Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This commercial, via agency Clemenger BBDO, Sydney is a follow up to the RTA ‘Pinkie’ spot that is currently airing. Unlike the ‘Pinkie’ spot, which spoke to the wider community, this spot has been designed to talk specifically to young guys.
Like its predecessor the implication of the ad is that if you speed - you are making up for some personal inadequacies.
The spot advertises a new product - an extra small condom - that is perfect for speeding drivers.

Account Management: Anne Gibson, Sarah Regan
Copywriter: Chris Pearce
Art Director: Baz Baker / Pic Andrews
Media: Jordaan Knaap, Customedia
Print production: Sean Elvin
TV Producers: Denise McKeon, Laura O’Connor
Account Planner: Gillian McNaughton / Taz Bareham



The final deadline for Entries to The Work 07 delivered to Campaign Brief's Perth office is this coming Friday August 3rd. No extensions, judging starts first thing Saturday.
The Work is Campaign Brief’s annual publcation that showcases the very best advertising from Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The Work is beautifully presented in a case bound, high quality book that provides a definitive record of regional creative standards for 2006.
This is the sixth year of publication for The Work and what sets it apart is the unique judging criteria - Entry is free to any agency in the region – our only proviso is that the ad must already have passed judgement and won an award at an existing national, regional or international awards show. Last year over 240 agencies submitted their best work and from the judging 400 ads/campaigns were included for publication in the book (including 100 tvcs, radio spots and integrated ideas that were shown in full on the two DVDs).

If you have not received a PDF Call for Entry kit as yet email:


By Mark Weekes

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a very successful Film Company, called ‘The Very Successful Film Company” and it made very successful films.
As with most film production companies, it had a Production Manager called Fiona. (Naturally, that does not mean that all Production Managers are called Fiona, but that most film production companies have a Production Manager. This one just happened to be called Fiona.)
And, as with most VERY SUCCESSFUL Film Production Companies, it also employed an accountant called Nigel. (It is true that many accountants are called Nigel, and therefore this observation needs no qualification, other than to note that film production companies that are not very successful often don’t have an accountant at all, or tend to leave the accounting process to the receptionist or the cleaner.)
Now Fiona and Nigel did not necessarily see eye-to-eye in all matters, or, for that matter, in any matter at all. This was probably due to the fact that Fiona, as Production Manager, was responsible for spending money, whilst Nigel saw this activity as being essentially profligate, extravagant and totally superfluous to the business of making very successful films.
Take film stock. Nigel saw it as being out of the question that, having spent many thousands of dollars on hiring a very expensive camera, Fiona thought it necessary to pay for film stock as well. After all, Nigel had succeeded in progressively recording thirteen hundred episodes of ‘Sexless in the City’, the gripping tale of a down town firm of Financial Planners, on a single VHS tape he had bought in a second hand shop twelve years ago.
Nigel suggested using cling film instead. It was much wider than 35mm and thus much better value; it could be bought from any supermarket, it wasn’t susceptible to light, or changes in temperature, thus much more user friendly, and it cost $4.95 per roll instead of $495.00.
After a long argument and several beverages (spiked double espressos for Fiona, a chamomile infusion for Nigel), Fiona managed to convince Nigel that running 40 meters of Gladwrap through an Arri 535B would probably render the camera unserviceable (not exactly the word Fiona used); it was also unlikely to result in a very successful film.
Nigel then found out that they could save on the budget by buying returned film stock - recans and short ends surplus to requirements. Fiona conceded that this was possible; they often used returned stock for testing purposes or for low budget jobs. However, as a very successful film company, it was not worth the risk cutting corners in the making of a very successful film.
Nigel finally got his way when he insisted that Fiona change supplier to one who agreed to take back any unused stock. At least that way there would be no wastage at the end of the shoot. When Fiona asked what the supplier did with the returned stock, Nigel said they obviously threw it away or passed it on at a discount. And when Fiona asked how such a supplier could survive in business, Nigel replied that they must have a good accountant.
As times were hard, Nigel’s argument prevailed and Fiona took delivery of the first consignment of stock. She was assured by the supplier that every can of film was pristine. The coffee stains, water marks and cigarette burns were superficial; the fact that the sealing tape was upside down must have been due an error on the assembly line; and the can itself being buckled would obviously have no effect on the film within, as it was designed to cope with rough treatment. All the same, Fiona did get a ten percent discount and a free bottle of chardonnay, even though she hadn’t asked for it!
All went well on the shoot, and it looked as though the Very Successful Film Company would soon have another very successful film for its show reel.
Unfortunately, the Lab called Fiona the next day to say that the neg was ratshit and they couldn’t get an image.
The client sued the Very Successful Film Company for a squillion.
Nigel proceeded to undertake the management of an efficient and trouble free liquidation of the Very Successful Film Company, and went on to make a substantial name for himself by repeating this operation for many other companies.
Fiona decided to pursue a less stressful career and joined the SAS.
And they all lived happily ever after.

(Mark Weeks is the owner of Sound & Vision Stock Shop, suppliers of motion
picture film stock to very successful film companies. He is not an

Monday, July 30, 2007


Award-winning performance director Chris Houghton has joined the team at Spirit Films.
Houghton’s work features some of Australia’s most respected actors and has screened at major festivals worldwide including Cannes, London, Palm Springs and Chicago International Film Festivals.
He is headed for the AFI Awards later this year with his short film 'Swing' (pictured), one of the nominees in the category of Best Film.
Also joining Spirit Films is director Joe Pirrong, who has emerged from an extensive background of directing in Europe; he now calls Australia home. His strong visual style and design sensibility is influenced by an odd mix of contemporary and classic.
For a copy of Chris Houghton or Joe Pirrong’s latest reel you can call Paula Smith on +61 8 8363 8377 or email paula@spiritfilms.com.au or check out their website: www.spiritfilms.com.au

Saturday, July 28, 2007


The Sydney industry was treated to brilliant work from 18 of the world's hottest young directors on Thursday night when the AFA and Saatchi & Saatchi screened the 2007 Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase reel at the Academy Twin Cinema in Paddington.
The CB Videoblog was there to capture the event - thanks to the support of Filmgraphics, Dubsat and The Lab - including the full reel, courtesy of Saatchi's.

  • of the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase from the AFA - at only A$40 (incuding GST) it's terrific value.

    Friday, July 27, 2007


    Australian Capital Tourism has launched a new tourism campaign created by ZOO Advertising in Canberra.
    Spearheaded by two 30 second TVCs, the campaign tagline 'See for yourself' takes a humorous approach in deliberately disrupting clichéd perceptions of Canberra and introduces new, unexpected experiences as a reason to visit.
    Experiences include actually meeting a cheetah, hands on fun entertainment for the kids and the diverse wineries within the Capital region, inspiring Australians to take a closer look at what their Nation’s Capital has to offer.
    The campaign remains true to the brand essence that the Nation's Capital is home to the "Australian Story", told through the array of award winning national attractions, and adds a depth and breadth to the experiences on offer by promoting additional unexpected delights.
    Says ZOO creative director Ken Buchan: "Canberra as a destination is plagued with the negative associations of being the seat of the government, the media often report to the nation 'Canberra raises taxes' or 'Canberra goes to Iraq', Canberra is repeatedly lumbered with the seriousness of a politicians dry rhetoric. The average Canberran is
    nothing like this and you'd be very unlucky to see a pollie in person down here.
    "Also being recently from Sydney myself when I moved down here all my mates either brought up the notion of legal fireworks, those massive roundabouts and Fyshwick! (A reference to Fyshwick sadly never made it through research...)
    Our campaign therefore doesn't fight these thoughts and limited perceptions of our Nation's Capital but rather laughs along with them, and then once they're out of the way introduces an array of unexpected experiences that are often overlooked.
    "So don't let a school excursion be the last time you've visited, there's heaps of great stuff here, come on, See for yourself!"

    Client: Australian Capital Tourism
    Agency: ZOO Advertising, Canberra
    Creative Director: Ken Buchan
    Writer: Ken Buchan
    Art Directors: Clinton Hutchinson, Ken Buchan.
    Designers: Sebastian Carraro, Anthony Nankervis.
    In House Producer: Paula Garner
    Account Managers: Brendan Maher, Zoe Knight
    Press Photographer: Dean Dampney
    Production Company: Republic Films, Sydney.
    Director: Ben Weir
    Cinematographer: Graeme Ross
    Producer: Chris Seeto
    Post Production: Frame Set & Match
    Editor: Duane Fogwell
    Post Graphic Designer: Emile Rademeyer

    Thursday, July 26, 2007


    Following a highly successful run of new business gains, including giants Fonterra and Vodafone, Colenso BBDO Auckland CEO Roger MacDonnell announced some key changes in Colenso’s management structure.
    Brent Smart, 33 (pictured left) previously General Manager has been named Managing Director, effective immediately.
    “I can’t speak highly enough of Brent’s efforts in the last two years” commented MacDonnell. “He has proven to be a very dynamic and popular leader with excellent strategic skills and a huge passion for creative. He’s the best young adman I’ve encountered and has a huge future.”
    Smart has formed a close working partnership with Creative Director Richard Maddocks, 36 (pictured right) who has just been named Executive Creative Director.
    “This move recognises Richard’s strong leadership capabilities as well as his proven creative track record. Richard is openly regarded as one of Australasia’s top creative talents and has driven Colenso to the number one position in Campaign Brief’s creative rankings. Richard is one of those rare creatives who can combine leadership with individual creative brilliance” said MacDonnell.
    Also recognised is Steve Cochran, 40, who has been named Deputy Creative Director. “Steve is a long time powerhouse in the creative department” said Richard Maddocks. “His great work for Air New Zealand and Sky City is amongst the best around”.
    In the light of these new appointments, Roger MacDonnell announced that he would be stepping down as CEO and taking up the role as Chairman. “I see my role in the next little while concentrating more on the group rather than the agency” he said. “We are currently working hard on perfecting our ‘best in class’ integrated offer.”
    In this regard, an important addition to the team has been Adam Good, 37, previously head of Tribal in Australia and more recently Asia. Adam is recognised as one of Australasia’s best digital leaders and will join both Colenso BBDO and sister company AIM Proximity in the new role of Director of Digital Innovation.
    “I’m very proud of Colenso’s track record” said MacDonnell “and this young team is going to take it to new heights.”


    SPARC (Sport & Recreation New Zealand) has launched an integrated campaign to get 18-24 year olds more active - not an easy task. So to make exercise more like fun and less like hard work, Y&R created a competition to invent new sports with the help of comedy duo, Bill and Ben.

    Client: SPARC (Sport & Recreation New Zealand)
    Agency: Y&R, New Zealand
    Creative Director: Chrissie Lahood
    Creatives: Marianne Harvey, Anton Hart, Jeremy Southern, Katrina Jarratt, Bridget Bussell
    Account Team: Jason Wells, Rachael Schnurbusch, Fran Mill
    Interactive Creative Director: Maya McNicoll
    Production Company: Shonky Productions
    Directors: Jamie Linehan and Ben Boyce
    Photographer: Meek
    Retoucher: Chris Clifton

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007


    New Zealand based Robber's Dog has signed director/producer team Gaysorn Thavat and Claris Harvey.
    From drama to comedy, Gaysorn's work has an emotional cut through based on strong performances and story telling. Recent projects include an international campaign for MTV and the Yahoo Xtra merge campaign 'When X Meets Y'.
    Claris returned from London two years ago to work with Gaysorn, having worked on productions for numerous Conde Naste publications such as Vanity Fair and Vogue and campaigns for Top Shop and communications giant, Orange.
    For a copy of Gaysorn's latest reel you can contact Claris Harvey on +64 21 573 236 or +64 9 376 0700 at the office or Mark Foster on +64 21 641 150 or at: mark@robbersdog.co.nz


    A viral campaign created by Blackwood Communications Group, Auckland for the NZ Bakery of the Year challenge - featuring animated gingerbread men doing the haka - has already had 3 million hits from around the world and climbing, according to the agency. It’s also featured on several NZ and Aussie TV and radio stations.
    Says Blackwood art director: Matthias May: "The viral was created for the Baking Industry Association of New Zealand’s (BIANZ) annual Bakery of the Year competition. It was open to public voting for the first time this year, so we thought we’d promote this fierce competition with a fierce challenge – and what’s a better representation of that than the haka?
    "Only two weeks after the public voting opened, the clip’s already had 3 million hits from around the world and climbing. It’s also featured on several NZ and Aussie TV and radio stations. The number of registered bakeries has more than tripled from last year, and several thousand people have voted so far."

    Title: Gingerbread Haka
    Client: Bakers Industry Association of New Zealand
    Agency: Blackwood Communications Group
    Business Development: Ben Lightfoot
    ECD: James Blackwood
    Art Director: Matthias May
    Copywriter: Lil Cameron
    Animation: Kangoo
    Voices: Silverdale Rugby Club
    Sound: Images & Sound


    Getty Images recently went to Perth for a four day sales roadshow introducing themselves to agencies and design studios and promoting their new website. Over 100 people packed the upstairs function room at The Subi Hotel for a big party.
    Captions (from top):
    1) Gatecrasher's Kate Miles, Lori Canalini and Rosalba Di Giovanni
    2) Getty Images' Rachel Dennis with Ray van Kempen (303)
    3) Ron Samuel, Aleisha Zappia and Mick Colliss (all Cooch) with John McGuckin (Blue Stone Films)
    4) 303's Belinda Hawkins, Leanne Bartoll, Mandi Oh and Angie Homann with Brendon Rogers (Getty Images)
    5) 303's Sally Somers and Jamie McTavish
    6) Steve Samuel (Freelance), Richard Berney (303) and Andrew Tinning (Marketforce)


    Pie Night Entries – extension granted until Monday 30th July, 5pm
    Check out www.awardonline.com for more details.

    Corbis Image orders due Thursday 26th July at the latest, there is a limit of 10 per person.


    Asia Outdoor Advertising Awards 2007 Jury Chairman Tay Guan Hin has unveiled his picks for the inaugural Awards Jury Panel, including Chuck McBride (pictured), the former star of TBWA\Chiat\Day, San Francisco, who has recently set up his own shop, Cutwater.
    “The quality of any award show depends on its jury panel and I’m sure you’ll recognize every single name,” said Guan, JWT SEA Regional ECD. “Some of them have never been to Asia, as I wanted to keep the show as fresh as possible. I hope their diverse culture will make an interested selection in the final result.”
    The eight members of the Asia Outdoor Awards 2007 Jury Panel are:
    Chuck McBride, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Cutwater in San Francisco has won literally every major industry award and was a very instrumental part of the world famous “got milk?” campaigns.
    Julian Watt, Executive Creative Director of Net#work BBDO in South Africa who recently walked away with the 2007 Cannes Outdoor Grand Prix and the 2007 D&AD Silver Pencil.
    Thirasak Tanapatanakul, Executive Creative Director of Creative Juice\G1 in Thailand who was named Asia’s Creative of the Year 2006 by Campaign Brief Asia. Thirasak’s creative prowess is legendary in the industry and it’s reflected by his long list of local and international awards.
    Ravi Deshpande is Chief Creative Officer at Contract in India. Among Ravi’s many accolades was the honour of being named one of six living legends of Indian advertising in the last 50 years by the Advertising Club in Madras.
    Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Managing Director and Creative Director of Jung von Matt in Germany, has won more than 100 awards in her illustrative career.
    Szu Lee, Deputy Chairman and Executive Creative Director of McCann Worldgroup Malaysia won Malaysia its first gold Cannes Lion in 1999 for an ambient idea. Under his stewardship, McCann was named Malaysian Agency of the Year in 2006.
    Satoshi Takamatsu, ECD of Ground LLC, Tokyo is the founder of a new up and coming agency in Japan. While he was in Dentsu, he won the Grand Clio and Best of Show at Adfest for “Goo-Fill the city with questions!” Most recently, his agency was awarded 2 Silver Clios for his Nissin Cup Noodles.
    Zak Mroueh, Chief Creative Officer of TAXI Canada Inc, was ranked one of the Top 10 Creative Directors by Creativity Magazine in 2005. Zak was also trice dubbed Canadian CD of the year while TAXI was named agency of the year four years in a row in Canada.
    The jury will convene from October 1 to October 3, 2007, in Singapore. Results will be announced on October 26, 2007, at the Awards Banquet at Suntec Singapore that will mark the end of the inaugural Asian Outdoor Advertising 2007 events.
    Call for entries for the Asia Outdoor Advertising Awards 2007 are currently open. The deadline for entries is August 31, 2007. Entry kits are available on the event web site: www.asiaoutdooradvertising.com


    The Glue Society's Jonathan Kneebone (pictured) will be one of 14 top speakers from throughout the region at the inaugural Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007 Conference, to be held from October 24 to 26 in Singapore.
    “We’re very proud of to have this calibre of speakers for AOA 2007,” said Thomas Ang, General Manager of event organizers FUSE. “Not only are they superb speakers, they will offer a different perspective on outdoor advertising.”
    The speaker lineup also includes David Guerrero, Chief Creative Officer at BBDO Guerrero Ortega, Manila, Tay Guan Hin, Southeast Asia Regional Executive Creative Director for JWT, Gavin Coombes, Chief Executive Officer of FutureBrand (Asia Pacific), Belen Fernando, Vice-President of Marketing of the Alaska Milk Corporation in the Philippines, Koshi Uchiyama, .Com Director of {suit}men entertainment, Japan, and Raymond Leong, National Marketing Manager for DHL in Singapore.
    Registration for the Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007 Conference is underway. Early bird registration at SGD 750 ends on August 31, 2007 after which regular registration rates of SGD 900 will apply.
    More information about the conference and the profiles of all 14 speakers, as well as registration forms for the conference, can be found on the AOA 2007 website: www.asiaoutdooradvertising.com

    Set to be the most comprehensive outdoor advertising event in Asia, covering more than 12,000 square metres, Asia Outdoor Advertising [AOA] is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board [STB] and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore [4As]. Campaign Brief Asia is the event's media partner.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007


    Significantly extends ad agency choice in production and distribution for display ads

    Continuing its strategic expansion in advertising management and distribution, Omnilab Media, the region’s largest, independent, vertically integrated media service business, today announced it has acquired the business of Websend Pty Ltd, the leader in web-based display advertising delivery.
    Says Omnilab Media Managing Director Christopher Mapp (pictured): “Advertising clients now have a greater competitive choice in how their display advertising is created, managed and distributed. By merging Websend and Dubsat, an Omnilab Media company and market leader in the management and distribution of TVCs, radio ads and music videos, we now provide advertisers with the widest range of media delivery services available throughout Australia and New Zealand.”
    Established in 2002 by advertising industry veteran Peter Lamont, Websend has over 8000 users and is globally recognised as a leader in web-based display advertising validation, correction and delivery.
    Lamont, who has also accepted a senior management role with Omnilab Media, said, “This acquisition is about giving the advertising and publishing industries the best management and delivery solutions possible. We are maximising Omnilab’s strengths and leveraging Websend’s depth of prepress expertise, R&D and unrivalled client support, and we are not stopping there. Just around the corner are significant announcements regarding our future offerings in media planning and booking, ad creation, pre-flighting, and automated workflows. What we offer will change the way TV, radio and print ads are created and managed.”
    Says Omnilab Media’s Group Business Development Manager Grant Schuetrumpf: “Existing legacy systems and old costing models are no longer relevant. We’re presenting a solution that caters for all clients’ specific production needs, never restricting workflow to just display advertising validation and delivery. We believe we can do this with greater cost efficiency than any other competitor”.
    Concludes Mapp: “Omnilab Media is the only organisation in Australia and New Zealand that truly offers a full media-content management solution from creation through to final delivery. For anyone involved in creating and managing TV, radio, print or online ads, Omnilab is the only efficient, nimble and independent choice.”


    Song Zu's Ramesh Sathiah produced the new Grinspoon album, Alibis & Other Lies, which was released by Universal on Saturday (July 21) to rave reviews including 4 out of 5 from Rolling Stone, typical comments including "career-best" and "on top of their game". It's a return to Grinspoon's hard rock roots which is why they chose Ramesh as producer, he having produced their debut EP, Green Album, back in 1995. The album was recorded in three studios around Sydney including Song Zu's McMahon' Point studio and all string arrangements were by Song Zu's Haydn Walker. The first single Black Tattoo is out now (video below).


    More than 140 Sydney leaders of major Australian businesses will come together this week to commit to the next phase of Earth Hour – the lights out initiative that mobilised an entire city to take a stand against global warming. This year's campaign, the brainchild of Leo Burnett Sydney, won one of only four Titanium Lions at Cannes last month.
    As part of an ongoing schedule of activity, the July 25 breakfast briefing advances the Earth Hour campaign toward March 2008 – when the next Earth Hour is set to take place.
    Among those attending are prominent CEOs, Managing Directors and Senior Executives from Sydney’s top businesses and organisations including National Rugby League, Colliers International, St George, Insurance Australia Group, Tetsuya’s, Jones Lang La Salle, Investa Property Group, State Street Global Advisors, Deloitte and Lend Lease. The briefing will outline plans for the future of Earth Hour and the commitment needed for the road ahead.
    Many of the organisations attending took part in Earth Hour on March 31 by either turning off their lights or holding special Earth Hour events. The majority have since implemented ways to engage staff and reduce their company’s carbon footprint in line with the initiative’s aim for supporting businesses to reduce their carbon emissions by 5 per cent over 2007.
    Greg Bourne, CEO, WWF-Australia said: “The size and scale of Earth Hour continues to astound us. Earth Hour went from being a simple idea to a public movement, compelling over 2.2 million individuals, 2,200 corporations and government to take action. “Earth Hour 2007 was just the beginning of a long-term process to inspire people to make simple changes on a daily basis to reduce their emissions. Our challenge has been to move past the symbolism and rally ongoing commitment from leaders within the community to take the lead in encouraging people to realise they can make a difference.”
    At Wednesday’s event, WWF-Australia will outline plans for the future of Earth Hour – in Sydney, across Australia and around the world. International developments have taken place since the event on March 31, with WWF-Australia working to secure the buy in for 2008 participation from the global WWF network. Earth Hour was also presented and well received at the C40 Mayors’ Climate Change Summit held in New York in May – spearheaded by Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore MP.
    Earth Hour’s global plans coincide with WWF’s ask to supporting Australian businesses to act as climate change leaders within their international networks, encouraging Earth Hour practices within overseas branches.

    The following are a number of companies who committed to Earth Hour earlier this year:

    AAMI, AAPT, ABN Amro, Accenture, AdCorp, AGL, Allens Arthur Robinson, American Express Australia, AMP Capital Investors, APN Online, APN Outdoor, Australian Institute of Management, Babcock & Brown Environmental Investments Limited, Baker & McKenzie, BP Australia, City of Sydney, Clayton Utz, Colliers International, Colonial First State, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Darling Harbour Business Association, DTZ Australia, Ernst & Young, Euro RSCG, Fairfax Media, Fuji Xerox Australia, Green Building Council of Australia, Hamilton James and Bruce, Henry Davis York, Insurance Australia Group, Integral Energy, Investa Property Group, Investec Bank, Jones Lang
    LaSalle, Lend Lease, KPMG, Leo Burnett, Lowe Hunt, Macquarie Bank, McDonalds, McMillan Print, MLC, National Rugby League, NSW Ambulance Service, NSW Fire Brigades, NSW Government, NSW Health, NSW Minerals Council, OPTUS, Origin Energy Limited, Oroton Group Limited, Perpetual Limited, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Proctor & Gamble, Property Council of Australia, Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney, Red Agency, Reserve Bank of Australia, St George Bank, Sims Group, Spicer Paper, Starcom, State Street Global Advisors, Surf Life Saving Australia, Swaab Attorneys, Sydney Chamber of Commerce, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Sydney Observatory, Sydney Opera House, Telstra, Tetsuya’s, The CEO Institute, The Observatory Hotel, The Westin Sydney, Toga Hospitality, TorchMedia, Transport Infrastructure Development, Virgin Money, Virgin Unite, Whybin TBWA, Woolworths Limited.


    Chaired by Jeremy Craigen, executive creative director of DDB London, a top crew of international creative talent, including Eric Silver and Matthew Bull, will be in Sydney in November to judge the best young creative work globally.
    Says Craigen (pictured) from London: “This business is all about looking ahead. So I am delighted, at the ripe old age of 43, to have been asked to be Chairman of the most forward looking awards show.
    "Young Guns is the only award show that gives young creative people from all over the world their big chance to get noticed, get a job or maybe even change their career. And it must be the only awards show where if your work wins, you get the bullet. The best of luck to all those who enter.”

    The 2007 YoungGuns Jury:
    Jeremy Craigen, DDB London (Jury Chair)
    Piyush Pandey, Ogilvy & Mather India
    Tony McTear, TBWA London
    Eric Silver, BBDO New York
    Jeff Benjamin, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
    Matthew Bull, Lowe Bull Capetown
    Jarek Wiewiorski, Leo Burnett Kiev
    Steve Back, DDB Sydney
    Al Moseley, W+K Amsterdam
    Steve Elrick, BBH Shanghai
    Keka Morelle, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
    Andy McKeon, JWT Sydney
    Laura Vesco, Madre Buenos Aires
    Thirasak Tanapatana kul, Creative Juice/G1 (TBWA)
    Josh Lancaster, Colenso BBDO Auckland
    Luke Crethar, The Glue Society Sydney
    Matt Devine, The Glue Society Sydney

    This is YoungGuns 7th year dedicated to supporting emerging and young creative talent. The entrants of YoungGuns today are the creative directors of tomorrow. So be nice to them.

    YoungGuns 2007 entry deadline is October 12, 2007.


    The 2007 Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase reel will screen this Thursday at the Palace Academy Twin in Sydney.
    The Showcase features new directors from around the world selected by Saatchi & Saatchi’s key creative directors in each market. Australia is represented this year by Amy Gebhardt.
    The invitation only event will be jointly presented by the Advertising Federation of Australia and Saatchi & Saatchi and is sponsored by Dubsat and The Lab.


    George Patterson Y&R Melbourne has put to air the next series of spots in the AFL 'Barry Hall Hall' series.

    Creative Director: Paul Catmur
    Writer: Katie Britton
    Art Director: Frank Muller
    Agency Producer: Sheridan Bott
    Director: Nice Trees
    Production Company: Director’s Group

    Monday, July 23, 2007


    BMF Sydney has launched a new TVC for AUSTAR promoting the extensive sport coverage available on the FOX SPORTS channels. The launch ad, the first of five, is all about the A-League on AUSTAR.
    The campaign insight focuses on the universal truth that men find it very hard to express their emotions in every day life. So when asked the “difficult” questions they revert to what they know best, sporting analogies, to help them get out of these sticky situations.
    Says BMF Executive Creative Director, Warren Brown: “Emotions usually run high when it comes to sport, which has given us a great opportunity to create some very funny, insightful ads to see AUSTAR’s sports package.”
    The remainder of the campaign will launch in January 2008.

    Executive Creative Director: Warren Brown
    Copywriter: Benn Sutton
    Art Director: Grant Booker
    GAD/Account Director: Lisa Ramsey, Karen Martin
    Agency Producer: Louise Hodgson
    Director: Tony Rogers
    Production Company: Renegade
    Strategic Planner: Christina Aventi
    Client: Nikki Warburton, Liz Katsiotis, Kelly Schaffer
    Media Agency: DaVinci


    A digital countdown billboard for Deadline Express Couriers, created by Colenso BBDO, Auckland, which went up a week ago, self destructed live on Sunday at 6.00 pm (NZ time) as promised. The idea was to stress that Deadline Express Couriers never misses a deadline.

    Sunday, July 22, 2007


    Ogilvy Hong Kong has just put to air a spot for South China Morning Post's website scmp.com, featuring US President Bush. It was created by Jason Aspes (who is also CD) and shot in Sydney by Michael Spiccia and produced by Sue Walker and Haydn Evans. DoP and editor: Luke Doolan.

    Thursday, July 19, 2007


    The tranquil ambience of The Loft, King Street Wharf was shaken up Wednesday night as News Limited AWARD School Sydney celebrated their Graduation, dubbed “Fight Night”.
    Hosted by the Co-Chairman of AWARD Philip Putnam and AWARD Committee representative Ben O’Brien from DDB, top creatives, students, sponsors and media gathered to view the best selection of student work.
    Steven Iannello picked up the top student award and will now go forward for national judging. The overall winner will receive 2 free tickets to the AWARD Presentation evening in November, as well as a free trip to the Caxton Awards courtesy of News Limited.
    Second place went to Ben Clare, third position to Blair Kimber and in fourth place Luke Nuto. The top four will automatically receive a three-month job placement at DDB Sydney in the Launchpad program.
    Joe Talcott, Group Marketing Director, News Limited, (AWARD School Gold Sponsors) also announced the ‘sponsors choice’ of the CARSguide.com brief, Kevin Bathman.
    The judging panel responsible for selection of the top students and the ‘work on the wall’ comprised:
    • Luke Crethar, The Glue Society
    • Matt Devine, The Glue Society
    • Tim Brown, Saatchi & Saatchi
    • Dejan Rasic, CRC Sydney
    • Steve Back, DDB Sydney
    • Ben O’Brien, DDB Sydney
    • Matt Eastwood, DDB Sydney
    • Adam Rose, DDB Sydney

    Top 11-32 Mentor Students:
    Nadia Ahmad
    Michael Ashford
    Henri Azzi
    Daniel Barrett
    Nick Bonney
    Shae Brewster
    Robert Concepcion
    Fiona Cox
    Natalie Cutcliffe
    John Downing
    Alistair Geikie
    Corinne Goode
    Michael Graziano
    James Halliday
    Jessica Holburn
    Matthew Knapp
    Andrew John Lee
    Luke Leonard
    Emma Lord
    Iva Madderom
    Gemma McLellan
    Marcel Moniaga
    Alex Mustakov
    Michael Newton
    Kirsty Reilly
    David Roberts
    Julian Saide
    Michael Sampson
    Gareth Tucker
    Timothy H Turner-Sutton
    Matthew Weston
    Ben Yabsley

    Top Runner Up Students:

    Kevin Bathman
    David Clarke
    Ben Gartland
    Adam Lock
    Matthew Mortimer
    Aleks Rzadkowski


    Having an opinion is a valid standpoint. Extremely valid. Possibly the most fundamental of all creative requirements. If you don't have an opinion you are out of the debate, no question. It is after all, the difference between being interesting or interested. Indifference is the enemy of creativity. That said, it has become easier and easier to be the author of the most obscure, 'out there' and, more often than not, downright offensive opinions with nothing more than an ISP address even the CIA or Mossad would have difficulty tracking down. Who am I talking about? Why, the enemy of all things known, 'Anonymous'.
    'Anonymous' is the mysterious blogger, the Scarlett Pimpernel of interactivity, the Phantom or, if you will, a right annoying bugger. The internet is, without question, the most incredible opinions page of all time, some sites such as rottentomatoes.com have become an authority of opinions (although having Toy Story 2 as the greatest movie of all time pretty much invalidates that). But if you are going to have an opnion, stand up and be counted. The 'anonymous' blogger is the online equivalent of the car keyer or the crap graffiti artist or even the comedy heckler in a darkened comedy venue.
    I believe the amount of 'Anonymous' entries on this site alone is indicative of the decline in cutting edge Australian creativity. People are too afraid to make a name for themselves, too scared to upset the apple cart, worried that someone will point and say 'you're wrong'. Well, I say, pull yourself together, stand up and be counted and help us make this great nation fantastic. Because after all, nobody loves a nobody.

    pie<br />night


    Heaps of people at the packed News Limited AWARD School graduation in Sydney last night were more impressed with the promotional posters for the occasion thanthe students' work. Apart from the great concept, everyone wanted to know who the photographer was and the retoucher.
    Here are the credits:

    Agency: DDB Sydney
    ECD: Matt Eastwood
    CD: Steve Back
    Art Director: Simon Johnson
    Copywriter: Charlie Cook
    Design/typography: Jason Young
    Photography: Jeremy Park
    Retouching: Dennis Monk

    Agency: DDB Sydney
    ECD: Matt Eastwood
    CD: Steve Back
    Art Director: Simon Johnson
    Copywriter: Charlie Cook
    Design/typography: Jason Young
    Flash designer: Shaun O’Connor
    Photography: Jeremy Park
    Retouching: Dennis Monk


    Jeff Goodby from Goodby Silverstein & Partners San Francisco will be the international speaker at this year’s Caxton weekend.
    Goodby Silverstein, became very topical earlier this year when the Commonwealth Bank of Australia went off-shore in the search for a new agency. They are also well known for campaigns such as HP, Saturn and ‘Got Milk’.
    The Chairman of the Caxton Committee, Mr. Tom Moult was delighted by the announcement saying, “When it comes to creative profile, Jeff Goodby is a very big name. This is a real coup for the Caxton weekend.”
    Goodby recently commanded standing room only when he spoke to an estimated 3,000 people at Cannes a few weeks ago.
    The CEO of The Newspaper Works, Mr. Tony Hale added, “Jeff Goodby is incredibly newsworthy and the perfect choice for Caxton.”
    Goodby will be the key note speaker amongst an impressive line-up to be announced shortly.
    The weekend, to be held at Byron Bay on October 26, 27 & 28, is expected to be over subscribed. Booking forms for the weekend will be released on July 24, but people can register their interest via the website, www.thecaxtonawards.com.au
    Entries for the Caxton Awards are currently open and will close on July 20.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007


    The Glue Society Sydney has lured creative Sam Hibbard from Grey London and appointed designer Jim Parry and 2007 AWARDSchool graduate, Luke Nuto.
    “We are at a stage where we needed to recruit people with extremely broad depths of talent to tackle tasks in many disciplines,” says Jonathan Kneebone, The Glue Society co-founder.
    Prior to London (where he worked under David Alberts) Hibbard worked at Whybin\TBWA and Non-Stop Sydney.
    “As well as Sam and Jim who have a great deal of experience from pioneering magazine design to producing world-class viral campaigns, we are particularly pleased to have found in Luke someone so talented straight from AWARD School,” says Kneebone.
    Kneebone said apart from recently picking up the creative account for Ikea, the agency is currently working on branded and non-branded programming for a US television network and two Australian TV networks.


    News Limited AWARD School’s Sydney Graduation party will be held TONIGHT at The Loft, King Street Wharf, Sydney.
    The party is a unique chance for the industry to check out the hottest new creative talent. An exhibition of the best ideas from the 12-week programme will be on display.
    The top four students will automatically receive a three-month job placement at DDB Sydney. The top 10 will be selected for the AWARD Craft programme and the top 11-30 will be eligible for the AWARD Mentor programme.
    All students, lecturers, tutors, judges and CDs have received their free pass in the mail.
    For others who wish to attend one of the biggest industry events of the year, tickets can be purchased by contacting Pauline Smyth at AWARD on 02 8297 3843 or e-mail pauline@awardonline.com.
    Tickets are $25 for AWARD Members and $40 for industry guests.
    All food and drink will be included.


    The AWARD Call for Entry deadline is 5pm TODAY, Wednesday 18th July 2007.
    Absolutely no extensions.

    AWARD Call for Entries Link - http://www.awardonline-cfe.com

    Don’t forget to upload your audio and visual files to Adstream – This site will also close by 5pm today.
    Please make sure that AWARD receives hard copies of your entries by no later then Friday 20th of July.
    Don’t forget to send AWARD a hard copy or your Entry forms together with your Checklist and Proof of Payment.

    If you have any queries or need further information please contact AWARD on +61 2 8297 3877 or email callforentry@awardonline.com


    AWARD Pie Night AWARD will hold the famous annual 'Pie Night' on Wednesday August 1st this year, sponsored by Hannah’s Pies, Corbis and Lion Nathan - Hahn Super Dry. It is the only award program in the world that is proudly dedicated to scam advertising.
    The event usually attracts around 300 entries, and 200 people attend Hannah's Pie Factory in Ultimo to celebrate great bottom drawer ideas, eat pies and drink beer.
    Three categories are open to entrants: a topical ad, an Ad promoting one of Harry’s Café de Wheels tasty pies, and a brief from Corbis.
    $550 prize for best overall entry and prizes awarded in each category.
  • to download briefs, entry forms and booking forms for event. Pie Night costs $25 per single ad or $60 per three ads. No campaign Entries, print entries only. All those that enter get into the event for free, and extra tickets can also be purchased for the big event.


    Thanks to AWARD sponsor Corbis, please note the following;
    Register at www.corbis.com for un-watermarked low res images.
    Corbis is providing 100 high res images for sole use in this competition. If you want to use a stock image in this competition, you can search on corbis.com.
    Once you have found the image you need, you should record the image number and send it back to pauline@awardonline.com to obtain the high res.
    Please note, all requests for images must come through by Tuesday 24th July at the latest. Images may take at least one day to get sent back to you.


    Just over a year after getting the gig, Aussie expat Rodd Chant has resigned as executive creative director of Draft FCB New York.
    His departure would not come as much of a surprise - since his appointment as ECD of FCB mid last year, he had to survive the merger with Draft early this year, which was never going to be easy.
    Says Chant from New York: "I gave notice at the beginning of the month, I finish up at the end of July. I want to get back to a smaller creative situation. It was a great experience being at the creative helm of a 1,500 man New York agency, I learnt a lot about how things work over here...but it simply isn't where I want to be in my career. I've been thinking about moving ever since the merger happened. I originally joined FCB, it's a different agency now. I want to work in a small creative operation. I am staying here in the States, I love it over here."
    Before going to New York, Chant had been on the loose for six months after leaving the CD gig at Publicis Singapore, where he had also been for little over a year. Earlier in his career, he was a senior writer at McCann-Erickson Sydney in the mid nineties, before heading to Asia.
    Below are two recent spots created by Chant for American Standard airconditioners.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007


    Can we get back to the stories that promote bitching, backstabbing, sour grapes and all the things we don't have the balls to say in person. That's what we all come here for right?



    Caravan Pictures' website is starting to attract critical acclaim. Designed by Pill & Pillow, Hong Kong, the new site has been recognised at numerous website awards. The latest being the 'daddy' of them all - www.thefwa.com.
    FWA is seen as the "Academy Awards of web design" and the most visited website award program in the history of the internet, with an excess of a million visits per month.
    Caravan was recenty awarded 'Site of the Day' by FWA, which saw traffic to Caravan reach 250,000 hits in less than a week.
    To have a look at the new site go to - www.caravanpictures.com


    Over in New Zeraland, Yellow wanted people to reappraise their brand but maintain some of the equity they'd built up over so many years. Probably the best known thing about Yellow is the walking fingers logo, so the creatives at Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland turned the hands into helpful little critters who do the finding for you.

    Product: Yellow Brand
    Title: Party
    Client: Yellow Pages Group
    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland
    ECD: Mike O'Sullivan
    Creative Group Head: Rob Beamish
    Creative Group Head: Hilary Badger
    Agency Producer: Jane Mill
    Director: Mark Molloy
    Producer: Wilf Sweetland
    Production Company: Exit Films
    Cinematographer: Greig Fraser
    Animation: Animal Logic
    Music: Bathtime in Clerkenwell by The Real Tuesday Weld


    Australian radio broadcasters today switched on the first test transmissions of digital radio using the new DAB+ technology in Sydney.
    “This is the first fully compliant high power broadcast of digital radio using DAB+ technology anywhere in the world, so it’s quite an important milestone,” said Joan Warner, chief executive officer of peak industry body Commercial Radio Australia.
    The digital radio test will broadcast a mixture of talk and music including pop and jazz to allow the industry to test the sound quality of a variety of content at various bitrates.
    “This is a technical field test that will ascertain coverage area and system performance and how well DAB+ can be used to broadcast multiple channels of audio and data, in preparation for commercial rollout,” Ms Warner said. “The test will send a very strong signal to the major radio receiver manufacturers that Australia is committed to launching digital radio using DAB+ and we will need a broad range of DAB+ digital radios in the market in time for our launch.”
    A demonstration DAB+ receiver has been developed for the test as DAB+ receivers are not yet commercially available. A number of manufacturers have indicated they will have DAB+ products ready for overseas retail sale before Christmas 2007. In Australia, digital radio services will officially launch in January 2009 in the six capital cities.
    The DAB+ test is being coordinated by Commercial Radio Australia on behalf of commercial radio stations and public broadcasters, the ABC and SBS. The test will use upgraded multiplexers from world leading suppliers Factum and Radioscape (the MAP250 and fusion, version 6 respectively).
    Ms Warner said there were some very exciting receiver developments in the pipeline, including the development of a plug-in which would allow listeners to tune into digital radio through an iPod, and new products that would allow listeners to download and purchase songs from their digital radio as they are listening to them.
    “The technology is advancing very rapidly and there is likely to be a wide range of digital radios developed over the next 12 months that will be very exciting. We’ll be working with manufacturers of radio receivers, mobile phones and mp3 devices as well as car manufacturers to make sure digital radio is available on as many different platforms as possible for Australians,” Ms Warner said.
    Australia has also joined a new DAB+ task force set up by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, an association with 170 members in 53 countries. Ms Warner has been appointed chair of the new task force, which will focus on encouraging the adoption of DAB+ within the region and the development of a wide range of low cost DAB+ receivers. Other countries currently represented on the task force include Brunei, Singapore and New Zealand. The task force will undertake a survey of broadcasters to ascertain their plans for digital radio and encourage countries such as Russia, Kuwait, India and China to adopt DAB+.
    For more information about digital radio, visit www.digitalradioaustralia.com.au


    The Caxton Awards Call for Entry deadline is this Friday. For details on how to enter, go to www.thecaxtonawards.com.au and follow the 2007 Award instructions.
    As in 2006, entries can be completed and uploaded online, thanks to sponsor WebSEND. There is no more mounting, printing and sending away required, just visit www.thecaxtonawards.com.au , click on the WebSEND link on the 2007 Awards page and fill in the required details.
    The Call for Entry will close this Friday, 20 July 2007, strictly no extensions. To be eligible to enter, ads must have appeared in newspapers between 1 July, 2006 and 30 June, 2007. A full list of categories can be viewed on the Caxton Awards website.
    Winners and finalists will be acknowledged at the annual Caxton Weekend seminar being held 26-28 October. Now in its 33rd year, this year’s weekend venue is sunny Byron Bay, NSW. Bookings will open shortly so to register your interest and ensure you don’t miss your place, go to the Awards page on the website and follow the link.
    For all Caxton Awards enquiries contact Alice at Two de Force on +61 2 9281 8788 or email alice@twodeforce.com.au


    Following on from the Mars 'Bruce Lee' TVC, Nitro has put to air the first of two commercials using John McEnroe in the next of their Legend series. The 'Superbrat' in his prime takes on a modern day opponent and quickly makes history of him. To match the classic footage, an enhanced sound track was re-recorded with John McEnroe in New York.

    Agency: Nitro Group
    Exec. Creative Director/Writer: Fiona Leeming
    Agency Producer: Mark Bradley
    Production Company: Window
    Director: John Marles
    Producer: Mike Salter
    Post Production: Seth Lockwood - MRPPP
    Sound: Phil Kenihan

    Monday, July 16, 2007


    “The irreverent gatecrashing the mundane” is the driving strategy behind the Australia-wide campaign by Twenty20 Communications, Melbourne converting the United Innkeeper bottleshop banner to its new, cheeky incarnation, 'Thirsty Camel', which will ultimately see up to 400 independent liquor retailers invest in an all encompassing brand.

    The new brand name strategy was developed in partnership with Andrew Hoyne of Hoyne Design, who created the look and feel of the brandmark.
    Spending a total of two years in development with client United, Twenty20 has created an entire suite of marketing material; from TV commercials showing the camel gatecrashing “thirsty moments”, to a two-phase radio campaign featuring the comedic voices of Peter Moon and Marg Downey.
    The television campaign launches today (Monday 16 July).
    Branding, signage, store décor, press ads, catalogues, ambient marketing material – 'camel bowls' substituting dog bowls outside bottleshops - “beer-o-clock” egg-timers as customer give-aways - point of sale and a website that will ultimately communicate with subscribers daily, are all part of the 360 degree image and identity overhaul.

    Client: United, Thirsty Camel Bottleshops
    Agency: Twenty20 Communications, Melbourne
    Brandmark Design and Development: Hoyne Design
    Account Director & Strategy: Rod Curtis
    Creative Director: Fysh Rutherford
    Creative team: Andrew Panozzo, Matthew Ellis
    Design: Rachael Simpson
    Media: OMD
    Online: GTS interactive
    Agency Producer: Beaver
    Production: Hub, Flagstaff
    Sound: Stevo Williams


    Mobilepictures' Kimble Rendall has been appointed Director Of Communications for the Copenhagen Climate Council. The Council’s co-founders are Australian of the Year, Professor Tim Flannery and Scandinavian media leader Erik Rasmussen. Members include Sir Richard Branson, eminent scientists Professor James Lovelock, Sir Crispin Tickell and global business leaders.
    Rendall presented his communications plan at a press conference in Copenhagen and is currently designing the site. “The core will be web based communications leading to mobile", says Rendall (pictured, second from left). “The first stage will be to open dialogue between the councillors and the rest of the world. Later stages include a game, animations and interactive models that will demonstrate how the world is responding. The main objective is to ensue that the burden of greenhouse gasses is kept below the critical threshold of 450ppm in 2050. The short term aim is to gain a successful new protocol at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009 replacing the current Kyoto Protocol.
    “We need to communicate to a world that is becoming increasingly panicked by bad news about climate change that there is a solution to the problem and it won’t break the bank to fix it,“ says Rendall.
    With extensive backgrounds in filmmaking for advertising, feature film and music video, Rendall and his partner Andrew McPhail are beginning to garner serious interest in their innovative approach to content development.
    “Setting up Arithmetic and mobilepictures was an exciting opportunity for both of us so it is highly rewarding to see our approach begin to bear fruit on the world stage, not to mention being involved with such a great cause,” says McPhail.


    The rapid emergence of numerous complex technologies and the equally rapid changes in consumer behaviour as these technologies are adopted, have created a challenging environment for agencies.
    The new Digital Creative course will introduce creatives, planners and suits in agencies to the key technologies involved in digital marketing.
    Brett Rolfe, Creative Director at One Digital, who developed the course, said: “Behind every great digital advertising campaign is a great idea - an idea that combines an understanding of the brand and product with an appreciation for the digital consumer and a strong grounding in digital technologies.
    “With the Digital Creative course we will provide a framework for the role of digital creativity in the development of digital and integrated advertising solutions. The framework addresses the skills needed to produce digital creative and discusses how the processes required to do so differ from traditional agency creative processes.”
    Students will gain an understanding of technologies underpinning the digital space, as well as trends in the way consumer behaviour is changing in response to digital technology. The course includes perspectives from industry leaders in both technology and creativity, complemented by extensive collaborative workshopping in response to briefs.
    Expert guest lecturers include the cream of digital creatives – Iain McDonald (Amnesia), Bob Mackintosh (Host), Matt Cumming (M&C Saatchi), Nate Hackstock (Clemenger), Kieran Ots (Leo Burnett), Ashley Ringrose (Soap) – as well as technology specialists from NineMSN, Eyecorp, Traction and Eyeblaster.
    The Digital Creative course is accredited with leading Australian technological universities.
    For the full information, please visit: www.afaadschool.com.au


    The commercial radio industry today launched its latest series of
  • as part of its multi-million dollar brand campaign, highlighting the ability of radio to target audiences at specific times and locations across the day.
    The “Radio – A Time and Place for Everything” campaign, which airs nationally from today, includes 12 ads targeted at different demographics and product categories, which highlight how advertisers can choose the time of day and day of the week that best suits their product, brand or service, to advertise on radio.
    The new ads, which continue with the theme of humour, were written by award-winning director of Eardrum Australia, Ralph van Dijk and feature Australian comedians and actors, Mark Mitchell as the interviewer and Jonathan Biggins as the media expert.
    “This phase is all about relevance. Radio is unique in that it allows brands to reach very specific audiences at the time of day that is most relevant to them. Hence the strap line ‘there’s a time and a place for everything,” said Mr van Dijk.
    “Each of the 30 and 15 second commercials is tailored to play at a very specific day-part, as Mark Mitchell asks his ‘media expert’ what products are best suited to run at that time. I wanted to make the characters sound as if they were talking to you live. You’re listening at lunchtime as they talk about buying lunch, or on your way home from work as they discuss recruitment agencies. The more relevant the message the more likely it is to have impact.”
    An industry-wide marketing campaign aimed at radio stations, media agencies and advertisers will be run in conjunction with the ads and includes downloadable podcasts with facts and figures supporting the specific time and place ads running on air. A teaser campaign for the ads was launched two weeks ago to generate interest in the new ads. The ads will be aired in a cluster of up to five ads at a time over the next six months.

    Sunday, July 15, 2007


    Simon Bagnasco is joining GPY&R Melbourne as a senior copywriter, to team with senior art director Chris Northam.
    Previously at Publicis Mojo Melbourne and BMF Sydney, Bagnasco has produced award-winning work for Ikea, Nike, the Red Cross 'We Gave Blood' campaign and Nestle Maxibon.
    Says GPY&R ECD Paul Catmur: "I’m really looking forward to have Simon coming across. He is a great bloke with some excellent work behind him and has the right attitude to take advantage of the opportunities we have here. He also knows how to lose at poker with grace."

    Friday, July 13, 2007


    Robber’s Dog has signed director Tracey Rowe and producer Lee Thomson, whom they will exclusively represent in Australasia.
    Tracey’s visual work is a perfect complement to the styles of current directors Adam Stevens and Chris Dudman. And Lee’s enormous experience as a producer strengthens the pedigree of the Dog. Both are ex Silverscreen Australia, which folded a few months back.
    Tracey is completing her first job for Robber’s Dog - an Australian Unity spot for DDB Melbourne.
    For a copy of Tracey’s latest reel you can contact either Lee Thomson on +61 411 888 161 or lthompson@robbersdog.com.au , or Mark Foster on +64 9 376 0700 at the office or on his mobile +64 21 641 150 or at mfoster@robbersdog.co.nz. You can also see Tracey’s reel at www.robbersdog.co.nz.


    Raising the bar for studio space, MONDO STUDIO inhabits a huge warehouse space in Sydney’s inner city suburb of Waterloo, with the fit out designed by renowned Sydney architect Alexander Michael. Michael’s is also known for Wombat Towers his acclaimed Kangaroo Valley private residence, and the head office refurbishment for 4Arrows Group at Jones Bay Wharf amongst other projects.
    MONDO STUDIO steps into the gap created by a lack of Daylight studios in Sydney, with natural daylight suffusing the two large studios through huge windows lining the walls. The high ceilings are painted a dark matt grey to reduce glare and light reflection, and beautiful modern common spaces encourage a friendly and relaxing level of interaction that introduces a new level of freedom for clients and visitors. These are just a few of the small details that go a long way in creating the ultimate environment for photographic shoots, and setting MONDO STUDIO apart from other photographic studios. Huge rolling orange doors separate the different working spaces and ad a cheeky brightness to this creative, designed space.
    As a full service provider, MONDO STUDIO has formed a strategic alliance with lighting supplier The Front, who is based under the same roof. Now the need for any Profoto Studio Flash or Briese Light Shapers can be solved in-house, ensuring all elements of the photographic shoot are covered if required.
    MONDO STUDIO is the latest element to complement the suite of digital photographic services that come under the Mondo Group of companies. Other arms of the Group include Mondo Digital, which specialises in technical support for fashion photographic shoots using digital technologies and unique in-house web services and software, such as the Mondo Digital Web Gallery. Mondo Digital also hires out state of the art equipment for all photographic and workflow needs. Mondo Film is an established Film Production company, creating TVCs for clients such as Nivea, Mastercard and Schwarzkopf. Mondo Mondo is the freelance services of Grant Matthews as Photographer and Director, teaming up with renowned Fashion identity Judith Cook as Stylist.
    The Mondo Group was established by renowned photographer Grant Matthews in 2002. Matthews’ creative vision, technical expertise and first hand knowledge of the industry provides the essential ingredient to delivering top shelf services for his clients. MONDO STUDIO as a purpose built facility reflects this with intrinsic design details, such as the wonderful full daylight facilities totally embraced by the absence of a fixed cyclorama and replaced by a supportable lino roll on wheels, to be able to shoot from any angle or corner of the studio, taking full advantage of the natural light. All furniture is on wheels and wide open corridors between rooms increases this ease of movement and flexibility. The beautifully chromed open plan kitchen provides an inviting common space for relaxing and catering needs. And on street parking is ample in this quiet neighbourhood.
    MONDO STUDIO complements the existing suite of digital photographic services available through Mondo Group; combining personalised service with quality, high-end digital photography management from inception to print delivery, with pricing structures that can suit all budgets.

    Alice Cook
    Tel: 02 9310 1770
    Email: alice@mondodigital.com.au

    Thursday, July 12, 2007


    Not streaming properly? See it
  • HERE
  • Wednesday, July 11, 2007


    Marketforce Perth creative team Gordon Haynes and Maisen Hall are joining McCann Erickson Melbourne, reporting to creative director Vince McSweeney.
    Haynes was formerly with Mojo Perth and Batey Group in Malaysia, before retuning to Perth to join Marketforce where he has often been teamed with Hall. Haynes’ work for The Cancer Council and the Office of Road Safety has earned him creative accolades.
    Hall is a former winner of AWARD school and has had a distinguished career at Marketforce where his TV campaign for Supashake and work for Crimestoppers have won a swag of local awards. At McCann Melbourne they will work across the agency’s major accounts, including Holden, L’Oreal and Tennis Australia.
    “I have been looking for a team with originality and freshness to their approach,” said McSweeney. “Gordon and Maisen will bring our clients some new perspectives on how creativity engages with people and I am looking forward to them joining.”


    The Rumpus Room, Oxfam International and YoungGuns have announced the winners of their global creative competition, 'Make a Big Noise for Make Trade Fair'. With hundreds of entries from over 18 countries, a global jury of advertising, communications and design industry leaders judged entries over several rounds.
    The Gold winners are Ryan Holland, James Robbins and Tomoko Izumoto from VCU AD Center, School of Mass Communications, United States; Lucy Clark and Jenny Phillips from Independents, UK; and John Palmer and Tsieske Van Den Broek from Boiler Room, Australia.
    All three teams were awarded Gold and elements of each entry will be combined to form one global, non-traditional media campaign for Oxfam International in 2008. The details of the entries themselves remain under wraps for now.
    Bernice Romero, Advocacy and Campaigns Director for Oxfam International said, “We have been amazed at the quality of the entries that came in from all over the world. The final concepts demonstrated astonishing diversity, creativity and understanding of our campaign. The winning idea will help us reach a new audience, building on our work to make trade fair”.
    The competition called for anyone in the world under the age of 30 to dream up a non-traditional media campaign in support of Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign.
    “It was a great privilege to be part of judging such a diverse and exciting set of entries”, says Tom Roope, competition judge and Creative Director of The Rumpus Room. “Seeing the passion for the issues surrounding the campaign and the talent of the entrants was really an inspiring experience”.
    ‘Make a Big Noise for Make Trade Fair’ was conceived and executed by contemporary communications company, The Rumpus Room, sister organisation to NZ's internationally acclaimed production company, The Sweet Shop, and run in partnership with the annual Young Guns competition.
    “We’re hugely excited by the winning ideas and their ability to communicate the campaign message in a non-traditional way. We now look forward to bringing them to life with our partners as part of a global initiative with Oxfam International”, says Paul Prince, Managing Director of The Sweet Shop.
    Details of Silver and Bronze winners and competitions information are available from: www.makeabignoise.com

    Tuesday, July 10, 2007


    Formerly of Cummins & Partners, Melbourne, creative team Jason Kilgour and Jason Rose have joined creative group, Day & Age.
    The move reunites the pair with their former M&C Saatchi creative directors, Paul Taylor and Tony Banks, who started the group late last year.
    Says Taylor: "They're great guys and very talented, so we hired them."


    George Patterson Y&R Sydney has launched a series of celebrity spots promoting Telstra's NextG mobile network, starring Bob Geldoff, John McEnroe and this one, featuring Dustin Hoffman. McLeod’s Daughters actress Rachael Carpani is the ongoing face of the campaign, which includes cinema, outdoor, print, online, television and in-store and point-of-sale.
    The commercials were created by Michael Stanford and Tim Hall, and directed by David Denneen via Filmgraphics.

    Monday, July 09, 2007


    Creative Mike Lind has formed a new venture, Draw As You Snore (DAYS), a revolutionary way to produce storyboard illustrations.
    Says Lind: "Agencies recommend clients shoot commercials overseas to save money, so why not save money themselves using the same principle? At DAYS, we have sourced the best Eastern European storyboard illustrators, highly experienced and reliable. Using Draw As You Snore, an agency could save about $600 to $800 on a single storyboard (that’s probably more than they pay their Art Director for the day) as well as getting their storyboards done overnight. If the illustrations are able to be done over two nights (first night - pencils, second night - colours) they can save even more."
    RUSH overnight service is $100 per frame (plus gst) and REGULAR service is just $90.
    In this globalised electronic age, Draw As You Snore is an idea whose time has come, says Lind: "Consider internet companies who habitually outsource programming to India or Thailand. The quality is the same, so why pay as much? And when you think about it, we already brief storyboard artists by email here in Australia. With widespread broadband connections it has become increasingly feasible to work remotely. Like, when’s the last time you actually saw an illustrator come into an agency to take a storyboard brief?"
    So what’s so good about Eastern Europe? Beside the cost efficiencies, the most important factor is the difference in time from the East Coast of Australia, says Lind: "5 p.m. here is 9 a.m. there (this changes slightly during daylight saving but it doesn’t disrupt the service). Once the illustrator in Europe has received the brief they are fresh and not reaching for 29 gallons of coffee as an illustrator providing an overnight service locally would.
    "Within a couple of hours, pencils are emailed to an address of the clients choosing. Perhaps at home or to a Blackberry so there is no need to stick around the office. Changes can be swiftly made and re-sent. Once the pencils are approved, the client can place their head on their pillow and peacefully snore while DAYS draw, confident that the finished colour illustrations will be waiting when they wake in the morning."
    Contact Mike Lind on the following:
    Tel: (02) 9699 6621
    Mobile: 0414 338 407
    E-mail: mike@drawasyousnore.com

    Thursday, July 05, 2007


    MTV Australia, via Lowe Hunt Sydney, has launched “Welcome Snoop”, a 19-part multi-platform campaign starring Snoop Dogg documenting the international superstar’s bid to become an Australian “citizen”. Over the next 7 weeks, television, online and mobile audiences can follow the music mogul’s transformation to become an upstanding Australian citizen.
    The creative team was Lowe Hunt’s Dejan Rasic, Rebecca Carrasco and Howard Collinge, who have since left the agency with Rasic and Carasco setting up their own shop with former LOwe Hunt MD, Ben Colman called Colman Rasic Carrasco.
    Directed by Plaza Films' Paul Middleditch the hilarious footage shows Snoop Dogg vying to become an upstanding Australian citizen. He buys a house in the conservative Vaucluse, upsetting the neighbours, and moves in with girlfriend Sophie Monk but is still flanked by a posse of girls. It shows Snoop having dinner with Monks’ parents, playing cricket, washing the dishes, struggling with the national anthem and cruising on the harbour at sunset.
    After coming to Australia to film the spots earlier in the year, Snoop started showing genuine interest in buying property in Australia so MTV invited him back to appear at the 2007 MTV Australia Video Music Awards in April. However, he was denied a visa because after an unlicensed gun was found in his car, an offence he pleaded guitly to and was let off with a community service commitment. The publicity that ensued following the visa denial prompted MTV to launch it “Vote for Snoop to Get Citinzship” with fans asked to sign an online petition (www.mtv.com.au/snoop) showing
    their support for Snoop.

    Client: MTV Networks Australia.
    Agency: Lowe Hunt, Sydney
    Creative Director: Dejan Rasic.
    Creative Team: Dejan Rasic, Rebecca Carrasco & Howard Collinge.
    Talent Liaison: India Bent, Happy Bash Communication
    Head of Production: Darren Bailey.
    Website: Liquid Protocol.
    Senior Producers: Charna Henry & Lisa Cordukes.
    Editors: Peter Whitmore, Kris Rees.
    Production Company: Plaza Films.
    Director: Paul Middleditch.
    Producer: Peter Masterton.
    Photographer: Andreas Smetana.
    Retouching: Electric Art.
    Sound: Sound Reservoir.
    MTV Creative Director: Vanessa Zuppicich.
    MTV Marketing Team: Colin Blake & Sam Coombes.
    MTV Managing Director: Dave Sibley.
    MTV Communications & Publicity Manager: Laura Vozzo.

    Wednesday, July 04, 2007


    JWT Melbourne has just released a new campaign for the latest Ford Falcon XR8 Ute, using the tagline: Falcon XR8 Ute. The power it gives blokes is unbelievable.
    The TV spot takes us on a journey into a world where blokes have more say. And we’re not talking your namby-pamby suit wearing type of blokes.
    It’s a world where the paper boy delivers rolled up garlic kebabs and widescreen plasmas come as a standard 280 inches.
    Andy Hoang, Ford’s marketing communications manager, says the ad, while aimed directly at blokes, doesn’t alienate the female audience.
    “It’s a fun ad that shows guys taking the mickey out of themselves and the things they hold dear. It’s an ad that will also make women laugh and probably roll their eyes when they recognize a few of their beloved’s own traits in the ad,” he said.
    The campaign consists of 1 x 60 sec TVC, 2 x 30 sec TVCs and various online executions.

    Agency: JWT Melbourne
    Title: Utopia
    Creative Director: Jeremy Wynne
    Copywriter: Scott Glennon
    Art Director: Jason Ryan
    Account Director: Ben Epstein
    Agency Producer: Tim Marxsen
    Director: Patrick Hughes
    Production Company: @radical.media
    Client: Andy Hoang


    Two different worlds of Football will meet this summer when David Beckham arrives in America to play for the LA Galaxy. In anticipation of his arrival, adidas created an opportunity for Beckham to meet American Football star Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints on the field, so that each could try his hand at the other’s game. The ‘Futbol meets Football’ campaign captures this first-time meeting between the two legendary sportsmen as they trade stories on life and sport while they each learn a new game.
    The concept was created and executed by adidas’ global advertising partner 180. The new campaign is a nod to the enduringly popular adidas/180 ‘Kicking it’ campaign from 2003, where Beckham met rugby player Jonny Wilkinson. This time round the campaign has come out of 180 LA - via the new Santa Monica office.
    ‘Futbol meets Football’ is a PR, online and viral campaign which consists of 15 documentary style films of varied length to be used for web and TV content - co-directed by Aussie expat Richard Bullock, joint ECD of 180 Amsterdam. The campaign also includes 50 stills shot by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer David Turnley, who collaborated with 180 earlier this year for the ‘Impossible is Nothing’ campaign. The meeting of the two athletes was deliberately unscripted to get a spontaneous and authentic result. All of the footage can be viewed on the:


  • “What makes this such a great idea and so uniquely adidas”, comments William Gelner, Executive Creative Director of 180 LA, “is just how down-to-earth and likeable the guys are in this whole experience. You get a unique insight into who they are. It totally captures the essence of adidas and the tone of the brand. Which is not about putting athletes on a pedestal and treating them like unattainable superstars; but about allowing them to be themselves. You can see what Beckham and Bush are really
    like as athletes- and as people. This unscripted way of working with athletes allows them have fun and to let loose. This is not advertising in the traditional sense; it’s about making content that’s compelling enough to create its own momentum.”

    Client: adidas USA
    Agency: 180 LA (180\TBWA)
    Richard Bullock: Executive Creative Director
    Andy Fackrell: Executive Creative Director
    William Gelner: Executive Creative Director
    Andy Nordfors - Art Director
    Peter McHugh - Copy Writer
    Tony Stearns - Senior Producer
    Photography: Orchard by Getty Images
    David Turnley: Photographer
    Production Company: Passion Pictures (London)
    Richard Bullock & Dan Gordon - Directors
    Russell McLean - Producer
    Alex Melman - DOP
    Editing: 180 Amsterdam
    Peter Warren - Editor
    Helen de Wit - Producer
    Post Production: The Mill (London)
    Jamie Wilkinson - Colourist
    Robin McGloin - Smoke Artist
    Darren O’Kelly - Post Producer