Tuesday, October 31, 2006


AWARD’s long-standing tribute to unparalleled junior creative stars, the Encouragement Award, has re-launched as ‘The Bob Isherwood Encouragement Award’ - and entries will close tomorrow, Wednesday November 1.
Isherwood is the inspirational Australian who has been Worldwide Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi for 10 years. Sponsoring this Award is highly appropriate given Isherwood’s reputation for spotting and engaging new talent. Previous winner of The Encouragement Award, Leo Premutico, (recently named Joint ECD Saatchi & Saatchi New York) will judge the entries and will also give out the AWARD pencil to the winner at the AWARD Presentation Evening at the Sydney Opera House on 8th November.
Earlier in his career, Isherwood spent six years as a creative Group Head for Young and Rubicam London, followed by 10 years with Collett Dickenson Pearce in its Heyday, during which time he won a very rare Black Pencil at D&AD for Parker Pens.
In 1982 Isherwood returned to Australia to become a founding partner of The Campaign Palace, Sydney. He joined Saatchi & Saatchi in 1986, partnering CD Ron Mather and was appointed Creative Director in 1989 when Mather left to go directing. He was appointed Chairman of the Worldwide Creative board in 1995, and Worldwide Creative Director and member of the Executive Board in 1996.
The Encouragement Award has honored young creatives since 1992, recognising those who have demonstrated an outstanding ability to answer briefs with a freshness of thought and creativity.

Eligibility Criteria
• Maximum three years in an agency creative department
• Nominations taken by Creative Directors or Agency Management only
• Australian and New Zealand Applicants only
• Submissions – on CD or Email
• Four examples of junior’s work, aired or published within the last 18 months –jpg/mpg
• One Written reference from Creative Director or Agency Management - .doc or pdf
• Entrant’s biography - .doc or pdf

Post CDs to: The Bob Isherwood Encouragement Award, c/o AWARD at QVB 1055 Sydney NSW 1230 or email submissions to lucymckee@awardonline.com.

Entries Due by Wednesday 1st November, 5pm

Monday, October 30, 2006


The London International Advertising Awards, honoring the best of advertising, interactive and design, today announced the Grand Prize Winner of their inaugural Young Creatives competition. Katrina Mercer of M&C Saatchi walked away with $10,000, a Statue and a trip to London for the Awards with her television spot, “Star Wars vs. Star Trek.
“The brief was simple,” explained Barbara Levy, President of London International Advertising Awards. “We wanted to get young people more involved in politics and they could use any medium they choose to express their idea in the competition.”
More than 100 bright young creatives from around the globe submitted their entries. So competition was keen. Katrina Mercer, who created the concept and wrote the commercial, really impressed the judges with her innovative and fresh approach to tackling the problem of political apathy among young people.
“I looked at the brief and got the idea that if young people could get so involved in movies like Stars Wars and Star Trek, shouldn’t they use that kind of enthusiasm in politics?,” said Mercer, who has been working at M&C Saatchi in Sydney for four years. “The hard part was getting it to fit into 30 seconds.”
Mercer will collect her statue at the London International Awards ceremony on November 6th at the Hammersmith Palais in London.
“We are very pleased with the quality of work for this year’s show. Katrina’s entry is just one good example. You can be sure that we will continue to hold a Young Creatives competition again in 2007,” said Barbara Levy.
A complete list of London International Award winners - including images and credits - is available November 6th at www.liaawards.com/winners


GPY&R Brisbane has lured Natalie Ambrosini for a Senior Art Director post. Previously with Clemenger Brisbane, Ambrosini has picked up a clutch of BAD’s, CREAMs and ADMA awards for work on business including Telstra, Ergon Energy and BoQ.
Emma Savage also joins as Senior Art Director - Interactive, from a stint freelancing and overseas work with Euro New York and Lowe London.
"Natalie has a proven track record of creative success and Emma will bring some serious interactive passion to the agency as well as decent global brand experience,” says Brisbane MD Phil McDonald.
"What's really exciting is that we are attracting people with real interactive and media neutral creative abilities - where most of our growth will come from in the future".

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Dear bloggers,

Below is an article written by Saatchi & Saatchi Australia executive creative director David Nobay about the CB Blog.
If you have an opinion about the blog you can either email me a brief paragraph or two, or if you have more to say, either for or against, feel free to elaborate at length.
I know there will be quite a few against, but if you have an opinion PRO the blog that is especially welcome to counter the argument put forward by Nobby.
Opinions will be published in Campaign Brief magazine first, then later on the blog (unless you specifically request otherwise) to encourage more attributed, and less anonymous, comments.
If you want to contribute to this (no negative anonymous comments will be used), I need your spiel to michael@campaignbrief.com by the end of this week, Friday 27th October.


PS: There are many things for which the CB Blog, with about 1100 hits a day, has played a central role: increasing AWARD and The One Club membership to record levels, getting OZ/NZ jurors on international award shows, promoting events with spectacular results, getting NZ into the Caxtons, informing the industry of news and people movements, showing and discussing good and average work, links to most TVC production companies, discussing issues (like AWARD judging recently) and keeping expats informed of what's going down back in OZ. To a lesser extent, some of the above may apply to the nz creative circle blog.



I’m not a big fan of the CB Blog. There, I’ve said it. Actually, a lot of
people in the business say it. But, like the Blog, it doesn’t matter. Because they’re essentially anonymous. I guess they’re not keen on drawing the Blog’s invariable fire: rather like outing a bully in class, only to get your head kicked in once the bell goes.

I suspect some in the industry at this point may suspect my motives are wholly Saatchi-centric. Sure, it’s true that our name does feature heavily on the Blog, but I accept that. We make more news than most, and with that news rightly comes opinion; good and bad. No, the reasons behind my point-of-view are (at least I’d like to think) more objective.

Firstly, in my opinion anyway, the CB Blog celebrates cowardice and, worse still, positively encourages bitchiness.

Rather than the veil of anonymity protecting the innocent, it allows anyone with an axe to grind – but no experience to back it up – full rein to vent their spleen. While I concede this may be mildly cathartic for those sorry souls who carry their chip on the shoulder (“I never got the good briefs/good job/right salary/fully formed penis/trip to Cannes”) like a heavily laden rucsac, I question how this ultimately makes our industry a smarter place to work. Worse still, it opens the door to targeted, professional sabotage. Don’t like the look of the competition at a particular agency? Forget the boring, old-fashioned method of trying to out-write and out-think them by penning a better ad. No, these days all you have to do is seed the notion on the Blog that the competition’s latest ad is a scam, and leave the rest to the good online townspeople of Salem. By the time the accused has rebuffed with sworn affidavits from their client, it’s too late, and the bonfire’s familiar crackle can already be heard (trust me, I’m still trying to get the smell of smoke out of my clothes!).

Before anyone suspects that the gallons of mint tea I consumed on my recent, annual detox has made me all mushy and holier-than-thou, hang on: I like a good stoush as much as anyone in this business and haven’t yet completely lost my sense of humour, (especially now I’m off the wagon at last). Actually, I admit about 1% of the Blog is a fucking hoot. But it’s also a very expensive, little joke: at a time when our industry is finding it harder than ever to be taken seriously by clients, the Blog is fuelling just the kind of catty, superficial crap that got us marginalised by big business as “adwankers” in the first place.

What do I mean by catty?

Well, look for yourself. How much of any issue on the Blog is debated with objectivity, wit or constructiveness? An easier calculation would be how much of it is puerile, misinformed, inarticulate ping-pong, played out by a lucky few juniors, unencumbered by the necessity to work more than 2hours a day? And it goes far beyond inane, but essentially harmless banter. Six months ago, the tone and content of the Blog dipped so frequently into homophobic, racist and legally slanderous territory that Lynchy decided to step in and pre-edit every day’s offerings before publishing them, in fear of being marched off to court. (Which begs the question, is a pre-screened, pre-edited blog even a real blog?)

Ironically, I’ve always held that one of the best things about working in Australia is the lack of anonymity in the business. At the expense of sounding a bit Californian, we genuinely boast an “Advertising Community” here, and that’s not to be taken for granted. When I worked in the States, for instance, you never had a clue who was doing what, let alone enjoyed the chance to meet up regularly over a beer, play fooseball and catch up with guys from rival shops at shows like Caxtons. Working in a relatively small pond should be a good thing. Admittedly, the proximity should make us more competitive; but surely not at the expense of our basic social skills. Sadly, these days when we do converge as an industry, you can tangibly sense the room eyeing each other up; deciding whether the guy grinning at you over his beer is also the bastard that called your campaign unmitigated shit, your dress sense laughable and your mother a she-goat on the morning’s Blog. Mass Paranoia! Cool, eh? Like it wasn’t enough when we just suspected it was the clients and research companies that hated us. (Speaking of folksy, little communities, I’m told the issue is even worse in NZ, where their Blog makes ours look like an online puff-pastry discussion group.)

My second and more pressing reason for discounting the Blog is arguably more selfish: it doesn’t add any value to my day – a day, which like most of you I’m sure, is sufficiently busy to expect that a ten minute online distraction would at least reward me with some nugget of useable knowledge beyond “I hear so and so is a twat and works for a crap agency, so there!”.

On the other hand, would I profit from a daily, online update on what the broad industry thinks about my work and that of others I respect? Absolutely. As creative people, perspective is our lifeblood. Without it we’re rudderless, (hence, the importance of international awards – but that’s another subject for another day!). Problem is, that’s my whole issue with the CB Blog: what value are all those hundreds of perspectives to me without any evidence of where they come from?

As the late, great John Webster skilfully illustrated in his legendary TV spot for the Guardian newspaper back in the eighties; a story told from different angles has very different meanings. Think I’m talking bollocks? Indulge me in this simple exercise: I’ll take a classic entry from today’s Blog, but credit it with four different authors. Is the insight the same? Is the impact consistent. If the subject was your work, would you care?

“I’ve seen this idea a hundred times before and the execution is crap”
David Droga

“I’ve seen this idea a hundred times before and the execution is crap”
John Singleton

“I’ve seen this idea a hundred times before and the execution is crap”
Trish Jones, AWARD SCHOOL student

“I’ve seen this idea a hundred times before and the execution is crap”
Howard Draft, DM Guru

The issue for me isn’t that one opinion is more worthy than another. All these hypothetical cases have a valid perspective to comment on a piece of creative work. The point is; the significance of each perspective changes with its author. And, as such, if I was a Blogger, my rebuff would change accordingly. Without knowing the source of the opinion, the CB Blog really is “the blind leading the blind” and as such pretty worthless as a source of information. Does that stop it being titillating? No, of course not. I have no doubt that, regardless of content, the site appeals on some level to the voyeur in all of us. But then so does roadkill and Chinese bear-baiting, so is that really a reason to exist?

Before I come off overly righteous here, yes, I admit it: I have cruised the Blog myself from time to time. I am a user; if infrequent. However, like President Clinton, I never inhale. As for the Saatchi creative department; I’ve instructed them to stay off the Blog unless they have something sufficiently mind-blowing to say that warrants including their name. To my knowledge, only Luke Chess has since regularly contributed (which suggests he’s either very profound, or that I need to talk to Traffic about giving him more work).

So, for the record, that’s my opinion: my perspective on the CB Blog. Granted, you may not agree. But at least you know it’s mine.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne has launched the latest VB instalment with a new TVC suggesting the moustache might just be the secret behind the world's greatest ever cricketers.
David Boon makes another appearance in the 30 second commercial which also gives reason to why Ricky Ponting and his boys lost the Ashes last time round - none of the players in the first 11 had a mo.
The commercial is the lead-up to this season's 'VB BOONANZA II - Battle of the Tashes' campaign that sees the return of the famous Talking Boony figurine alongside a new and improved Talking Beefy (Ian Botham) figurine.

Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
Copywriter: Josh Stephens
Art Director: Ben Coulson
Agency Producer: Simon Thomas
Production Company: Renegade Films
Director: Tony Rogers
Producer: Jen Livingston
Sound Design: Steve Williams


8 Commercials' director Paul Goldman's third feature film, Suburban Mayhem, opens nationally in cinemas this Thursday, 26th October.
The film has had huge success on the festival circuit. It had its world premiere at this years' Cannes Film Festival - an Official Selection in Un Certain Regard, then went to the Toronto International Film Festival, was the official closing night film at the recent Melbourne International Film Festival and is currently screening at the Chicago Film Festival.
Suburban Mayhem leads the nominations for the prestigious AFI Awards, it's 12 nominations include: Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actress.
The film was produced by Leah Churchill-Brown, written by first time screen writer Alice Bell and stars New Zealand actress Emily Barclay (In My Father's Den) in a much talked about powerhouse performance.
According to Margaret Pomeranz, from ABC's 'At the Movies', Suburnam Mayhem is the "best Australian film of the year". To view the trailer go to: http://www.suburbanmayhem.com/main.html
Paul Goldman is represented through 8 Commercials.


Adfest, the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, has confirmed that John Hunt, worldwide creative director of TBWA, will be the Chairman of the TV jury for next year's four day festival at Pattaya Beach, Thailand from 14-17 March.
Piyush Pandey, executive CD of Ogilvy & Mather India, will chair the Print jury and Linda Locke, regional ECD of Leo Burnett will chair Outdoor.
Hunt, who is based at TBWA\Hunt Lascaris in Johannesburg, was born in Zambia and educated in South Africa. He has been working in TBWA since 2003. Under his leadership, he has successfully reshaped the TBWA network and in the last few years, TBWA has been voted as Creative Network of the Year, both at Cannes and in numerous publications including Ad Age and Creativity. Most recently TBWA won 39 Lions at Cannes, and its Paris agency was Agency of the Year for a record fourth time.
Pandey is based at Ogilvy & Mather in Mumbai. Since 1994, under his leadership as a national creative director, Ogilvy & Mather has been named India's most creative agency ten times in the last eleven years. O&M India is now ranked amongst the most creative offices in the entire O&M worldwide network. And O&M India has also won a dozen Lions. In 2004, Piyush became the first Asian to be the president of Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival.
Linda Locke has been named amongst an elite global few, in Advertising Age International's feature story, ‘Women Breaking Barriers' and in October 2003, she was honoured with the prestigious Chairman's Award at the Singapore Creative Circle Awards. At the same award show in 2005, she was one of five individual recipients honoured with a Champion of the Creative Circle Award for her years of contribution to the industry. She was featured as one of the 16 most influential Creative Directors in Singapore. Linda is a highly awarded creative with over 300 awards to her name including a string of accolades from local, regional and international shows – she is a Gold Cannes Lion winner. This year Linda has been invited to be a part of the prestigious Cannes Lions judging panel.
The chairpersons and the jury will convene for a week next March at PEACH (Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall) Pattaya, Thailand, the hub of Thailand's East Coast. All the entries will be reviewed and results will be announced during AdFest on 14-17 March, 2007. The awards presentations will be held during the last two days.
According to Adfest's Jimmy Lam, the reason the festival is having different judging panels led by different Chairpersons, is for each judging panel, making up of creative leaders in the region, to focus on one award category: “We want the judges to have ample time, to crutinize each entry so as to identify and award the works that best represent the Asia Pacific region with great cultural differences and similarities. Judging creative works is a lot of hard work. We also want the judges to be able to enjoy the sun and fun of Pattaya, instead of getting stuck in a freezing room for five days to finish judging entries in all sort of different categories.”

Monday, October 23, 2006


Cougar’s new ‘Master the Cougar Arts’ ATL campaign, via agence George Patterson Y&R Melbourne, is already a big hit with Australian males and advertising critics alike - the odd CB Blogger excluded. Starring Barry ‘The Cougar’ Dawson, the campaign launched on Friday 8
September 2006 and was awarded the accolade of ‘Best TV Ad of the Week’ on the ‘Best Ads on TV’ website, as judged by the executive Creative Directors of Saatchi & Saatchi New York.
The Master the Cougar Arts campaign builds on the emotional connection between 18-24 year old males and the Cougar brand, utilising self deprecating humour and the retro style tone that has proven popular amongst this audience. The hero of the campaign is
Barry ‘The Cougar’ Dawson – a self proclaimed master of manliness who is slightly but obviously not as smooth as he would have us believe! Barry has even found himself on RSVP.com where he received requests for dates by two lovely ladies!
Master the Cougar Arts is Cougar’s biggest creative campaign since the brand was first made famous with the 2001 “Five Cougars Thanks” campaign via The Campaign Palace, Sydney.
“We are excited about the Master the Cougar Arts campaign,” said Brea Herde, Senior Cougar Brand Manager. “Barry Dawson has proven a hit with our target market. Master the Cougar Arts supports the brand’s position, making no demand of the consumer to
behave or feel differently, but to simply enjoy being who they are.”
Developed by the team at George Patterson Y&R Melbourne, the Master the Cougar Arts includes 2 x 30sec and 2 x 45sec TVC’s, magazine, outdoor, online and in-store elements.
To view the Master the Cougar Arts ads, please visit www.cougararts.com.au.

CD: James McGrath
Writer: Ant Keogh
Art Director: Grant Rutherford
Producer: Romanca Jasinski
Director: Steve Ayson
Producer: Claire Kelly
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
DoP: Greig Fraser
Casting: Kirsty McGregor/Adrian Dentice
Editor: Jack Hutchins
Sound: Level Two Music/Flagstaff Studio

Sunday, October 22, 2006


BMF Sydney celebrated its incredibly successful 10 years in business as one of Australia's biggest and most creative independent agencies with a party at Slide in Darlinghurst for staff, clients and loyal suppliers. 10 was the dress theme and a highlight of the night was the appearance of special guest Paul Mac at 10pm (of course).

Friday, October 20, 2006


CB Bloggers may recall an article on this blog about The Massive Joke. Well here's a follow-up.
After 10 days of bidding, seek.com.au has purchased The Massive Joke for a grand total of $610. Cummins & Partners, Melbourne copywriter, Jason Rose will now write, perform and record a stand-up comedy routine revolving around Seek in the coming week or so and then post it on YouTube.
"The goal was to see whether the concept would work and it certainly has," says Rose. "It was also great to get a mainstream company on board. At one stage I thought I'd have to ask the local fish and chips joint."
The question now is how popular the clip will be once it hits YouTube. If it is popular, it will also be interesting whether other companies will be keen to give it a go.


There’s a fine line between brave and brainless: The Drawing Book Studios toed this line with an advertisement during the Muslim cartoon riots last February, which leveraged the media hype surrounding the riots to state the obvious - Illustration gets noticed.
That was Matt Jackson’s first move as partner and director of new business at the Drawing Book. It was the business’s founder, Patrick Doab’s company strap line executed Jackson’s way. Which is what he will be doing more of in order to ensure that illustration booms again in the 21st century.
Says Jackson (right, with Doab): “Illustration, like advertising, thrives on exaggeration and metaphor. Photography provides proof of something that happened in the past, but illustration is free to portray what is possible in the future or even impossible. Some agencies need to be reminded of this now.”
Prior to becoming a Partner in Drawing Book, Jackson did five years hard time with DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi and BMF. Which he says helps immensely when it comes to understanding what clients need and, most importantly, when they need it.
This month the studio has launched a new book featuring beautiful reproductions of their artist’s work. The book is free to anyone who asks for it.
They also launched their new website in response to the industry wanting bigger samples that were easier to find. Go have a look now at drawingbook.com.au

Thursday, October 19, 2006


The Campaign Palace Melbourne has lost the prized Jeans West business, an account they have had for the past ten years, to Smart after a pitch. As a result, Smart has resigned the Jay Jays business.


University graduates have been targeted in a new marketing campaign designed to promote advertising as a career.
'Free Your Right Brain', the first-ever campaign promoting advertising to final year university graduates was developed by The Campaign Palace Sydney and integrated agency Wunderman, for the Advertising Federation of Australia.
Executive Creative Director of The Campaign Palace, Paul Fishlock (pictured) said the campaign draws on the scientific principle that the right brain is associated with creative thinking, intuition and imagination, while the left brain deals more in logic, numbers, critical thinking and analysis.
“The advertising industry wants to attract people who are in touch with both sides of their brain to work in an exciting creative business that thrives on diversity.” Fishlock said.
Initially, the campaign is designed to promote the 2007 AFA Advertising Graduate Trainee Program in which selected graduates undertake a nine-month traineeship in a leading advertising agency. Graduates can apply now for the traineeship via the website. www.freeyourrightbrain.com.au
Information nights on the program will be held in Sydney on 6 November at Saatchi & Saatchi and in Melbourne on 8 November at Leo Burnett.
Longer term, the campaign is designed to make advertising a more attractive career option for top graduates than professions such as accounting and law.
AFA Chairman Russel Howcroft, said the campaign would compete with increased efforts by other professions to attract the ‘best and brightest’ from university.
“Advertising, is an exciting and influential business. Brilliant advertising and branding are behind many of the great business success stories of our time.
“We are very excited about the campaign which will help graduates understand that advertising offers a wonderful career path especially for people who are both creative and business oriented.”
The Campaign Palace’s Sarah Jacobs, a 2005 trainee who worked on the Free Your Right Brain campaign, said the pace and diversity was what had attracted her to advertising.
“As a junior planner I am helping to build some of the most exciting advertising campaigns with some great brands. I am thrilled that ‘Free Your Right Brain’ will open the possibilities up to a whole new audience,” Ms Jacobs said.

About the AFA Graduate Trainee Program
The AFA Advertising Graduate Trainee Program has been operating for more than 20 years. It provides practical on-the-job training in a leading advertising agency for nine months.
Trainees work as account executives and gain exposure to account management, strategic planning, media, creative, and TV/print production. They are paid a basic salary over this period. Competition for the limited number of spaces available is very strong and graduates are expected to demonstrate superior communications skills and the ability to generate ideas.
Applications for the 2007 Program are now open and will close on November 17, 2006. Selection days will be held during December 2006, for further details and downloadable entry form visit www.freeyourrightbrain.com.au

Who is behind the Program?
The AFA represents more than 160 leading advertising and marketing communications agencies in Australia. It has recently implemented an Accreditation Program for agencies to help lift professional standards and promote training. Only accredited agencies can apply to take a trainee.
A team from The Campaign Palace led by Managing Director Lindsey Evans and Executive Creative Director Paul Fishlock volunteered to develop the ‘Free Your Right Brain’ campaign. Leading integrated agency Wunderman, part of the Y&R Brands Group, developed the website.
A series of fabulous photographs for the posters and website were captured by photographer Helen White who also generously donated her services.
Others who donated their services included Convenience Advertising and the Print Centre in Melbourne. The AFA is immensely grateful to all these companies for their talent and generosity.

Former Graduate Trainees now in leading roles:
Many former trainees have achieved senior positions in Australia's leading agencies: Matthew Melhuish CEO, BMF Advertising; Belinda Rowe, Managing Partner, Optimedia; Julian Martin, CEO & Head of Strategy, LOVE; Matt McGrath, CEO, Y&R Brands Australia and New Zealand; Matt Cumming, Interactive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi, Jane Connor, Client Services Director, Clemenger BBDO; Ben Lilley, Managing Partner, Smart.
Of the younger generation, former AFA Graduate Trainee at Saatchi & Saatchi, Tim Bullock is making a name for himself as a director at Prodigy Films. He won first prize at Tropfest in 2003, directed Yellow Pages, Virgin Blue commercials and the ‘No Gary, No’ spot for Nicorette, an episode of Bryan Brown’s ‘Two Twisted’ and is developing a series for Andrew Denton.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


After a recount at AWARD headquarters, George Patterson Y&R Melbourne now leads at the shortlist stage of the 2006 AWARD Awards, which will be presented on Wednesday November 8 at the Sydney Opera House.
Patts have 20 finalists, followed by Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland with 18, Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore and Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney with 14 apiece, Publicis Mojo Sydney with 13, and Colenso BBDO Auckland and DDB New Zealand with 12 apiece.
Other agencies worthy of a mention include Clemenger BBDO Wellington with 11, M&C Saatchi Sydney with 10, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore with 8, and 7 finalists apiece for Host/The Glue Society, Sydney, Lowe Hunt Sydney and Publicis Mojo Auckland.
Following the intensive judging sessions held last week in Sydney, a total of 308 finalists were selected, up by 15 on last year. Whilst finalists in print and outdoor took a considerable dive, a surge in Radio and Interactive finalists plus a moderate rise in TV has contributed to the shortlist. Entries went up nearly 20%, with agencies across Asia contributing largely to this surge.
Says DDB New Zealand ECD Paul Catmur, Chairman of Judges (pictured): “I’d like to thank those involved in chairing the juries and the organisers of the process led by Lucy Mckee. All decisions were aimed at producing a selection of AWARD finalists that were worthy of that accolade. The juries I saw had a great spirit and worked hard to ignore the politics and produce a book of which we could be proud as an industry. No doubt some will feel their babies have been treated harshly and others will dispute the right of certain ads to be in this exalted company, but it wouldn’t be an advertising award show were this not the case. The integrity of AWARD was our paramount concern. There were some great and worthy winners and I hope the industry will turn out to applaud them, be they Gold or Finalist, in what should be a great night at the Sydney Opera House.”
The AWARD Presentation Evening is being held on November 8th 2006 at The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, followed by a VIP Members Only gourmet cocktail evening in Guillaume at Bennelong. The After-Party at The Establishment follows, sponsored by The Sweet Shop. This year's special international guest is Trevor Beattie, creative partner of Beattie McGuinness Bungay, London.
For bookings visit www.awardonline.com. Bookings are coming in thick and fast, limited spots this year so don’t miss out!

For the full list of finalists go to: www.awardonline.com

1. George Patterson Y&R Melbourne (20)
2. Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand (18)
3. Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore (14)
3. Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney (14)
3. Publicis Mojo Sydney (14)
6. Colenso BBDO Auckland (12)
6. DDB New Zealand (12)
9. Clemenger BBDO Wellington (11)
9. M&C Saatchi Sydney (10)
10. Ogilvy & Mather Singapore (8)
11. Host/The Glue Society Sydney (7)
11. Lowe Hunt Sydney (7)
11. Publicis Mojo Auckland (7)
14. Creative Juice/GI Bangkok (6)
15. Smart Melbourne (5)
16. Leo Burnett Sydney (4)
16. Ogilvy Auckland (4)
16. Saatchi & Saatchi Kuala Lumpur (4)
19. BMF Sydney (3)
19. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne (3)
19. JEH United Bangkok (3)
19. Marketforce Perth (3)
19. NetX Sydney (3)
19. The Campaign Palace Melbourne (3)
25. Clemenger Proximity Sydney (2)
25. DDB Sydney (2)
25. JWT Manila (2)
25. Leo Burnett Melbourne (2)
25. McCann Erickson Kuala Lumpur (2)
25. McCann Erickson Mumbai (2)
25. McCann Erickson Singapore (2)
25. M&C Saatchi Melbourne (2)
25. Naga DDB Kuala Lumpur (2)

*Agencies are not credited with Craft finalists, unless agency produced. ie: copywriting, art direction, typography, etc.

1. Australia (162)
2. New Zealand (87)
3. Singapore (29)
4. Malaysia (10)
5. Thailand (9)
6. India (3)
7. China (2)
7. Korea (2)
7. Philippines (2)

1. Sydney (110)
2. Auckland (76)
3. Melbourne (45)
4. Singapore (29)
5. Wellington (11)
6. Kuala Lumpur (10)
7. Bangkok (9)
8. Mumbai (3)
8. Perth (3)
10. Adelaide (2)
10. Makati City (2)
10. Seoul (2)
10. Shanghai (2)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Health insurer MBF is launching a new fully integrated advertising campaign via BMF Sydney, to position the company in personal lifestyle protection.
BMF created the new campaign titled ‘Journey’ and the first television commercials are scheduled to go to air from Sunday (22 October). The commercials include 60 sec, 30 sec and 15 sec executions. The campaign will also launch with bus, cinema and POS.
The creative idea shows how MBF can help customers navigate the unexpected events of life with its range of dynamic product options.
“It was a great opportunity for us to break category conventions in a competitive market where MBF is determined to achieve differentiation,” said Warren Brown, Executive Creative Director, BMF. “The MBF commercial uses surprising ‘in camera’ stunts and effects to depict the unexpected events that can pop up in life.”
Sets and props inflate, slide, spring and pop up throughout the commercials to create a fresh and distinctive look for the brand.
“It’s our first major campaign for MBF since we won the account and we’re very excited about taking this positive step with them,” said Matthew Melhuish, CEO BMF.

Executive Creative Director: Warren Brown
Art Directors: Simon Langley and Dale McGuiness
Copywriters: Richard Morgan and Dennis Koutoulogenis
Account Management: Alita McMenamin
Agency Producer: Whitney Hawthorn
Director: Andy Lambert
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Strategic Planners: Jeremy Nicholas and Christina Aventi
Clients: Wendy Baylis, Jane Calder, Jo Hay
Media Agency: Mitchell & Partners

Monday, October 16, 2006


Mark Mackay has been named Chief Executive Officer of George Patterson Y&R. The former CEO of The Campaign Palace will also assume the role of managing director of the agency's Sydney office.
The move completes a major restructuring of George Patterson Y&R management by Y&R brands CEO Matt McGrath, which included the recent appointments of AFA Chairman Russell Howcroft to run the Melbourne office and Phil McDonald to lead the Brisbane team.
McGrath said the agency now had an outstanding senior management team to
manage and grow its business: "We have three executives with proven track records in Australia, London and Asia. Collectively they have worked for some of the best, and most creatively awarded agencies in the world. This team will provide GPY&R with the creative and business focus to maintain its leadership of the Australian industry.
Mark Mackay has been a key player in The Campaign Palace for the past 15 years after completing stints with Saatchi and Saatchi in Sydney and London. Mackay has worked with leading creatives Gough and Waterhouse, Hunt, Bunton, Mather across acclaimed campaigns for the Commonwealth Bank, Target, Fuji and Meat & Livestock.
"Mark will bring to GPY&R a passion for and understanding of great creative work. We expect he will have a major influence on our approach to our business," says McGrath.
Mackay said that "after 15 fantastic years at The Palace it was time to step up to the challenge of running the country's leading agency.
"I've long admired Patts and their ability to work deeply with some of the country's leading corporates. And I'm particularly looking forward to adding a strong culture of creativity throughout the organization."
Russel Howcroft will lead a revamped line-up at GPY&R Melbourne from next month. To make up for the departure of ECD James McGrath, together with the imminent departures of top creatives Ant Keogh, Grant Rutherford and Josh Stephens, the agency has engaged Sydney based award winning creative teams Mick Hunter and Ian Morton and Tim Hall on a consultancy basis to bolster the agency's five existing teams.
In Brisbane Phil McDonald has rebuilt the agency team since joining in August with the recruitment of new senior management. They include David Evans as strategic director, Stuart Edwards to head Interactive and Tim Green as creative director.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


After fifteen successful years running Beamo Studios and Revolution Music, composer Brian Beamish has sold his music and sound recording companies to the Sandcastle Film Group, headed by Chris Cudlipp (pictured).
Beamish will continue to write and arrange music through Beamo, alongside the talented roster of composers Paul Gray, Brendan St Ledger and Vince Pizzinga.
“I’ve been trying to do too much,” said Beamish. “I love composing and haven’t been doing it enough recently. Running both Beamo and my ‘Best Ads On TV’ website has kept me out of the studio. With Chris taking over Beamo and our recording and publishing label Revolution Music, I can do more of what I love, composing music”.
The Sandcastle Film Group has wanted to invest in a music and post studio for some time but was prepared to wait for the right opportunity. “I believe Beamo has the best roster of composers in the country.” said Cudlipp. “Paul, Brendan, Vince and Brian are all exceptionally talented musicians. Their diverse styles mean Beamo can write, arrange and perform music in any genre.”
Beamish is happy that someone as experienced as Cudlipp is taking over. “Chris’ background as an award winning copywriter, creative director and director means he completely understands what creatives and producers want from a music and sound studio.”
“It’s a great business,” said Cudlipp. “We’ll continue to offer agencies a complete music and sound post solution, as well as specialised services in music supervision, music licencing, song searches and voice casting. I know our composers, sound designers, engineers and producers will bring something special to every project.”
But Cudlipp is adamant about one thing. “Unlike other studios, there will be no ghost writing at Beamo. I can guarantee that when clients come to Beamo they will be getting a score from the composer they brief, not from some anonymous junior, which is a worrying trend that’s crept into the industry recently.”
With five impeccably equipped studios in McMahons Point just off the Harbour Bridge and a studio in LA, Cudlipp is expecting strong growth for Beamo and Revolution Music.

Friday, October 13, 2006


International award winning offline editor Johanna Scott has joined digitalpictures in Melbourne.
Australian born Johanna has been based in London for ten years, and spent the last five cutting full time at Steve Gandolfi's Cut and Run, one of the premier offline editing companies in the world with offices in London, New York and LA.
At the Broadcast B+ 2004 awards Johanna was nominated as Best British Young editor.
Whilst at Cut and Run Johanna cut tvc's, music videos and short films, notably her work was again recognised at this year's BAFTA awards with the nomination of 'Heavy Metal Drummer' for Best Short film.
Her talent and versatility is demonstrated with clients ranging from international production company heavyweights, Hungryman Films and Morton Jankel Zander (MJZ) to corporate giants, Exxon, British Gas, LG through to international music acts such as Faithless and Dirty Pretty Things.
Johanna joins other new talents at DP such as online editor Eugene Richards and online designer Nathan Bayliss.
"Jo Scott is a first class editor who is dearly missed at Cut and Run. In the last 10 years our editors have been voted the top UK editors seven times and are also consistently voted in the top 5 in the world. Jo was nominated Best British Young Editor during her time at Cut and Run and also recieved a nomination for a short film at the BAFTA's - which is a tremendous effort and shows her depth of editing talent. She is a real superstar and I wish her well cutting at digitalpictures,” says Steve Gandolfi.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


CB hears James McGrath is taking leave of his ECD gig at George Patterson Y&R Melbourne rather earlier than anticipated, so both he and Patts CEO Anthony Heraghty will be having farewell drinks tomorrow night.
The hunt is still on for McGrath's replacement.


Leo Burnett creative team Kate Burt (copywriter) and Peter Majarich (art director) have won the 2006 AFA Youngbloods Creative Competition.
The brief asked young creatives to develop a banner ad to raise awareness of services provided by Reach Out!
The competition aimed to offer support for students suffering from exam time stress.
Youngbloods chairman Jim Aetopoulos said the level of entries was very competitive, and that Burt's and Majarich's work was brilliantly simple in its ability to get the message across to students who may be stressing out during exam time. That help and advice is available to them through reachout.com.au.
He added that the winners were lucky enough to receive a meat tray for their efforts, but most importantly they receive a lot of publicity and gain creative credibility from winning the competition.
The banner will go live in a couple of weeks.
Reach Out! is a web-based service that helps young people aged 16 - 25 by offering support and information on issues such as eating disorders, depression, managing anxiety and particularly the extra stress associated with exams.


Melbourne based creative duo Paul Taylor (right) and Tony Banks (left) have formed a consultancy called Day & Age, which will work with agencies (including Sydney based Host) and marketing companies on a wide range of projects from advertising to product development to television shows. The company will be set up on the similar lines as The Glue Society and Droga5.
Banks quit M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, where he was head of art, a few months back while Taylor has been CD at M&C Saatchi based in LA for the last two years. Before that Taylor was CD at M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, where the pair oversaw an award-winning period for the likes of ANZ, Berri and TXU. M&C Saatchi, Melbourne was CB Agency of the Year in 2001.


bestads has just launched a new monthly online awards event. Each month the featured TV & print work will be judged by a small online panel of highly respected creative minds from around the world. From a shortlist of the month’s featured TV spots and print / outdoor campaigns the jury will award the global gold, silver & bronze awards.

The Judges for September 2006:

Danny Brooke-Taylor
Joint Creative Director, TBWA\London

Kevin Roddy
Executive Creative Director, BBH New York

Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico
Executive Creative Directors, Saatchi & Saatchi New York

Nick Worthington (pictured)
Executive Creative Director, Publicis Mojo New Zealand

Mike Barnwell
Executive Creative Director, Grey Worldwide SA

Claudia Southgate & Verity Fenner
Senior Creative Team, BBH London

Sylvain Thirache
Executive Creative Director, DDB Paris

Matt Eastwood
National Creative Director/Vice Chairman DDB, Sydney

Jeremy Craigen
Creative Director, DDB London

A new page on the site records winners (& judges).



The 2006 Perth Advertising & Design Club Awards will be held on Saturday, October 28.
To give the awards the cache they deserve, the Awards show will be in Winthrop Hall at the University of WA, starting with a pre-event cocktail soiree at 6:30 pm. The After Party, with a sense of flair befitting the PADC, is a short walk across University grounds to the University Club.
Like last year you can come to the Award Presentation and stay on for the After Party or just choose to do one or the other.

Cocktail Party and Award Presentation:
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Winthrop Hall
University of Western Australia

After Party:
9:30 pm - 01:00 am
The University Club
University of Western Australia


Cocktail Party & Award Presentation only:
• PADC Members @ $65:00 p/person
• PADC student members @ $30:00 p/person
• Non-Members @ $75:00 p/person
• Student non-members @ $40:00 p/person

After Party only - includes substantial food and responsible service of beverage:
• PADC Members @ $80:00 p/person
• PADC student members @ $50.00 p/person
• Non-Members @ $95.00 p/person
• Student non-members @ $60.00 p/person

Combination ticket (Award Presentation & After Party):
• PADC Members @ $120:00 p/person
• PADC student members @ $65.00 p/person
• Non-Members @ $150.00 p/person
• Student non-members @ $75.00 p/person

Tickets are to be booked via email only - admin@padc.com.au .

At that time a tax invoice will be issued and once payment is received tickets will be dispatched.

RSVP not later than Wednesday 25 October
E: admin@padc.com.au
M: 0419 723 801

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Sydney digital agency NetX has once again delved into the ‘offline’ advertising world and appointed two creatives as the agency continues to strengthen its creative depth, following the appointment of Executive Creative Director Shaun Branagan earlier this year.
Ben Pearce joins NetX as Art Director and Patrick Tonkin joins as Copywriter after completing this year’s
AWARD school.
Their appointment follows that of Lead Creative Josh Rowe, who joined NetX last month.
Prior to AWARD school Pearce spent time at the Launchpad at DDB working on campaigns for McDonald’s, Continental and Energizer. Prior to DDB he was Art Director at Red Pepper Design, the design arm of Macquarie University’s in‐house creative company, working with university departments and a number of external clients.
He started his career as a designer at McCorkell & Associates and has also worked at humidity and The Twelfth Man and has freelanced at a number of agencies.
Tonkin was previously with Lincinc Productions as a Designer / Writer where he worked on Telstra and BigPond. He has written and directed several short films, produced soundtracks for various directors , short films and websites and had short stories published in Idiom 23.
“Ben and Pat have diverse backgrounds and are a natural fit for NetX as it becomes an ideas company. We are increasingly being asked by clients to lead the creative strategy on various campaigns and it is important to have depth not just in digital creative talent but also big brand ideas. Ben and Pat will help lead us in that direction,” Shaun Branagan said.
“The creative resource we are building at NetX will not be able to be matched by any other digital agency and gives us a distinct competitive advantage.”


CB hears that the George Patterson Y&R Melbourne suit on Fosters, group account director Paul McMillan, has resigned. Speculation is that he will eventually team up with 'Big Ad' boys Ant Keogh and Grant Rutherford (and possibly 'Boony' Josh Stephens), all of whom resigned a couple of weeks back, to form a new agency.
All four are still at the agency - at least for the next four weeks, but no one, of course, is returning calls...

Monday, October 09, 2006


A new era for AWARD launches on Wednesday November 8th at the Sydney Opera House with its biggest membership ever celebrating the best creative work of the year.
After a pre-presentation cocktails in the northern foyers The AWARD Presentation will be held in the Opera House Concert Hall, which will be open to everyone in the industry. A VIP AWARD Members and Sponsors equisite gourmet cocktail party follows in Guillaume at Bennelong, with the after-party at The Establishment sponsored by The Sweet Shop.
Among a host of local and overseas luminaries Trevor Beattie, of Beattie McGuinness Bungay, London (pictured with Nelson Mandela) will be AWARD’s special guest on the night. Beattie, while at TBWA London, has been responsible for a string of extremely visible, award winning, talked about advertising campaigns such as FCUK, Sony PlayStation and Wonderbra.
AWARD Entries are at record levels, with works from Asia contributing to a particular surge in print. ‘None of the Above’ has risen by 50% which should provide some interesting cases for the new judging panel formulated specifically for this category. AWARD Finalists will be released Monday 16th October 2006.

AWARD 2006 Presentation Evening
Wednesday 8th November, at 6.30pm
The Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
Dress: Black Tie

AWARD VIP Member Ticket A$250 + GST
Includes Pre-presentation Cocktail Party at The Opera House, VIP seats at the AWARD Awards Presentation at The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, VIP Members Only equisite gourmet Cocktail Party with gourmet food in Guillaume at Bennelong, plus entry to the exclusive After-party at The Establishment, sponsored by The Sweet Shop.

NB: Limited tickets, first in best dressed. Some ‘life-partner’ tickets available upon request.

Non-Member Tickets $80 + GST
Includes Pre-presentation Cocktail Party at The Opera House and AWARD Awards Presentation.

RSVP: 20th October, 2006
Contact AWARD on +61 2 8297 3877 or email award@awardonline.com http;//www.awardonline.com

NOTE: OVERSEAS AND INTERSTATE DELEGATES. If you are coming to AWARD, why not come one day earlier and attend Campaign Brief's YoungGuns/AWARD Melbourne Cup Lunch in Sydney on Tuesday 7th November. Special guests Trevor Beattie and Chuck McBride, ECD of TBWA\Chiat\Day North America plus a host of other YoungGuns judges from around the world. There are limited invites available. Contact Lynchy at michael@campaignbrief.com


Just got these figures in from the girls at D&AD, and even though the Poms still control the numbers at their own D&AD Global Awards, it's some consolation for Australia - and testament to our stature in world advertising today - that we are ranked third in terms of number of judges for 2007.....



Philip Thomas has been appointed CEO of the Cannes Lions awards, filling the spot vacated after Penny Reid's July resignation. Thomas was most recently managing director of EMAP Media. Longstanding festival organizer Carolyn Lowery, most recently operations director, is taking over as festival director.
“I am pleased to welcome Phil to this important role, which will see him working alongside me in developing Cannes, Eurobest and our recently announced award event in Dubai, the Dubai Lynx,” commented Australia's Terry Savage, Executive Chairman of the Festival.


The opportunity for the world’s outstanding creative talent to shine has arrived with the launch of the D&AD Global Awards 2007 Call for Entries. Widely considered the world’s toughest and most coveted award to win, the Yellow Pencil is the global symbol of creative excellence.
In their 45th year, the awards span all areas of commercial creativity, from the traditional advertising and design disciplines, to ambient, interactive, gaming, music videos and emerging online categories.
“This year’s line-up of foremen is both formidable and inspiring. From David Nobay in Radio Advertising to past D&AD Presidents John Hegarty, Michael Johnson, Martin Lambie-Nairn, and Michael Wolff," said D&AD Chief Executive Michael Hockney. “Anyone with a passion for their work and a desire to showcase their talent on a global stage will enter the D&AD Global Awards.”
Eligibility: Work must have been broadcast, published or launched between 1 January and 31 December 2006.
Further information: www.dandad.org/awards07


AWARD is expecting a full house for their a VIP Cocktail Evening to welcome the 2006 AWARD judges, including Leo Burnett worldwide CD, Mark Tutssel (pictured) this Wednesday 11th October from 6.30pm at The Water Bar Blue Hotel in Sydney (formerly the W Hotel on Woolloomoloo Wharf).
Other judges from the region include Jureeporn Thaidumrong from JEH United, Bangkok, currently the most awarded woman CD in the world, Prasoon Joshi from McCann Erickson India, Thirasek Tanapatanakul from Creative Juice/GI, Bangkok, Ted Lim from Naga DDB, KL and Hirofumi Nakajima from TBWA Tokyo, plus a host of top names from Australia and New Zealand.
The event is sponsored by @radical.media and supported by Campaign Brief.
All members must book tickets even though they are FREE ($50 + GST for non members), but there are very limited tickets available.
Contact Pauline on (02) 82973877, fax: (02) 82973801 or email angelika@awardonline.com


After last year's opening of the jury system to the world and the subsequent success of Australia at D&AD this year (four Yellow Pencils), at this stage there are a record ten Australians picked for D&AD Global Awards jury duty next year. As reported earlier, David Nobay, ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney has been elected foreman of the Radio jury.
The Aussie list of jurors so far comprises:
James McGrath (pictured), ECD of George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne -- TV & CINEMA
Darren Spiller, national ECD of Publicis Mojo -- POSTER ADVERTISING
Danny Searle, ECD of Clemenger BBDO, Sydney -- PRESS ADVERTISING
David Nobay, ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney -- RADIO (foreman)
Matt Devine, The Glue Society, Sydney -- INTEGRATED
Bob Mackintosh, Host, Sydney -- Viral
Gary Freedman, The Glue Society, NYC -- TV & CINEMA CRAFTS
Gary Dawson, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney -- WRITING FOR ADVERTISING
James de Vries, De Luxe & Associates, Sydney -- MAGAZINE & NEWSPAPER DESIGN
Julian Wolkenstein -- PHOTOGRAPHY
At this stage, three of the five Kiwis have been confirmed: Darryl Parsons from Consortium, Auckland on the Radio jury, Karen Maurice O'Leary from TBWA\Whybin, Auckland on the Ambient jury and Catherine Griffiths of Epitome Type & Design for Typography.


World-first opportunity for a company to embed itself at the centre of a stand-up comedy routine to be posted on YouTube.
Cummins & Partners Melbourne copywriter and stand-up comedian Jason Rose has launched a website – themassivejoke.com – that offers a unique opportunity for a company to promote itself on YouTube. The site will auction off the chance for a business to place itself at the centre of a stand-up comedy routine that Jason Rose will perform and record at a live comedy venue and then post on the video-sharing site.
In recent times, numerous companies have begun exploring how to take advantage of the more than 70 million video clips that are viewed on YouTube every day. However, as big businesses, they have all struggled to engage with YouTube’s users who visit the site because its content is the very antithesis of big business. themassivejoke.com is perhaps the first YouTube advertising model that recognises this.
Says Rose: “Brands all around the world are grappling with how to turn YouTube into a viable advertising medium without destroying why it’s so popular – because it is genuinely user-generated. The Massive Joke harnesses the commercial potential of YouTube while staying true to the home-made, unfiltered and totally random nature of YouTube’s soul.
“This is definitely only for a brave brand. It’s for a brand that wants to get famous by being on the cutting-edge of the global phenomenon that is YouTube while also showing it has the balls to genuinely embrace consumer-generated content,” he says.
Prior to working in advertising, Rose was the head comedy writer for a top-rating Melbourne breakfast radio show. He has performed hundreds of stand-up comedy gigs around Australia, including two shows at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and has also performed live on both radio and television.
Bidding on themassivejoke.com commences on October 9 for 10 days.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


ALERT - Entries for the 6th YoungGuns International Awards close this Friday October 13th. Follow the instructions at www.ygaward.com to make sure you get your work entered in time; and be in the running to win the huge US$20,000 first prize as the 2006 YoungGun of the Year (there are no additional uploading charges for entering your work ONLINE).
Chuck McBride (ECD of TBWA\Chiat\Day North America) is the overall YoungGuns Jury Chairman this year and along with a select number of regional jury chairmen from around the world, will be flown to Sydney in early November to deliberate and decide on the bullet-winners and the overall winner for this year’s show. For further information, please contact livia@ygaward.com or visit www.ygaward.com


The phenomenon that was Talking Boony returns this summer for the 3 Mobile Ashes Series and another massive, fully integrated, VB promotion bia agency George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne.
This year, it’s the ‘Battle of the Tashes’ and Boony has brought an old mate along – legendary English cricketer Ian ‘Beefy’ Botham. Boonanza II – ‘The Battle of the Tashes’ will be VB’s biggest promotion yet, giving thousands of VB drinkers the opportunity to purchase their very own Talking Boony and Talking Beefy figurines. VB drinkers will also have the chance to win some awesome prizes including one of 100 JVC 40-inch LCD televisions and purchase discounted VB ‘Boony Army’ retro supporter gear, ensuring cricket grounds across the country are awash with ‘Green and Gold’. Last year’s VB Boonanza promotion captured the imagination of the country. Around 200,000 Talking Boony figurines were snapped up, sold for up to $230 on eBay and ended up in lounge rooms and coffee tables all over Australia. Everyone was talking about it – from boardrooms and sporting clubs to newspapers and blog sites. But for Foster’s the success of Boonanza I lay in the uplift in sales of VB for the duration of the promotion. Boonanza wasn’t only a reward for loyalist VB drinkers, but it also recruited new drinkers to the VB franchise, continuing the reinvigoration of Australia’s favourite beer.
“After the enormous success of last year’s campaign we just had to bring Talking Boony back,” said Ben Wicks, Marketing Manager VB, Foster’s Australia. “VB’s Boonanza II – ‘The Battle of the Tashes’ picks up where Boonanza I left off and this year it is bigger and better. Not only does Boonanza II pay homage to the incredible cricketing rivalry between Australia and England but it also honours an important legacy of 1980s cricket - the moustache. And who better to be perched upon a VB can representing their respective countries than David Boon and Ian Botham - two of the game’s greatest characters, players, and all-round good blokes who possessed the most outstanding ‘tashes’ of the era!”
The on-pack promotion rolls out to liquor stores nationwide from October and based on the demand for Talking Boony last summer, stocks won’t last long – that’s why VB has produced more than double the number of figurines this summer. Close to 400,000 pairs of Talking Beefy and Talking Boony figurines are now ready to be collected by VB drinkers and cricket lovers alike.
Two TVCs have been created to build understanding, interest, and engagement in Boonanza II. The first, titled “The Tash”, which airs on 22 October, features current Australian cricketers Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden, Jason Gillespie and Simon Katich. The ad humorously claims that the moustache is cricket’s best kept secret weapon, a fact that David Boon has always known and that the current Australian Cricket Team learnt to their detriment last year when they lost the Ashes since there wasn’t a single mo among them. The second TVC, “Battle of the Tashes”, supports the promotion and introduces Ian Botham as a fitting opponent to Talking Boony for Boonanza II.
Point of sale, on-premise instant-win competitions, on-ground activity and signage throughout the 3 Mobile Ashes series plus a dedicated website and an extensive public relations program support will support the promotion below the line.
“The rivalry between England and Australia for the Ashes was what inspired us to team up Boony with a Pommy mate this year – and who better than Ian Botham? Boony and Beefy have had a number of sporting clashes over the years and we wanted to bring that friendly rivalry and banter into lounge rooms over the summer. With the eyes of the nation expected to be glued to the screen for this year’s 3 Mobile Ashes series, GPY&R and the VB team believe it is going to be an absolutely huge summer, “said Paul McMillan, Group Account Director, GPY&R Melbourne. Boonanza II pays tribute to the glory days of test cricket, the Talking Boony and Talking Beefy figurines hark back to their 1980s hey-days, dressed in Test Match whites, proudly sporting their signature moustaches and ready for the Ashes battle ahead. Using advanced infrared technology, in-built timers will trigger commentary between the figurines. Another new feature is the push button, which allows each figurine to talk on demand. Extended life batteries that can be easily replaced will mean Talking Boony and Beefy can live on forever… we’ll drink to that! Pairs of Talking Boony and Talking Beefy figurines are available by purchasing two VB promotional cartons. Each carton has a unique code, and two cartons/codes are required to place an order, via SMS on 1971 1235, phone 1902 911 235 or online at www.boonanza.com.au. Figurine pairs cost $12 plus postage and handling. The unique codes can also be used to purchase official Boony Army merchandise at a discounted price through the boonanza website.
Visit www.boonanza.com.au for more information about VB’s Boonanza II, the ‘Battle of the Tashes’.


The Sweet Shop director, Kezia Barnett has won the award for ‘Best Commercial Spot’ at the LA Shorts Fest.
Her commercial titled ‘Love Story’ for Australian shirt brand, Herringbone via Arnold Worldwide (now The Furnace), Sydney took out the top commercials prize at the Hollywood festival - the largest short film fest in the world.
The festival gets global recognition and attracts more then 10,000 moviegoers, filmmakers and entertainment exec’s with festival winners in primary categories eligible for Academy Award nomination.
Barnett, who has been with The Sweet Shop for two years, has received glowing recognition for this commercial. ‘Love Story’ along with her other tvc's and raft of award winning music videos cemented her inclusion into the Saatchi & Saatchi Young Directors showcase in 2005. She was also named the Young Director of the Year at the Gongs last year.
For more information about the festival see http://www.lashortsfest.com/
Contact Paul Prince for a reel - prince@thesweetshop.tv


Director Ben Lawrence from Caravan Pictures in Sydney has shot a charity job for the Animal Liberation Movement to coincide with a campaign called NO CAGED EGGS, to increase awareness about the treatment of battery hens in this country.
The spot was released on the internet and is rapidly developing momentum, 3AW's Derryn Hinch described the commercial as "powerful". Ideally, Lawrence is hoping to get the spot played as a CSA through commercial TV networks and through a national cinema advertising chain.
Client: Animal Liberation Movement
Creative Team: Adam Hunt, Maureen McCabe, Lisa McLeod and Paul Carter
Director: Ben Lawrence
Producer: Emma Lawrence
Production Company: Caravan Pictures
DoP: David Williamson

Friday, October 06, 2006


After only 18 months as Chairman of Clemenger BBDO/Melbourne, Ron Mather has decided to leave the agency at the end of October.
With the recent appointments of James McGrath and Tony Greenwood, as Executive Creative Director and Group Creative Director respectively, to the agency’s creative department, Mather says he feels his work at Clemenger BBDO/Melbourne is done.
“James McGrath, who is joining Clemenger BBDO as Executive Creative Director, is a great talent and Tony Greenwood is a creative I have admired for years,” says Mather.
“Having one of these guys in your department would be great. Having two of them is very special. Add to that, new Managing Director, Peter Biggs, and you have a potent combination.”
Mather said he enjoyed his time at Clemenger BBDO which, although short -lived, was quite fruitful. Creating the Government World Class Performance Campaign last year, helping create a very successful campaign for Dulux and hiring Tony Greenwood were among his highlights.
Although he enjoyed the title of ‘Chairman’, Ron says he’s “not ready to sit down just yet”.
Biggs paid tribute to Ron and his contribution to Clemenger BBDO/Melbourne: “We have been very fortunate to have had an advertising legend like Ron Mather as part of the agency for the last year and a half. He has played an important role throughout a time of transition at the agency. We thank him and wish him well.”

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Lowe + Draft NZ’s campaign to launch Vodafone’s Broadband offering and vodem device was revealed this week.
The campaign includes the 45” ‘Liquid Freedom’ TVC, interactive campaigns to seed the offering among technology opinion leaders and the online public (www.vodem.co.nz & www.liquiding.co.nz), outdoor executions and a series of vodem skins in place of traditional magazine advertising.
The vodem is a small, stylishly designed mobile USB broadband modem that can be used on any computer, anywhere with 3G coverage.
Breaking with category conventions, the strategy to ‘market vodem like a modem’s never been marketed’ has resulted in a campaign which avoids the standard technological prattle and instead heads straight for the emotional jugular.
Lowe led the platform’s launch, creating the name ‘vodem’ which has been picked up internationally, designing the packaging for both the vodem and VMC PC card devices, and generating all advertising from television through to retail press.
The television commercial was dirrected by Richard Gibson via Luscious International and post produced at Emerald City in Sydney. The music featured in the commercial is an original track written by Elemeno P Guitarist Justyn Pilbrow and featuring vocal by Stellar*’s Boh Runga.

Creative Director: Josh Moore
Creative Planner: James Hurman
Art Director: Leisa Wall
Writer: Jane Jamieson
Interactive CD: Tom Markham
Head of TV: Jackie Clark
Director: Richard Gibson for Luscious International
Producers: Andrew Morris & Lucas Jenner
Post Production: Emerald City
Music: Justyn Pilbrow for Soundtrax
Making-of Director: Ant McPhail
Photography: Chris Lewis
Retouching: The Lounge
Skin Design: Steven Cicala


DDB Sydney and Tribal DDB have launched a new integrated campaign for Gatorade, playing on the growing rivalry between the Poms and the Aussies as this summer’s Ashes showdown approaches.
With TVCs scheduled to air during the forthcoming football grand final, the campaign also involves the launch of a new website www.isitinyou.com.au and a competition to win prized Ashes tickets.
As fans visit the new site they are greeted by a tirade from a Barmy Army lout, followed by a response from a lovable Aussie yob called Yabba - who encourages fans to ‘Join the Aussie Posse to pound the Poms.”
While the Barmy Army fan mocks the lack of creativity in the chanting and singing seen at most Australian sports matches, users can take the matter into their own hands and personalise a sledge to send to their mates. They can then also watch the “Aussie Posse” in training and enter the competition to win the sought-after Ashes tickets.

The DDB Team:
Creative Director: Matt Eastwood          
Creative team: Edward James and Justin Carew
Director: Sean Ascroft       
Production: Honae MacNeil                     
DDB Business Mgmt: Elisabeth Smith
The Tribal DDB Team:
Creative Directosr: Thorsten Hayer, Aaron Turk
Strategic Director: Aaron Michie
Creative team: Thorsten Hayer, Ed Stuckey, Patrick Visser
Tribal DDB Business Mgmt: Cathy Peare           
Media: Eighty K’s Catherine Barnard


"Now that everything's different, nothing's changed"
Born in 1931, the legendary Bob Gill is a New Yorker, designer, illustrator, film maker, teacher, and terrible jazz pianist. He went to London on a whim, and stayed fifteen years. He was the Gill in Fletcher/Forbes/Gill, later renamed Pentagram, with offices eveywhere except Tibet. He was also a founding member of D&AD (F/F/G designed its brilliant logo).
After resigning from F/F/G - as soon as he realized that the office was becoming too big - he remained in London, spending half of his time designing and illustrating, half his time teaching at the Royal College of Art, and half his time making industrial films and writing and illustrating children's books.
He returned to NY to write and design Beatlemania, a multimedia and live history of the Sixties. It ran for over three years on Broadway, and spawned a number of companies which toured America. He designed another multi-media event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lincoln Center, New York's cultural complex. Time Magazine called it the biggest thing since Leni Reifenstahl did it for Hitler.
He has written a number of books about design and illustration and a few for children. He has had one-man shows at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Museum of images and sound in Sao Paulo, the AIGA gallery and various art schools in America. He is in the New York Art Director's Hall of Fame, and the D&AD presented him with their Lifetime Achievement Award.
He is a professor at the Graduate School of Pratt Institute in New York, and works freelance designing and illustrating. "LogoMania," his latest book, published in September, is unique. In order to prove that there are unlimited good solutions to any problem, he designed thirty two logos for the same client.
He recently designed a poster for Floodgate, a new play about the inept handling of hurricane Katrina by the Bush administration by Larry Gelbart, writer of Tootsie, etc. Gill is still trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up.

Dates and venues:
Saatchi Design presents Bob Gill
"Now that everything's different, nothing's changed"
Sydney 6th & 7th of November at UTS
Melbourne 8th & 9th of November at RMIT

There will be discounted tickets offered to members of AGDA, AFA, AWARD and MADC. Organisation membership reference will be necessary during ticket purchase and proof of membership will be required on the night at the venues.

Student (member) - $20
Student (non member) - $25

Professional (member) - $50
Professional (non member) - $60

Tickets will be available only on www.saatchidesign.com.au, starting Friday of this week or Monday at the latest.

This is Bob Gill's first ever trip to Australia.


Filmgraphics director Jon Nyquist has been busy lately, including shooting a spot for LG via Euro Next Korea and a series for McDonald's via DDB Sydney. The latter spots were created by Ben O'Brien, Adam Rose and Alex Stainton.


Sydney shop brandnewman has created two spots for the Bonnie Babes Foundation. And thanks to sponsors like Target and Toyota, Australians will be celebrating National Babies Day on October 20. Sales are already up 30%, reports the agency. Says Newman: "By the way, we managed to reunite Brian Cadd and Glenn Shorrock together again after all those years to re-record 'Little Ray'. Now they’re going to do an AXIOM reunion."

'Small Miracles' spot:
Writer: Mike Newman
Art Director: Jennifer Eborall
Director: Salik Silverstein
TV Production Company: SOS Films
Post Production: MRPPP
Client: Rachel Stanfield-Porter

'Go Ga Ga' spot:
Agency: brandnewman, Sydney
Writer: Mike Newman
Art Director: Jennifer Eborall
Director: Fiona McGee
TV Production Company: Independent Films
Post Production: MRPPP (Sydney)
Client: Rachel Stanfield-Porter

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


What do Spike Jonze, Gwyneth Paltrow and Neil Blomkamp have in common? They were all finalists in this week’s prestigious No Spot Film Festival in New York, and Australian Tori Garrett outclassed them all, taking the award for Best Director.
The award-winning entry is Garrett’s first short film, The Barrows, which stars iconic Australian actors Julia Blake and Terry Norris, and is her commercial production company, Two Little Indians’ first foray into drama.
Shot by long time collaborator Robert Humphreys ACS (Somersault, Suburban Mayhem), and written by James Greville, the film was one of eight finalists selected from a record 180 submissions.
Open to advertising directors and creatives worldwide, the No Spot Festival is a stand out event at the annual Advertising Week conference in New York and is judged by a panel of industry heavyweights drawn from some of the world’s best agencies, commercial production companies, interactive companies and the entertainment community.
According to Creativity and AdCritic.com Editor Teressa Iezzi, this year’s submissions were both diverse and impressive.
"The overall quality in No Spot tends to be very high because the directors are used to crafting creative images," said Ms Iezzi.
The top overall award on the night went to Neil Blomkamp for Tempbot. Blomkamp’s next assignment is directing the film adaption of Halo for Peter Jackson.
This news caps a great few months for Garrett and The Barrows: the film was a finalist at last week’s Equinox Film Festival in Melbourne, where it was nominated for Best Director and Best Cinematography.
It was also a finalist in the St Kilda Film Festival and The Female Eye festival in Toronto. Following this, The Barrows is a finalist in this month’s Canberra Film Festival, Shorts in Adelaide and will screen later this year in the ‘Short and Curly’ season on ABC2.
The Barrows was independently produced by Two Little Indians, a high end film production company based in Brisbane. Two Little Indians currently has a documentary and another short film in pre-production, with a feature project under development.
Garrett also recently wrapped directing the filmed components of on-line drama PSTRIXIE for Hoodlum Active, currently unfolding on Yahoo7s multiple platforms.


Saatchi & Saatchi has lured Paul Worboys as agency Head of Digital & Direct. Worboys has spent over 20 years in the digital & direct arena, most recently consulting as a relationship-marketing specialist at Oil.
In 2003 whilst at Whybin Lawrence TBWA, he launched and built Tequila Sydney which specializes in integrated digital and direct solutions. Under his tenure Tequila won four interactive agency of the year awards as well as picking up gongs from most interactive award shows. His career also includes time with Ogilvy & Mather Direct, and Leo Burnett in the UK. Commenting on the appointment, Simone Bartley, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi, said: "Digital and Direct has been a major part of the Saatchi & Saatchi delivery for over a decade and in today’s market, is absolutely essential. Over the past year we have doubled the size of the department with Foxtel and Aussie Home Loans which is a true testament to us being able to truly deliver as an ideas company across all touchpoints. Paul is a fantastic hire for us and I am extremely confident that he will help us continue this level of growth.”
Added David Nobay, ECD Saatchi & Saatchi: “Paul is a great fit for us, both creatively and personally.” On joining the agency, Paul Worboys said, “It’s pretty simple why it’s exciting to be part of Saatchi & Saatchi – brilliant creative delivered through every medium. It’s the best agency in Sydney. End of story.”


BMF Sydney has appointed Chris James as Interactive Creative Director.
Chris James is one of the leading interactive creatives in Australia, winning a string of international awards, both as National Creative Director at Tequila (part of the TBWA group), and most recently at The Farm, an independent specialist interactive business of which James was co-founder and co-owner.
Says Warren Brown, Executive Creative director of BMF: “Obviously we’ve been working in the interactive space for some time, and got to know Chris through the excellent work we’d been doing together. When the opportunity arose, we were delighted to offer him a position at BMF. We are always looking to hire the best in the business.
“Chris’s skills allow us to take creative ideas even further. We’ve not hired him to set up a separate digital division. Interactive is a core skill, and we want it to be at the centre of the organisation, with the same goals, and the same bottom line. He’ll be working with all the other teams to explode ideas into new places. Today, nothing is impossible.
"Working alongside our Direct and Retail Creative Directors, Chris completes the last specialist piece in the creative jigsaw."
This represents BMF’s third significant hiring in the interactive space this year, following on the appointments of Gareth Cooper as Channel Planning Director, and Justin Hind as Head of Direct and Interactive, and ensures the agency will continue to push the boundaries of advertising across all channels.
Says James: “BMF’s approach to the whole digital area is exciting and unique. What attracted me was to be involved right in the centre of idea creation, rather than as the 'digital' specialist or a production resource and the chance to work with the best in the business.”


Melbourne-based TVC production company The Guild is joining forces with former Filmgraphics director Mat Humphrey in building a stronger Sydney presence.
Humphrey will be Managing Partner and Chief Vision Officer and very much the creative force behind the Sydney based enterprise.
Says Humphrey: "The time is right for me to do my own thing. I have admired the Guild’s fresh new ‘co-op’ approach to the production company model and want to franchise the brand here in Sydney.
"The old days of the huge production company with massive overheads are gone. My philosophy is simple: put the money on the screen. I want to be able to look at all projects big or small, both here and overseas. I have always enjoyed working closely with creatives and now I am free to do this even more. We are all really excited about the future and so are my clients."
To see Humphrey's latest reel call the Guild on:
Syd: 02 9281 9981
Mel: 03 9529 8100
Mb: 0418 296 291
Email: helene@theguildfilm.com


Toby Talbot’s first hiring since officially taking over as creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi’s Auckland office is Aussie expats Levi Slavin and Dave Govier, currently Colenso BBDO’s top team, who will be joining as Group Heads in mid-November.
The team has been at Colenso for a little over a year, creating the much talked about 'Undies' campaign for Tip Top Trumpet. They first teamed up under Andrew Tinning (ironically once CD of Saatchi Auckland) at Marketforce in Perth.
The pair have already won an impressive number of local and International awards. In 2005 alone, they won a D&AD, a Silver One Show pencil, two Silver Clios, a Silver AWARD pencil, two Bronze AWARD pencils, four Caxtons and took out Grande Axis for the Tip Top Trumpet campaign at the local Axis awards.
“Mike [O'Sullivan, ECD] and I have been talking to Dave and Levi on and off for a couple of years, so it’s great to finally land them. They are joining the agency at an exciting time as we merge interactive and creative into one multi-disciplined department. That was a big draw for the guys” says Talbot.
“Dave and Levi are that rare thing indeed; really, really talented creatives who are really, really modest. They are the classic quiet achievers, which is good because we have enough noisy people here already. We can’t wait for them to start.”