dan Moth and Scott Henderson from Clemenger BBDO, Wellington were surprised to see the the tsunami billboard done by BMF for Medicine Sans Frontiers (below) on the CB Blog.
Says the pair: "It caused a few ripples over here because it is exactly the same as an idea we had already run, which appeared on the 5th of June and ran until the 21st of July.
"Our billboard was part of a big, national campaign for Civil Defence, the government agency charged with preparing people for disasters. The entire campaign incorporated outdoor, press, radio, online and a suite of five TV commercials. Here is the billboard we produced (top)."

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


BMF has launched a 19-metre high outdoor poster of a gigantic wave in Sydney for charity client Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Australia, working closely with outdoor specialist Amity Media.
With the effects of the Boxing Day Tsunami and also the Java tsunami still in the mind, the breathtaking scale of the eight-storey wave drives the point home that disasters can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.
Located on a construction site opposite the Coke sign in Kings Cross, it is one of the most ambitious outdoor projects to hit the streets of Sydney since the Olympics and it represents a spectacular example of the outdoor medium.
“Great outdoor has the power to stop you in your tracks and the dramatic impact of a 19-metre wave coming right at you in the street is just awesome,” said BMF Executive Creative Director Warren Brown.
The giant wave poster is designed to draw attention to the suffering that results from ongoing disasters and conflicts that occur throughout the world, but without the same blaze of publicity that the Boxing Bay Tsunami attracted.
“This is the core message of the poster,” explains MSF Australia’s Executive Director Philippe Couturier. “The Boxing Day Tsunami was a high impact event around the world and Australians responded very generously. But the unfortunate reality is that there are equivalent events to the Tsunami happening all the time that don’t get anything like the same publicity and financial support.”
MSF is the world’s leading independent humanitarian and medical aid organization. Each year some 3,000 volunteer doctors, nurses and support staff (including about 140 from Australia) work in almost 80 trouble spots around the world dealing with medical emergencies caused by disasters, both natural and man-made - including epidemics, famine, and civil war. MSF relies on private donations and can only perform this vital work with public support.
“The public is terrific at donating once highly-publicised disasters take place,” Couturier added, referring once again to the Tsunami’s aftermath, “but speed of response is a critical factor in dealing with any major crisis. For MSF to be able to place medical resources quickly on the scene, we need donations before disasters strike, hence our Field Partner program for regular giving.”
Ian Robinson, Director of Amity Media, said “We are extremely pleased to have delivered this Mega Banner on behalf of MSF, it is a phenomenal example of the power of this product. Our business is about transforming the unsightly corners of the cityscape into vibrant canvasses of artwork and there could not be a better location than a construction site in Kings Cross. We hope to build on this work with the City of Sydney and add further visual improvements to the streetscape by temporarily brightening up unsightly scaffolds in appropriate locations and in accordance with the objectives of the City, as is already taking place in Brisbane.”
Adds Warren Brown: “This poster was made possible through the collaboration of a great team including our creative, account management and production people along with retouchers, media people, printers and the Sydney City Council. BMF has supported MSF for over nine years and it is terrific to see so many talented people coming together to create something special for such a worthwhile cause. I really want to extend our heartfelt thanks to them all.”
Those who should be acknowledged include BMF, Amity Media, the Sydney City Council, Cave, Mothersole Construction, Erect Safe Scaffolding, Omnigraphics, Skyworker, Connell Wagner.

Executive Creative Director: Warren Brown
Art Director: Justus Von Engelhardt
Copywriter: Michael Canning
Account Management: Lorna Parry
Media Company: Ian Robinson - Amity Media
Retoucher: Marcus Thyer – Cave
Client: Philippe Couturier, MSF


Any great Creative is a great planner.The most important part of a big idea is the thought behind it: a new and original way of linking that product/benefit to the audience. That's the clever bit. Obviously some Creatives do it better than others, hence the fact that not all Creatives do great work. But you'll find that those who do are insightful strategic thinkers as well as Copywriters, Art Directors or both. (I.e., Dave Droga; Leo Premutico; Ben Nott; Matthew Keon - just to name a few examples from Australia, although sadly they're all now working anywhere but Australia.)
When the process of generating great creative work is broken down into a segmented production line - and the strategic creative thought is generated by the Planning Department (often with the help of Account Service) - you'll never get the best work from a great Creative, because you're robbing them of the most important part of their job: new, original thinking. When Creatives are reduced to being just Copywriters and/or Art Directors this industry is going to lose all its great Creative thinkers - because for these people, craft will never be enough. They'll either end up finding real opportunities to use their talent overseas; or they'll leave the industry to write and direct films, write books, invent products etc - they'll continue to look for ways of integrating their passion for original creative thinking with their ability to craft and shape an idea.
So let's think about what we're doing to the role of the Creative while we're defining the role of the Planner. Because the current debate about the role of Planning in Australia suggests that it's the Planner who should come up with the 'big idea', leaving it to the Creatives to just find the execution, write the copy direct the artwork. Therefore, either our Planners need to top AWARD School; or we need to allow Creatives to develop the creative thinking that links the product/benefit to the audience and, subsequently, generate the big idea.
One effective way of working could be to have great Planners (who know the product and the audience) working collaboratively with great Creatives (who solve problems with new ideas) to find original ways of communicating the product/benefit to the audience?
Or alternatively, perhaps we should combine the two departments into a Strategic Creative Department whereby everyone's responsible for understanding the product/audience, innovative strategic thinking, great creative craftsmanship and selling the idea.
But breaking the process down into a production line of unfulfilling, non-creative pigeonholes isn't the answer. If we take the ability to think away from the Creative Department, this industry is going to continue to lose its best talent to other markets or other vocations.


Publicis Mojo, Sydney has created an integrated marketing campaign to launch the new Toyota Camry. The campaign features a 1 x 15 second TVC for the pre-launch and 3 x 30 second and 4 x 15 second TVCs for the launch, as well as covering press, print, outdoor, and direct media.
The launch concept is derived from the Toyota Camry's intuitive technology, which allows the Camry to assess driving conditions and react to them, literally reading the road. This idea was expressed visually as a world made up out of three-dimensional words, each word taking on the characteristics of the object it represents. Metallic word cars weave through the city streets, dwarfed by towering word buildings. Word clouds form above the city and word leaves and twirl to the tarmac. And all the while the Toyota Camry glides effortlessly through the maze of words.

Regional ECD: Darren Spiller
Copywriters: Steve Jackson, Alex Derwin and Mike Burdick
Head of Art: Simon Cox
Art Director: Russell Heubach
Agency Producer: Nigel Kenneally
Directors: Jonathan Notaro and Jens Gehlhaar
Production Company: Brand New School New York
Post Production: Brand New School New York
Animation Directors: Jonathan Notaro and Dickson Chow
Print Production: Greg Tearne
Photographer: Ian Butterworth
Art Buyer: Alison Dunlop
Account Team: Susan Coghill and Amanda Wheeler
15 Second TVC 3D Animation: Fire Horse Studio (Scotty Wilcox)


What's The Matter, by director Lee Rogers, best known for his feature Dust Off The Wings and his award-winning commercials and music videos, will have its world premiere at the competitive Los Angeles International Short Film Festival (LA Shorts Fest) held from September 5 – 14 in Hollywood.
LA Shorts Fest is the largest short film festival in the world. In past years, 23 participating films have earned Academy Award nominations, with seven filmmakers taking home the Oscar.
What's The Matter is 15 minutes long and shot on 35mm. It is written and directed by Lee and produced by Lee with Naomi Cleaver. It stars Cameron Knight, best known for his hostings on The Comedy Channel, and actors Helmut Bakaitis (Matrix Trilogy) and Louise Siversen (Evil Angels, Prisoner). It also features the voice of Today Tonight host Naomi Robson.
The film is a black comedy about a young man who becomes chemically convinced that suicide is the path to spiritual freedom.
“I'm fascinated by man's apparent need for spiritual understanding. I wanted to make a film that delved into the spiritual realm of life and highlighted how limited the Western approach is to matters of the body, mind and spirit,” Lee says.
The key crew are all highly awarded artists in their respective fields – they are Tim Hudson (DoP), Lance Davis (Production Design), Michael Houlahan (Editor), Jason Murphy (Sound Design) and Blair Jocelyne and Richard Pleasance (Music).
Lee says the film owes its successful completion to the cast, crew and sponsors who generously donated their time, talent, equipment and facilities: “Mrppp, GAS, Digital Pictures, Panavision, Cinevex, Kodak and Nick Hamon Casting."
Throughout the 90’s, Lee was one of Australia’s top TVC and music video directors. His 1996 debut feature Dust Off The Wings, starring his wife - iconic Australian singer, songwriter, actor and multiple ARIA winner Kate Ceberano - has become a cult classic and resulted in Lee being snapped up by the same US agent at William Morris who guided the careers of James Cameron and Tim Burton.
In 2000, Rogers took time off from directing commercials to collaborate with Kate by directing her music videos, executive producing her albums, filming her exploits in the US and the grand production of their daughter Gypsy Rogers.
Rejuvenated after the break from advertising, Rogers has leapt back to the A-list of TVC directors in Australia and Asia, directing high profile campaigns for the likes of Bonds (Sarah O’Hare and Pat Rafter), Myer (Carson Kressley), Pantene (Sarah Wynter), Hammer Reef Rum (Shane Webcke) and 1800 Reverse (holly valance). He’s currently in post production on Westfield’s massive summer campaign via McMann & Tate, Sydney which comprises of 5 X 90 second and 5 x 30 second commercials and goes to air Sept 3.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Derek Green, joint CD of Saatchi & Saatchi, Geneva, spotted this billboard in Beirut, proving that not everyone has lost their sense of humour....


Matt Kemsley, the highly acclaimed and awarded BBH London creative, is joining Whybin TBWA, Sydney as deputy CD at the beginning of October.
Kemsley got his first break at BBH in 1989, where he became Head of Type two years later, where he worked on some of their most famous campaigns including Levis, Audi, Haagen Daz and Boddingtons.
Kemsley is no stranger to the corridors of Whybin TBWA. After a brief stint at The Campaign Palace in Auckland, he became a founding member of Whybin TBWA Auckland in 1996, taking over the reins of Creative Director in 1998.
During his tenure, he produced work across all of their accounts, including Nike, TVNZ, The Auckland Warriors, The New Zealand Herald and of course, his famous ASB campaign, featuring 'Ira Goldstein', which is still running today.
In 2000, Kemsley returned to the UK and to BBH, joining the board and becoming Head of Design. Over the past six years, he has written and art directed many campaigns including those for Lynx Pulse, Vodaphone, Robinsons Juices, Smirnoff and Castlmaine XXXX.
He arrives hot footed from Sao Paulo, where he has just completed shooting a global campaign for the launch of the new Lynx Axe fragrance.
Kemsley takes up his role as Deputy CD at the beginning of October. Says Kemsley: "I'm joining or rather rejoining Whybins at a really exciting time, the new management team really seem to be getting some momentum happening and I'm thrilled to be part of their vision of the future. As well as that, they have a client list most agencies would kill for and I can't wait to roll my sleeves up and get on with job."
Says Sydney CD Garry Horner: "You've only got to thumb through any D&AD annual over the last 10 years to appreciate Matt's ability. That and the fact he's a really great bloke means that everyone here is really looking forward to his arrival."
Scott Whybin, Chairman and ECD added: "I think the world of Matt Kemsley. I worked with him as my Art Director on the original ASB campaign in NZ, so I know first hand his talents. He's the real deal. 8 Years BBH, 7 Years Whybin TBWA, 6 Years BBH. And now back to us again. Our Sydney office couldn't have anyone better, he's world class. And as a Deputy CD to Garry Horner, it's what I've always wanted in Sydney."


The entire advertising and TVC production industry is gearing up for the 2nd annual Kodak Gongs 2006 AWARDS PRESENTATION & PARTY, which will be held Friday 8th September at the Capitol Theatre, 13 Campbell Street, Sydney from 7pm.
The 2006 Presentation and Industry Party is an annual not-for-profit awards event set up to recognise and reward the Asia Pacific Region’s most talented creative people and companies involved in the ideas and the craft of commercial moving images. The Presentation will reveal the Best of the Best winners, culminating in the 2006 Best of Show.
The format of this mega black tie night will be a swift presentation to be held in the grand Capitol Theatre, to be followed by “The Party of the Year”, a celebration of all winners and finalists alike. The party will extend on into the night at the official after party to be held at the Mandarin Club from 12am.
The Kodak Gongs has been developed after an extensive review of every local and overseas awards event. As a result it has a number of unique features. For the first time media use is not the key criteria. Only in The Kodak Gongs will a piece of work developed for viral, web, television, cinema or any other emerging delivery platform be judged on the same basis. The Kodak Gongs have been designed to recognise the current and future competitive basis of our industry.
This is unapologetically a celebration of excellence in ideas and craft,
The world-class panel of 83 regional and international judges included industry notables such as Warren Brown, BMF Australia, Prasoon Joshi, McCann Erickson India, Rob Belgiovane, BWM Australia, Thirasak Tanapatankul, Creative Juice/G1 Thailand, Al Mosley, Weiden + Kennedy, The Netherlands and John Merrifield, TBWA Tokyo.
Out of the 681 entries received, the 130 finalists competing for next Friday’s awards can be viewed online at:
For more information and to view the 88 finalists visit or for bookings call Alice at Two de Force on: (02) 9281 8788. Tickets are $220+gst.

Kodak Gongs Sponsors
Naming Rights Partner: Kodak
Major Partners: the LaB sydney & AAV Regency
Partners: Adstream, Atlab, Autodesk, Cutting Edge, FSM, Generator Interactive, Panavision, Song Zu and Vividas
Sponsors: Australian Creative/AdNews, Avid Australia, Campaign Brief, Campaign Brief Asia, Fin Design + Effects, Odd Studios, Postmodern Sydney, MRPP & The Feds


Aussie expat, Cameron Blackley (son of David), who is currently a senior art director at Publicis London, is set to join Droga 5 in New York as a senior Art Director in October. His writer partner, fellow Aussie expat Andrew Petch, is staying with Publicis.
Blackley told CB from London: "My wife Zorrica and I were thinking about coming home (to Oz) when the Droga 5 call came. Why? It's a no brainer. I've done a couple of projects with Droga and Duncan over the last couple of years including designing their corporate I.D. and I guess they thought I'd fit in and vice-versa. The wife and I flew over to see the new premises on Broadway, had a chat and that was it. It's an incredible opportunity to be in on the beginnings of something as exciting as Droga 5 and I'm looking forward to working on a broad range of traditional and non traditional advertising projects. And to eat a lot of pretzels."

Monday, August 28, 2006


Queenstown, get ready, here we come. A stellar speaker line-up has now been confirmed for the 2006 Caxton Weekend Seminar, the first trans-Tasman Caxton, which will be held at Millbrook Resort, Queenstown, New Zealand from 22-24 September.
The international guest speaker this year is Alan Russell, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Canada (pictured top left).
Originally from Manchester, England, Alan moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1979 to join Baker Lovick BBDO as a Senior Writer/Associate C.D.
Six years later, he became ACD at Palmer Jarvis, (now DDB Canada), where many of his campaigns helped establish the agency as the creative force it is today.
Alan was Strategy Magazine’s top-ranked copywriter for five consecutive years, #1 Creative Director for two years and in 2003 was named in Advertising Age’s List of Top 10 Creatives.
He has been a juror at Cannes, Clios and New York Art Directors Club, while his tally of awards includes Cannes Lions, One Show pencils, C.A., Clios , ANDYs and London International.
Outside of advertising, his interests include travel, hiking, theatre, Indian curries, music, Kilkenny beer and, foolishly, still attempting to play senior men’s soccer.

Alan Russell, Creative Director, DDB Canada (International Guest Speaker)
Mike O’Sullivan, Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Rob Belgiovane, Executive Creative Director, BWM
Sean Cummins, Creative Director, Cummins and Partners
Vaughn Davis, Creative Director Retail, Y&R Auckland
Tony Hale, CEO, Newspaper Works
Darryl Parsons, Copywriter, Consortium New Zealand
Colin Wilson-Brown, Principal, The Clinic
Peter Evans, Marketing Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
Paul MacIntyre, Marketing Editor, Sydney Morning Herald (Facilitator)

Places are filling fast, so to guarantee your place at Caxton 2006, contact Alice Harrington on 61 2 9281 8788 or email


One change AWARD has made recently is to include Planners on the credits list of work that will appear in the 2007 AWARD Book, and extend Gold membership eligibility to any Planners that do so. In addition, Planners who have been involved with any work that has been accepted in any AWARD Annual since 1979 (as long as AWARD can verify that!) are also eligible for Gold membership.
If you are a Planner and wish to join AWARD, contact and Lynchy will add your name to the AWARD New Members' List on the CB Blog, and pass your details on to AWARD.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


A note for the CB Blog from Andy Lish, who created the "Australia in a different light" campaign for the Australian Tourist Commission via Whybin TBWA, Sydney:

The reason I emailed is to point out how ironic it is that M&C Saatchi blasted my campaign and yet, (as I'm sure you read in Thursday's Media section in the Australian) the "bloody Hell" campaign has proved to be a huge flop in the key Asian market. Asia makes up a large percentage of tourist numbers to Australia. The China market, in which the campaign also flopped and failed to increase numbers (in fact lost way) is the biggest single emerging market. All those cashed up Chinese Bogans.
I feel it would be fair and nicely naughty to compare the current performance of their campaign with the results for the same period whilst my campaign was running. The figures wont lie.
This way, the nay sayers and jealous competitors-hell-bent-on-mischief will have to eat plenty of humble pie.
Fondest regards always.

Friday, August 25, 2006


It only made number five in the AFA Best of Melbourne list.
But it's heaps better than Barry Hall Hall.
It's "Up There Cazaly" and I've managed to track down the full two and
a half minute version.
I've posted it on my blog here:

Trust the Poms to be the only ones to truly capture the essence of our
home grown game.Stanley Johnson

Thursday, August 24, 2006


AWARD has set a target of a record 500 strong membership before Christmas after the success of the mid-year membership drive conducted while the organisation was becoming independent of its management company.
Nearly 200 members were added during this period, doubling the membership, which had dropped to a record low. The goal now is to add at least 100 new members (or bring lapsed members back into the fold!) before Christmas to reach the magic 500 mark, which would be an all-time record membership. It would give the non-profit organisation the solid base of support it needs to fight its good fight into the future - and the means to give back to members incredible value for their membership.

We will be compiling a running list of new members right here on the CB Blog until the 500 target is reached. So if you want to join the top creative club in the region, email and Lynchy will put your name on the list and pass your details on to AWARD.

In a joint statement, AWARD co-Chairmen Paul Prince and Phil Putnam puts the case for joining AWARD now: "Some years ago we publicised the awards night by pointing out winning might materially advance your career. Crass, maybe, but to the point. We could have also mentioned AWARD School, AWARD Craft and CopySchool. Yet the number of people we’ve helped, and we hope you’re one, aren’t fully reflected in our membership figures. As a non-profit organisation we rely on the goodwill and support of our sponsors and members to keep us going. If your membership has lapsed, or you’re new to the industry, please help support AWARD by joining. Your membership fee gets you the current AWARD annual, free entry to two AWARD/Campaign Brief lunches (for Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland members), a VIP Invitation to the Judges’ Cocktail Party and member’s rates for the annual dinner and other activities. And a nice warm feeling. Now AWARD is independent we can do even more for the industry, and our members, and need and welcome your input and suggestions. Please join us, if only because the fee is tax deductible."

The committee have agreed that a three-tiered membership structure, Bronze, Silver and Gold, will be the best way to achieve this desired growth.

Gold Members:
To include all of the "full members" of the Association as at 8 July 2003
To also include ANYONE that has appeared in the credits for finalists or winning works in any AWARD Annual
Are entitled to price discounts on all AWARD events and products
Have voting rights at a members meeting
Are entitled to a copy of the AWARD Annual as part of their annual subscription

Silver Members:
Are people not entitled to be a Gold Member or Bronze Member ie have not appeared in the AWARD Annual or are not a student
Are entitled to price discounts on all AWARD events and products
Have no voting rights at a member¹s meeting
Are entitled to a copy of the AWARD Annual as part of their annual subscription.

Bronze Members:
Are Students in advertising, design & communications
Are entitled to price discounts on all AWARD events and products
Have no voting rights at a member¹s meeting
Have no judging rights
Are not entitled to a copy of the AWARD Annual as part of their annual subscription


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I never read the blog as I am too thin-skinned. However Lynchy has pointed out a couple of misconceptions that might need clearing up so I will send this to him to paste.
Firstly, the Chairmen of the individual juries do not vote.
In fact, if all goes well they'll do very little at all. They are there to answer any questions, ensure that the proceedings are fair, and that AWARD protocol be followed. If any fights break out they are instructed to referee without placing their personal safety at risk.
Secondly, I was instructed by the committee to avoid having all the same old faces on the Print and TV panels as well as to bolster up the importance of the 'None of The Above' category. Consequently some particularly old faces have been shifted towards 'None of the Above'. There was a lot of controversy around the Titanium judging at Cannes, and as this is our closest equivalent I asked that I should chair that particular jury to try and head off a similar rumpus.
In case anyone missed the first paragraph, as jury chairman, I will not be voting.
I hope that clears things up. Now get back to slagging each other off.


Publicis Mojo' Christy Peacock has changed roles today to Senior Regional Resource. Formally CD of Mojo's Melbourne office, Peacock's new position now allows him to work on the agency group's high profile projects throughout the region.
Says Darren Spiller, Regional Executive Creative Director of Publicis Mojo: "The constraints and responsibilities of being CD on the ground has previously restricted Christy from working on key projects. Now in this new role he can spend more time crafting his own work. In turn the agency will get more out of him as a senior resource across a lot more of its business."


Australian based production and production services company Prodigy Films today announced the opening of its New York office. The company’s full roster of directors is represented through the North American operation, the company’s fourth office but first outside of Australia and New Zealand.
Headed by New Zealand born Executive Producer, Ms Nic Barnes, Prodigy’s New York presence plans to bring a fresh approach to production to US advertising agencies. In particular, Prodigy does not plan to use a network of reps; rather Ms Barnes will be directly responsible for meeting and developing relationships with the agencies.
“At Prodigy, we believe US agencies will appreciate dealing directly with the Executive Producer because of the familiarity with the directors an EP has,” Ms Barnes said. “By eliminating an intermediary between agency and Director, we hope agencies will benefit from a more timely and transparent level of service from the production company. This foundation is established during the pre-bid stage and stands us all in good stead right through the entire production process”.
Ms Barnes added: “Prodigy has always been about doing things a little differently. So much of production is based on precedent but with increasing global competition and corporates driving marketing budgets down, we all need to ask whether the old ways will work in this new world”.
Company owner and Sydney based Executive Producer, Jonathan Samway, is a firm believer in what he terms ‘zero geography’. “The last 6 years have really seen clients and agencies understand that production is a global industry. Early in my career, taking a production to a different country was exotic and only reserved for multi-million dollar campaigns. Now, with the developments in communications technology and increasing sophistication of lower cost countries, the size of the shoot is irrelevant, it’s more about where in the world does it make economic sense to get the job done. Luckily for us, Australia and New Zealand offer great value to northern hemisphere advertisers and we look forward to helping US clients and agencies with this through our New York office”, he said.
Prodigy currently has a roster of 10 directors including short film festival and Cannes Lion winner Tim Bullock, drama specialist Brendan Donovan and much awarded visual design experts Tina Bull and James Hackett. The company plans to add to this roster, seeking US based Directors looking for representation outside of the US. Also, while not in a position to make an announcement at the moment, Prodigy expects to make public the new of signing some “name” directors shortly.


J. Boag and Son is building upon the momentum of their ‘Gallantry’ campaign with the latest instalment created by AJF Partnership, Melbourne and directed by Tim Bullock of Prodigy Films.
The spot features a young man who meets an attractive woman on a plane who is clearly out of his league. The character defines gallantry by going to the extreme of giving up five years of his life to study aeronautical engineering just so that he can offer the woman a view out the front window of the plane rather than just the side window.
Says Tim Bullock of Prodigy Films: “It was just the sort of commercial I was itching to work on… a campaign with a bit of scale and scope for fun production design. We drew upon influences as broad as Get Smart, James Bond, Wes Anderson and Spies Like Us.”

Agency: AJF Partnership, Melbourne
Creatives: George Freckleton and Glenn Dalton
Director: Tim Bullock
Producer: Tracy Proposch
Production Company: Prodigy Films
Post Production Illoura


Queenstown, get ready, here we come. A stellar speaker line-up has now been confirmed for the 2006 Caxton Weekend Seminar, the first trans-Tasman Caxton, which will be held at Millbrook Resort, Queenstown, New Zealand from 22-24 September.

Alan Russell, Creative Director, DDB Canada (International Guest Speaker)
Mike O’Sullivan, Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Rob Belgiovane, Executive Creative Director, BWM
Sean Cummins, Creative Director, Cummins and Partners
Vaughn Davis, Creative Director Retail, Y&R Auckland
Tony Hale, CEO, Newspaper Works
Darryl Parsons, Copywriter, Consortium New Zealand
Colin Wilson-Brown, Principal, The Clinic
Peter Evans, Marketing Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
Paul MacIntyre, Marketing Editor, Sydney Morning Herald (Facilitator)

Places are filling fast, so to guarantee your place at Caxton 2006, contact Alice Harrington on 61 2 9281 8788 or email


Josh Moore (above), who has been Head of Art at Lowe Auckland for the past nine months, has been appointed creative director, replacing Sion Scott-Wilson (below), who has left to "finish writing a book and pursue other business interests".
Moore is ranked 6th in the current Creative Rankings League Table for Australasia published by Campaign Brief and is a founding member of the innovative CAANZ group ‘The Kitchen Table’.
Says Lowe Auckland CEO, Stephen Pearson: "We have made a number of major key hires in the past 12 months. These include Jenny Stiles as Head of Planning, Cameron Harland as Lowe GM, and Jackie Clark as Head of TV production. Hiring Josh Moore as Head of Art along with his creative partner James Hurman has also been a key part of this overall Lowe re-invention. Putting a brilliant young leader in charge of the creative department is a sign of confidence in his talent and our desire to have Lowe creatively prominent in the market.
"Sion Scott-Wilson, who has been creative director for the past 18 months, has done good work in leading the Lowe creative product. He has decided to make a change so he can finish writing a book and pursue other business interests. We wish him well in making that shift.”
Before Lowe, Moore did senior creative stints at Saatchi and Publicis Mojo. Scott-Wilson was formerly CD of Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore and before that deputy CD at Leo Burnett, Sydney.


One Club Publishing and Duffy & Partners announce the release of a new book, Brand Apart, written and designed by Joe Duffy, that features interviews with and work from the creators of eleven successful brands, including MINI, Citibank, Nike, Harley-Davidson and Starbucks. The book offers a behind-the-scenes view that will leave readers, as it left Duffy, inspired by what is possible when the highest levels of collaboration and creativity are aligned.
“To say this book was a labor of love is an understatement,” said Joe Duffy, chairman of Duffy & Partners. “Three years ago we embarked on a journey to talk to the clients and creators of some of the most provocative and innovative brand marketing efforts around the world.
“What we learned are the secrets of making a brand stand apart in this incredibly cluttered marketplace where consumers have more options to tune out than ever before. Each of these cases demonstrates what can be accomplished when new levels of creativity and collaboration are put front and center in the best interests of the brand.”
Brand Apart comes at a time of immense change in marketing and advertising, when clients and agencies alike are questioning the effectiveness of traditional methods to reach and engage consumers. Duffy learned that quality is far more important than quantity and strong partnerships between clients and agencies are key to generating strategies that result in some of today’s most admired brands.
As Duffy states in the introduction, “Let the contents of this book serve as proof of the extraordinary impression that seamless marketing communication has on our audience, our culture, our industry, and on the business of our clients. Great work and great results are inextricably linked. And any brand created with this rule in mind will live to be a truly exceptional brand.”
The lavishly-designed hardcover book, equal parts design piece and marketing manual, is published by The One Club, which also produces the bestselling One Show Annual and One Show Interactive.
“We’re extraordinarily proud of Brand Apart and the tremendous effort that Joe and his team at Duffy & Partners made to bring it to life,” said Mary Warlick, One Club executive director. “The celebration of creativity in marketing is what the One Club has always stood for and our first foray into publishing truly highlights the best of the best. Everyone charged with creating strong brands will benefit from reading Brand Apart.”
Brand Apart reads as a who’s who of the marketing world. Contributors include, among others, Alex Bogusky, creative director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky; John Jay, partner/executive creative director and Dan Wieden, president, both of Wieden + Kennedy; Anne MacDonald, managing director of global marketing, Citigroup; Paula Scher, principal, Pentagram; Paul Smith, designer/founder, Paul Smith; and Steve Smith, founder, Tazo.
Brand Apart is being distributed by Rockport Publishers. Currently, it is available at the One Club Web site ( and at
The brands profiled in Brand Apart are: The Islands of the Bahamas, BMW Films, CITI, ESPN Winter X Games, Harley-Davidson, MINI, Nike, Paul Smith, Starbucks, Tazo, and Partnership for a Drug-Free America.


A new campaign via Clemenger BBDO Sydney tells the story of how Masterfoods and the Australian Pork Board came together for the first time to create 'Pork Choices'. The first execution announces the launch of Pork Choices at the 2006 Pork Summit, while the second execution tells the story of how Masterfoods and the Pork Board came together to develop the product.
The campaign as a whole is delivered in a tongue in cheek manner, in a quasi-governmental style.
Copywriter: Justine Armour
Art Director: Paul Sharp
TV producer: Wendy Gillies; Laura O’Connor
Account Planner: Russ Mitchinson
Director: Dogboys
Production Company: The Pound

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A controversial new campaign has been launched informing advertisers and media agencies that there’s more to the readers of The Sydney Morning Herald than they might have once thought.
The Creatures campaign, produced by Host and The Glue Society, showcases the interesting lifestyles and opinions that best define those people who read The Sydney Morning Herald.
The campaign showcases the lives of six ‘interesting creatures’, all of whom have very different lifestyles and opinions, yet read The Sydney Morning Herald because of the daily inspiration it feeds them. They personify the actual readership of the newspaper and the insight into their lives reveals that they’re a diverse and interesting group.
Work on the campaign began in late 2005 when readership figures confirmed that the audience of The Sydney Morning Herald, which had predominantly been categorised as an AB publication, spanned wider than this core. It was felt that Sydney Morning Herald readers were more completely defined by their opinions and attitudes as well as the traditional demographic measure. They read The Sydney Morning Herald because they enjoy the varied and intelligent content across its sections and magazines.
The dedicated, high profile brand campaign of 6 iconic Creatures, includes – Noteboom, Wilhelmina, Mifamwe, Finbaar, Persephone and Barnaby – with distinctive personalities, careers, and lifestyles. The campaign is aimed to engage its target audience of key media agencies and staff, with the thematic line:
All Kinds Of Interesting Creatures Read The Sydney Morning Herald.
“Our family of Creatures have been devised to create intrigue and engagement with our target audience in their working environment,” said Elizabeth Ross, Trade Marketing and Insights Director for Fairfax. “We will use the six exceptional Creatures especially developed for this campaign – who embody key reader demographics and attributes – to communicate the relationships, strengths and effectiveness of The Sydney Morning Herald with the most attractive audiences in greater Sydney.”
The creative team was excited by the challenge of getting a media savvy audience, with a strongly held opinion of The Sydney Morning Herald, to reappraise the paper. For such a task, an interesting and engaging campaign was essential.
The result is a strong media neutral idea that will run out across print, online and direct marketing.
The Creatures have a lively home in cyberspace:
The site is complete with profiles, their interests and passions, networking and blogs.
Ms Ross said the Creatures Campaign comprises extensive trade marketing activity including the packaging of sections of the paper with the Creatures to seed key messages, and print and online promotional activity. There will be print ands banner ads on the home page, and public relations awareness.
The production techniques have been a first for many on the international team that includes Jon Burgerman, the renowned UK based illustrator who designed the creatures; local retouching studio Cream, who developed the characters into their 3D form; and Thunderdog Studios in New York who are producing a line of collectible toys.
Host Managing Director, Anthony Freedman, said “With so many partners, a tight working team with a collaborative and flexible approach has been vital to the success of the campaign. Fairfax, Host and The Glue Society have worked closely as partners over the past year, to ensure that every element has met their joint creative, communication and business objectives.”
Says The Glue Society's ECD, Jonathan Kneebone: “In many respects, the readers of a newspaper create its brand personality. The Sydney Morning Herald is unique in Australia as it has a very active readership – people who don’t just sit there, but do things. We needed an idea which could bring the richness of our audience to life in a wholly engaging way.”
Adds art director, Pete Baker: “Creating a range of creatures reflecting the audience’s diversity and complexity without resorting to stereotype has been both fun and challenging. As new features and sections evolve so our range of creatures will broaden over time.”


The Australian Childhood Foundation, via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has put to air a tvc as part of a pro bono campaign to fight child abuse.
Clems group CD Emma Hill explains the rationale: "A donation appeal for child abuse is an incredibly difficult subject for an agency and a client.
How do you best tell the story?
Do you tell the absolute truth and shock people? It’s a powerful direction, but people seem to be almost immune to this now.
Do you make them laugh, use humour or fantasy, and really “like” your charity, then in turn, make them want to donate?
But then again, this isn’t a subject we felt comfortable treating lightly. It’s way too delicate.
So, we found ourselves somewhere in the middle.
Reality and fantasy.
What we set out to show was a terrifying situation. A situation that an abused child may regularly find themselves in, but we wanted to give it a very different twist.
We gave the child the power to stop the abuse.
A five year old with the super power to stop an adult entering his room at night.
It’s an impossible scenario.
But from that impossibility comes the power.
What if this could happen? What if you could help a child to have power like this?
We explain to the viewer that they can help, by donating. It’s an awesome message.
Add to that an incredible track, which we were honoured to have approved by Universal Music, The Cash Family Estate, producer Rick Rubin, and Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails – and we think this spot is thought provoking, powerful, and something we’re very proud of.
If we can help raise awareness and money, to protect and council these children, we have succeeded.
We hope you think so too."

Title: Superhero
Client: Australian Childhood Foundation
National Marketing Manager - Ruth Lancaster
Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Emma Hill - Creative Director
Cameron Hoelter - Associate Creative Director
Sevda Cemo - Agency Producer
Jonathon Isaacs - Account Service
Production Company: Exit Films
Mark Molloy - Director
Wilf Sweetland - Producer
Bob Humphries - DoP
Rohan Zerna - Editor
Post Production: digitalpictures
Martin Greer - Colourist
Eugene Richards - Online Editor
Kirsten Cortizo - Producer
Music Placement Agency: Level Two Music
Karl Richter - Music Director
Music Track
Johnny Cash's version of Trent Reznor’s ‘Hurt’ released by American Recordings. Master through Universal Music / Publishing - Mushroom.
The Cash Estate, Rick Rubin, Trent Reznor, Universal Music & Mushroom Publishing.
Risk Sound
James Ashton - Sound Engineer
Kath Momsen - Producer
Chris Goods – Sound Engineer
Clare Carmody – Producer

Special thanks to all of the talented people that contributed to this pro bono job, particularly Mark Molloy (Exit - Director) and Wilf Sweetland (Exit - Producer) for their tireless efforts in making this an extremely powerful piece.
Level Two music with their help in obtaining the track and Eugene Richards for beautifully finishing in the HD Smoke Suite at digitalpictures.


Ad legend Neil French is behind the World Press Awards, which are now accepting entries. The clip is a little viral film that is part of the site and the raison d'etre for the awards themselves... plus, French says, it contains the best piece of advice he has ever given.
The awards will be judged in Singapore and French has already lined up a dynamite judging panel, comprising five of the biggest creative names in the world.
Don’t miss the next issue of Campaign Brief for a detailed interview with French on the awards, but in the meantime go to for more information.


At the Advertising Federation of Australia’s Melbourne celebration, held at ACMI Federation Square on on Thursday evening, a 250 person audience of agencies and clients SMS-voted their all time ‘Best of the Best’ of Melbourne. A few great ads missed the Top 10 cut, the likes of CAMA 'Legendary Milkman', Dunlop 'Aircraft Carrier', Mercedes 'Crash', RSPCA 'All Creatures Great and Small', No Knickers 'Piano' and early Holeproof 'One Day you're gonna get caught with your pants down' ads.

1. Antz Pantz (1989) - Holeproof via The Campaign Palace
2. VB Original (1967) - Carlton & United Breweries via George Patterson
3. Run, Rabbit Run (2003) - Victorian Tourism via Publicis Mojo
4. Not Happy, Jan (2001) - Yellow Pages via Clemenger BBDO
5. Up there Cazaly (1980) - HSV7 via The Campaign Palace
6. The Big Ad (2005) - Foster’s Group via George Patterson Y&R
7. Goggomobil (1992) - Yellow Pages via George Patterson
8. Life. Be in it (1976) - Youth Sport & Recreation via Monahan Dayman Adams
9. Kombi (1994) - Transport Accident Commission via Grey Advertising
10. Happy Little Vegemites (1956) - Kraft Foods via J. Walter Thomson


Clemenger BBDO Sydney creatives Gary Dawson and Paul Cottrell have completed a multi-media campaign to launch a new Pepsi Max promotion. The promotion gives punters the chance to win 5k everyday or choose to race a greyhound with up to $100,000 up for grabs in the Pepsi Max Cup, to be held at Wentworth Greyhound Stadium in October.
The campaign launched yesterday (August 21) with a two and a half minute film to be sent virally, a first for Pepsi Australia. The film introduces viewers to the world of Strayhound racing, the dark underworld of greyhound racing. A place where mongrels and street-dogs face off in a battle to catch a remote controlled cat stuffed with cash.
Set in a disused factory, each ‘Strayhound’ is brought on by a seedy crew of trainers and introduced to the crowds. It is then that a rag tag looking bunch of characters in specially created dog suits are revealed. We see the Stray Twins from the UK, El Nino the fiery midget from Colombia, Smack-the feisty poodle from Asia, Bullet- the laid back loafer from Australia and Normous, the lanky, long haired bruiser from eastern Europe.
As ‘Pussy 1’ has cash stuffed up its backside our dogs take their places and the race is on! Set to beautiful, rousing opera, what follows is absolute mayhem as the ‘Strayhounds’ play dirty to get their hands on the cash. As dog takes on dog a brawl ensues as they battle it out in a no rules race to catch pussy.
Finally we are left wandering which one grabs the cash and the suggestion that it’s still out there. Viewers are then directed to where they uncover more about the world of ‘Strayhounds’. From here they can move up above ground and find out how they can race a real dog for up to $100,000 in the legal world of Greyhound racing.
A series of four TV commercials launches a week later, featuring one of the ‘Strayhounds’ at a Greyhound race. These commercials send viewers to ‘dollars or the’ where they can enter the competition as well as being able to go underground to the world of Strayhound Racing.
Art Director: Paul Cottrell
Copywriter: Gary Dawson
Director: Adam Stevens
Production Company: Robbers Dog
Producer: Mark Foster
Editor: Dan Lee (Karl Marx)
Agency Producers: Denise Mckeon, Wendy Gillies.

Monday, August 21, 2006


An Adelaide entrant has topped Australia's most prestigious creative course in the advertising industry. Michael Gagliardi was awarded top national student of the 2006 News Limited AWARD School.
After achieving the best result in Adelaide, Gagliardi then went on to receive the highest score amongst a competitive group of 183 creative minds throughout Australia.
The Adelaide AWARD School Graduation was held at Tin Cat Café last Thursday night. Greg Knagge, Creative Director of Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, presented the graduation certificates.
“This is an outstanding achievement and it reflects the calibre of talent here in Adelaide. Adelaide has a strong heritage of commercial creativity and we have always ‘punched well above our weight’ in the national creative arena,” says Knagge.
In Australia the 12-week part time course runs from March to July each year in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart. This year AWARD School accepted 183 students throughout Australia, and every year more than 800 students apply.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


The Photon Group has taken a 51% stake in BWM, Australia's largest independent agency group, which also comprises Cox Innall Communications, and PPA AdCafe. The balance of 49% remains owned by managing partners Rob Belgiovane (pictured), Paul Williams, and Jamie Mackay. The three maintain day to day management control of the business.
BWM has grown strongly and steadily over the last few years, reaching $18.5m revenue averaging 20% profit. The deal entails an upfront cash payment of $7.3 million as well around 1.3 million Photon shares, taking the total purchase price to approximately $13.8 million.
Says BWM Group CEO Paul Williams: "we wanted to consolidate our independent status but in a more robust way that will give us the resources and partners we require to continue to deliver a world class service with strong growth. The Photon partnership gives us the backing for our continued development and helps underwrite our growth strategy to be a top 5 Australian agency group over the next 3 years.”
Adds ECD Rob Belgiovane: “Photon was a considered choice..for us versus the multinational option. It allows us to access the capital and business expertise, but by same token ability to maintain independence of management.
Adds partner James Mackay: “It also provides additional security for our staff, management board and clients and helps us continue to attract the most talented people in the business….. so we can continue to provide a contemporary creative culture with quality delivery and unique challenger thinking across all channels.”


AWARD has just announced the judging panels for the early October sessions, a remarkable line-up from across the region, plus special international guests including Mark Tutssel, worldwide CD of Leo Burnett.
Says Chairman of Judges Paul Catmur (pictured), ECD of DDB New Zealand: “The AWARD team have put a lot of effort into bringing together a wonderful collection of individuals for the judging in October. We have tried to shake up the talent and spread it around the juries so that the usual suspects were not solely closeted around Print and TV. Whilst we have plenty of wise old heads, including the esteemed Mark Tutssel (from Wales via London and Chicago), we also wanted to provide an opportunity for some new jurors to add youthful exuberance and perhaps even a touch of innocence. As well as great jurors from Australia and New Zealand we also have some of the top creative talent in the world coming down from Asia. Thailand, in particular, continues to produce amazing TV work, winning several Golds at Cannes this year, and we have some of the main protagonists coming down to judge. It’s time to put together a collection of work the region can be proud of. It should be a great week and we hope that everybody judging gets a lot out of the experience. If nothing else it looks like a top bunch of people to have a beer with.”
A VIP Judges Cocktail Evening is planned for October 11th in Sydney to which Creative Directors and AWARD Members will be invited, an opportunity to share an intimate evening with such luminary people rarely in the same room together.
AWARD Call for Entries close Friday 18th August, with the online entry option already closed.

James McGrath, George Patterson Y&R Melbourne, Australia
Tom McFarlane, M&C Saatchi, Sydney, Australia
Andrew Tinning, Marketforce, Australia
Gary Freedman, The Glue Society, USA
Mark Tutssel, Leo Burnett USA, USA
Steve Back, Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland, New Zealand
Josh Lancaster, Ogilvy, New Zealand
Levi Slavin, Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
Jureeporn Thaidumrong, JEH United, Thailand
Prasoon Joshi, McCann Erickson India, India
Khai Meng Tham, Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore
Darren Spiller, Publicis Mojo Sydney, Australia


Matt Eastwood, DDB Sydney, Australia
Danny Searle, Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Australia
Andrew Ostrom, Leo Burnett Sydney, Australia
Thirasak Tanapatanakul, Creative Juice/G1, Thailand
Mun Tuck Wai, BBDO Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Eddie Wong, Euro RSCG Shanghai, China
Hywel James, Grey Worldwide Auckland, New Zealand
Regan Grafton, DDB New Zealand, New Zealand
Steve Jackson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney Australia
Lachlan McPherson, Publicis Mojo Auckland, New Zealand

Zareh Nalbandian, Animal Logic, Australia
Richard Lambert, Fin Design + Effects, Australia
David Denneen, Film Graphics, Australia
Juggi Ramakrishnan, Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore
Noah Marshall, The Sweet Shop, New Zealand
Grant Rutherford, George Patterson Y&R Melbourne, Australia
Drew Thompson, Guillotine, Australia
Hamish Rothwell, Goodoil Films, Australia
Thanonchai Sornsriwichai, Phenomena, Thailand (TBC)

Jane Caro, Freelance, Australia
Rob Martin-Murphy, The Furnace Sydney, Australia
Peter Buckley, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, Australia
Tian It Ng, McCann-Erickson, Asia
Mark Harricks, Clemenger BBDO, New Zealand
Jacko van Deventer, The Craft Shop, New Zealand
Mike Davison, DDB New Zealand, New Zealand
Danny Higgins, Freelance, Sydney

Ralph van Dijk, Eardrum, Australia
Barry Stewart, Sound Reservoir, Australia
Mike Edmonds, Meerkats - Brand Leadership Co, Australia
Kevin MacNamara, Belgiovane Williams Mackay, Australia
Carolyn Diamond, Carolyn Diamond Freelance, Australia
Sean Cummins, Cummins & Partners, Australia
Jamie Hitchcock, Ogilvy, New Zealand
Peter Withy, KWP!, Australia

Chris Hunter, Draft New Zealand, New Zealand
Matt Shirtcliff, Aim Proximity Auckland, New Zealand
Bridget Short, DDB New Zealand, New Zealand
Jo Fernando, Eatbigfish, Australia
Julie Porter, Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Australia
Peter Bidenko, Lowe Hunt, Australia
Dylan Taylor, BMF, Australia
Gavin McLeod, M&C Saatchi Sydney, Australia
Chris Round, Naked Communications, Australia

Mike O'Sullivan, Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland, New Zealand
Hirofumi Nakajima, TBWA/HAKUHODO, Japan
Ted Lim, Naga DDB Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Warren Brown, BMF, Australia
Dejan Rasic, Lowe Hunt Sydney, Australia
Jonathan Kneebone, The Glue Society, Australia
Matt Keon, Fallon London, UK
Richard Maddocks, Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand

Lorenz Perry, Publicis Mojo Auckland, New Zealand
Vince Frost, Frost Design, Australia
Matthew Remphrey, Parallax Design, Australia
Tim Kotsiakos, Reactive Media, Australia
Simon Hong, Moon Design, Australia
Guy Pask, Strategy Advertising & Design, New Zealand
Justin Smith, Billy Blue Creative, Australia
Julian Melhuish, Saatchi Design, Australia

Heidi Tacbian, Tribal DDB, New Zealand
Nigel Hammersley, Clemenger BBDO, New Zealand
Brian Merrifield, Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland, New Zealand
Dominique Layton, Y&R Brands Interactive, Australia
Chris James, The Farm, Australia
Matt Griffin, Deepend, Australia
Ashadi Hopper, RMG Connect, Australia
Nick Cummins, Sputnik, Australia
Cricket Wardein, Yahoo!7, Australia

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The latest Dairy Australia TVC for The Bridge, Melbourne was directed and written by The Guild's Rodd Martin.
Produced by Helene Nicol, it shows the benefits of a diet rich in dairy.
Says Martin: “When I put these two actors together in the casting, the idea moved from being a happy night out to a nervous first date. Suddenly it had a nice awkwardness when she bites the end off his fork”.


Tasmania’s inaugural AWARD School graduation was held at the New Sydney Hotel in Hobart.
It was a small but enthusiastic gathering – with just four students in this first year, but it was all about quality, not quantity.
Those present included students, tutors and a pair of very impressed News Limited representatives. The crowd drank beer, fossicked through the folios on display, and then enjoyed a brilliant counter meal.
The three students who finished the course, Simon Gross, Renee De Bono and Craig O’Brien, each produced folios brimming with original thinking.
Craig O’Brien was named the Top Tasmanian Student.
Special thanks to Clemenger and Red Jelly for their participation.


The second year of AWARD School Singapore kicked off recently with the Opening Night Party at Fluid Bar, attended by the big names of the local industry including Tay Guan Hin, Regional ECD JWT South East Asia - who is also the Regional AWARD School Committee Member. 26 students have been accepted into the program, which is generously supported by Gold Sponsors Yahoo! and Clear Channel Singapore.
Telly Tan, Managing Director of Clear Channel Singapore comments: “Creativity cannot be taken for granted. The AWARD School, in which Clear Channel is pleased to partner again this year, revisits to inspire and to bring out the very best in the talented and creative minds of the participants. We look forward to another exciting AWARD School year in Singapore!”
Dennis Susay, Southeast Head of Marketing, Yahoo! adds: “It is our way of helping the creative community groom the necessary talent for the fastest growing medium. The internet is already accepted as a mainstream media with some 55 million internet users in the region.”
An impressive line-up of lecturers and tutors will lead this year’s program, from the top agencies:
The winner of AWARD School Singapore will go up against the top student in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand for the overall best AWARD School Student in the region 2006.
For more information on AWARD School Singapore, please visit

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


AWARD School is behind us for another year. The next phase of training 2006’s advertising hopefuls is soon to begin and if you are a senior creative or Creative Director AWARD would like you to be part of it.
AWARD Mentor Program is designed for those students from NSW and Victoria who made the top grade. If you are willing to spend an hour once a week to meet up and give them briefs, help them get their book together and advise them on interview preparation, AWARD would love to hear from you. The Mentor program gives post AWARD School students an opportunity to take their creative thinking further and keep in touch with the industry.
If you have any questions please contact Pauline on 02 82973877 or email and she will put you in touch with a very keen top AWARD School graduate.


Art director Christie Wootton has signed with Sydney agency, The Works.
Originally from Melbourne, she was relocated to Sydney by Publicis Mojo's former ECD Ted Royer, after he spotted her work for Greenseas on TV and wrote about it in Campaign Brief's Creative Circle.
Whilst at Mojo Wootton created notable work for Water Aid Australia and was awarded P&G's Best Communication Idea and Best Ad for TV work on Vicks Formula 44.
Most recently, she finished an extended freelance stint at BWM Sydney.
Says Wootton: "The Works offered the opportunity to be a part of a growing agency and to play a part in its development. They have a real ambition and high expectations for what the agency can achieve. It’s an exciting environment to be working in."

Monday, August 14, 2006


An enthusiastic crowd of creatives and CDs turned out at the Vic Hotel to check out the future young guns of WA advertising.
“This was easily amongst the most competitive group of students to go through the course in recent years,” said WA AWARD School co-coordinator, Adam Barker, creative partner at Gatecrasher.
Consensus in the room was that there were at least half a dozen very strong folios on display.
Barker (right, second from bottom pic) thanked fellow tutor Andrew Tinning (right, bottom pic) , ECD of Marketforce and judges Steve Brown (Linc), Steve Browning (Vinten Browning), Lindsay Medalia (303) and Mike Edmonds (Meerkats).
Rod Harris (left, second from bottom pic) from The Sunday Times reiterated the strength of News Limited’s commitment to the national sponsorship.
Campaign Brief donated subscriptions to the first second and third place-getters, plus a copy of The Work for each.
The winning student was Adam Cannell (middle, second from top pic) who has accepted a position at Gatecrasher Advertising.
In second place was Alishia Atkinson and third place went to James Trimble.


Students and Creatives assembled in the opulent surroundings of Sixteen Ellis Street on Wednesday night (9th August) for Melbourne’s AWARD School graduation.
The best work from 37 students was on display.
Matt Garbutt, joint course head in Melbourne thanked News Limited for their continual support, tutors, lecturers and all those whom donate time and effort to the programme.
The winning student who will go forward to National Judging was Lauren Treiser (top), who was presented with a mini encouragement AWARD Pencil.
In second place was Gloria Kotronis (second from top) and third place went to Jonathon Beach (third from top).

First place: Lauren Treiser
Second place: Gloria Kotronis
Third place: Jonathon Beach

Runners Up
Andrew Boal
Jonathon Clemens
Sally Cunningham
Adam Liddiard
Tom Markovich
Martin Umanski
Holly Whittaker